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Riding in a limousine is a luxurious, breathtaking experience. You’ll have a far better trip in the limousine if you understand and follow the etiquette rules listed below.

Reserve Your Ride Well in Advance

If you’re renting a limousine for a prom or other event that will be well-attended, reserve your chauffeured car well in advance of the event date. You won’t be the only people who want limousines on that date, so book your limousine early to get the model you prefer for your special trip.

Be On Time for Pick Up and Drop Off

It’s important to be punctual for your limousine ride. Be ready to go when the driver arrives at your pickup spot. Don’t make the driver wait, especially if the limousine is parked in a short-term parking space. Ensure that all parties who will be picked up are ready to go, too.
Parents who send children off to their proms in limousines should be on time to pick up their children at the designated departure spot. The driver is on a schedule and may not be able to remain with the students.

Don’t Open or Close the Doors

Don’t open the limo doors to let yourself in, but wait for the driver to open the door for you. When it’s time to exit the vehicle, wait for the driver to come around to the door and open it for you.
That’s the chauffeur’s job, and drivers take this role very seriously. Entering and exiting the vehicle on your own is considered poor form and is disrespectful to the driver.

Make Like a Mermaid When You Get In and Out

If you want to enter the limo with class and grace, don’t just stomp in and duck your head down with your back end poking out of the door opening. It’s awkward to do and to watch.
Instead, turn your back to the door opening and set your bottom on the nearest curbside seat. Put your legs together like a mermaid, then pivot them into the car. When exiting, do the reverse. Let your legs come out of the car first, then stand up to get out of the vehicle.

Know Where the Best and Worst Seats Are Located

If you’re not paying for the trip, choose a seat that isn’t one of the VIP spots. These two spots are the curbside and far right-side seat that face forward in the main passenger area of the limo.
The middle seat between these seats is considered one of the worst spots, as are the backward-facing jump seats. Don’t make the guest of honor sit in these seats.

Take Everyone’s Safety Seriously

In some limousines, it’s acceptable to drink and smoke. Don’t let anyone get so inebriated that they poke their heads out of the roof safety hatch or hang out of the limo door windows.
Doing either of these things is risky for the passengers and the driver. Don’t ask the driver if you can ride up front, or ask if the limousine can go faster than the speed limit. Respect the safety of everyone on the trip.

Be Smart and Sophisticated With Alcohol

If you rented the limousine, it’s your prerogative to offer drinks to your passengers. If you didn’t rent the limo, don’t dive into the bar supplies without being invited to do so. Wait for the host or hostess to give approval.

Tip the Chauffeur Discreetly

A 20-percent tip is customary. You may have it arranged so that the gratuity is included in the limousine rental fee for the sake of convenience. If you wish to offer the driver a gratuity in person, place it in a discreet envelope and hand it to the driver as you exit the limousine at your final departure point.
SkipTheTicket Limousine Services has a fleet of vehicles ready to carry you in luxury to any occasion or special event in Vancouver Canada and The Fraser Valley. Contact us today to reserve the limousine you need for your wedding, corporate event or any occasion.

When planning a special event, the event is made especially wonderful when a luxury car service is added.  A professional driver and limousine service allows you to sit back and enjoy every aspect of your event and can be used for both executive and festive purposes.

Hiring a limousine company is perfect for every type of event, both large and small.  From weddings and concerts to large scale events, utilizing a limousine service will add that special touch and reduce the stress of planning your transportation.  Here are 8 reasons why hiring a limousine service is ideal for you and your guests.

When planning a special event, the event is made especially wonderful when a luxury car service is added.  A professional driver and limousine service allows you to sit back and enjoy every aspect of your event and can be used for both executive and festive purposes.

Hiring a limousine near me company is perfect for every type of event, both large and small.  From weddings and concerts to large scale events, utilizing a limousine service will add that special touch and reduce the stress of planning your transportation.  Here are 8 reasons why hiring a limousine near me service is ideal for you and your guests.


Certainly, this is one of the most common reasons for renting a limousine near me. Special occasions or big events require a grand transportation service that would make the affair even more splendid. Here are examples of where many people commonly use limos include the following; 

  • Wedding –Who wouldn’t want their wedding day memorable? One of the finest ways to do that is choosing the perfect wedding transportation. Hiring a limo service to transport you and your visitors to and from the wedding venue/reception area can still be a great option. Aside from comfort and safety reasons, a limo ride can turn your wedding into a grandiose affair. A limousine service lets you pick the type of car that compliments your wedding theme.
  • Anniversary – Your anniversary represents a significant milestone in your married life. What an ideal way to commemorate and make your partner feel loved the same way they did when you first got married. You can treat them to a nice restaurant and provide the perfect evening. But these are just part of making the occasion extraordinary. To make the night completely unforgettable, choose a rental limo to keep you both entertained before and after spending a romantic dinner.
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Party – Before their big day, many people would spend the night with their friends in resorts, bars, nightclubs, or elsewhere in town. If you are the party’s host, you may need to keep your guests amused on their way until they reach their destination, as well as making sure they can get home safely.
  • Prom – Many students and their parents alike wouldn’t want to miss this important occasion. It’s one of the highlights of a high school social event that involves a formal dance to culminate an academic year. These students, typically those in their junior or senior years, surely understand what the event signifies and would make the moment as special as possible. Renting a limousine will add elegance to the affair and turn the trip into a memorable experience for these students commemorating their last years with their high school peers.


Sure limousines near me are perfect for company trips as much as they do for your personal affairs. Got corporate meetings or conferences? You can impress your business partners, clients, other professionals or VIPs visiting your company by providing them a professional limousine and service.

If you’re going for a company outing, couple your excitement with the extravagance and comfort of a limo service. Limousines near me provide additional seating which makes it easier to transport several people in comfort. You may also want to rent a limo bus to accommodate a larger group of participants.



Missing your flights can be devastating and stressful. To avoid experiencing any of those, let a limo take you to the airport and you’ll never have to worry about not making it to your scheduled flight. It’s also a great way to start your trip in comfort and style. You can choose which type of limo that will pick you up from your place and drop you off to the airport without any hassle.



Who says you can’t ride a limo going to a concert or to a sports festival? Of course, it’s possible. An elegant trip can steam up the night and makes your experience even better. Celebrating a positive life win like a promotion? Why not bring your closest friends together for a night on the town in a limousine.

Even if you’re attending a birthday party of one of your friends, driving away in a limo will add fun and excitement to the event. Arriving early and exhilarated at the venue gives you more time to enjoy time with your buddies and helps the celebrator have the best birthday ever.


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Affordable Safe Transport network of limousine near me is a punctual and reliable Taxi airport shuttle ground transportation airport service that you can depend on for your important commute to catch a flight, or to have peace of mind that you are being picked up on time. If you need a reserved pick up, Affordable Safe Transport Limousine near you is the place to call.


 We have a network of local limousine near me owners drivers equipped with vehicle for airport service located between Vancouver and Chilliwack to pick you up for your airport service ride,  we recommend an early booking to make sure you don’t get unlucky on schedule.


Our network of drivers have been carefully recruited and trained to provide a friendly courteous experience for your airport service. We encourage our drivers to send you a confirmation of an estimated time of arrival by cell phone text so you don’t wait by the door for your ride.


 We encourage also the customer relationship to our driver by making our clients call directly our drivers for better communication for peace of mind while traveling on your airport service ride. Our drivers owners want to benefit from regular clients giving you top notch service, and client respect the driver for their need of dependable affordable transportation and very competitive fares. Visit the link for the Status of your flights arrival and departures;



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You can access our fares here.   We have Licensed and insured 10/15/25 and 48 passengers van and buses available, 21 passengers Charter bus for tours and group designated driver transportation after company parties, 2 Limousines, a 9 passengers and a 12 seaters Limousine near me, we have 6 passengers + driver Toyota mini van, 4 passengers Audi A6, 4 passengers Volkswagen Passat.

Call for special quote.

Thank you for considering Affordable Limousine near me for your airport service needs.

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We provide airport service ground transportation to Abbotsford airport with a Limousine near me. Verify your flight status @ YXX by clicking on green button link.  We also have buses to contract farm workers to and from the farms.

Airport shuttle service

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Limousine near me

We provide Abbotsford and Vancouver with limousine near me Airport service shuttle with Limousine Shuttle, this one seen up here is a 12 passengers.

airport service inside limousine shuttle

Limousine near me inside

Limousine Near me Airport service

Limousine Near me Airport service

Limousine Near me Airport service

Limousine Near me Airport service

We are your number #1 customer oriented passenger transportation provider with happy driver/owner wanting to make your airport shuttle for airport service and Limousine near me an experience to remember, not only our pricing will make you smile, your driver is also smiling 😉 Thank you for considering Affordable Safe Transport Limousine near me for your airport service.

Airport service bus shuttle and limousine near me

Park Avenue Limousine near me Chilliwack

We have up here our network driver in Chilliwack with a 29 passengers charter bus and a 9 passengers limousine near me. Park Avenue landed a $100 000 contract with the farming industry within 2 weeks of joining our network. Driver owners are welcome to join our taxi service, airport shuttle for airport and limousine near me service  by visiting our opportunity page instructions here

Vancouver Chauffeur Service, Limousine Near me Airport service

Limousine Near me Airport service

Every Driver owner gets his location so his/her neighbors have an easy access to a driver with a limousine near me and airport service shuttle near them.

Canadian Airport Guide

You will find many places in the world worth visiting and Canada is certainly one of the places that should be included in your list.

It is home to variety of unique landscapes that offer an array of adventure package for any traveler.

You will find excellent hotels,  airport service shuttles, Limousine near me, outdoor and indoor activities, hiking sites, beaches, and amusement parks that will delight the entire family.

However, you should also learn the best ways of travelling around this place in order to get the most out of your vacation.

Choose the best mode of transportation, airport service ground transportation, Limousine near me and you can explore most of the top destinations in this place with very little worries.

Canada has a vast mass area. It measures 9,984,670 square kilometers and is host to a collective culture of over 30 million people from various ethnicities.

It is the second largest nation of the world and one of the most peaceful and safest countries to visit in the world. It is famous for it’s great lakes, it’s mountain ranges, and it’s historic beavers.

Moreover, it is gifted with people of mosaic ethnicities that respect the rights of every individual no matter what the color of their skin maybe.

Taking all of these into great consideration, the best way to explore the country is through the different airports in Canada.

Canada has hundreds of airports that make traveling a lot easier and faster.

Some of these include Toronto Pearson International, Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International, Kelowna International, Edmonton International, Calgary International, Halifax International, Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International, and Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International.

These airports in Canada has earned a right to be considered one of the best airports in the country because of the state of the art facilities and amenities they offer to their passengers, aside from the excellent customer service that they provide to their guests.

You will be very much satisfied with what they have to offer because of the hassle-free airport accommodation that they provide.

They all have excellent airport service shuttle and ground transportation. Air Canada serves as the official airlines of the country. It provides comfortable mode of air transportation to millions of travelers from all over the world. It has been elected as the best airline of North America in the year 2007, but it has never stopped improving its services for the benefit of its clients and customers.

It is also the 11th largest airline fleet in terms of size with its largest hub at Toronto Pearson International, which is the largest and busiest airport in Canada.

Toronto Pearson International hosts 400,000 flights in a y ear and receives over 32 million guests annually. It keeps its passengers comfortable upon arrival and departure at because of the many world-class shops, restaurants and handy services it is offering.

You will find the perfect place to dine-in while you wait for your scheduled flight or your friend who will pick you up from the airport.

You will never get lost amidst its huge size because of the many friendly staff that will gladly assist you with your concerns.

Everyone at the airport will be more than willing to assist you with your concerns for you to have the best travel experience in Canada.

Vancouver International is another popular airport in Canada. You will find it located at 3211 Grant McConachie Way, Richmond, B.C. V7B 1Y7.

It is the second most popular airport in Canada and hosts millions of passengers every year.

It is the second biggest international gateway for passengers in the North America’s West Coast and became the main portal in the last 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games.

You will be delighted to learn that it also has wonderful set of services and amenities that will make your travel more fun and comfortable.

It has many lounges, pods that you can use to nap in, and even spa locations to pamper yourself while you wait for your flight to arrive.

You will be pleased with the professionalism of the staff at Vancouver International Airport, all the ground transportation including airport service shuttles, taxi and UBER, that you will always wish to go back to Canada and explore more of what it has to offer.

Calgary International is home to West Jet and serves as the hub for Air Canada and Air Canada Express.

It is the third busies airport in terms of aircraft movements and handles approximately 12,630,695 passengers.

It is servicing the Calgary and Alberta regions of Canada and it is located approximately 17 kilometers from downtown Calgary.

Many passengers are enjoying some of the free services it offers including the free 30 minutes parking at the airport, which is perfect for those who only come to drop-off or pick-up their friends at the airport.

It is a convenient and economical way of saving on your ground transportation like taxi, Uber and airport service upon arrival at the airport.

Halifax Stanfield International is also popular among travelers because of the safety and security measures it applies.

It consistently complies with all the regulations implemented by the government to guarantee the safety of its passengers.

It has a reliable flight information desk that provides you with any possible arrival or departure delays in your flight schedule.

Similarly, it offers array of restaurants and relaxation boutiques that will help you remove any stress brought about by the air flight experience. You will be happy with the 24 hours a day and seven days a week service offered by the airport because it makes you feel safer and more secured during your flight transportation.

Edmonton is one of the main regions of Canada and it is being hosted by Edmonton International Airport.

If you wish to tour this region of Canada conveniently then there can be no other option but to travel through flight transportation.

You will find variety of schedules that will fit your itinerary. You cans stay in its midst in just one whole day and return in the evening.

Whatever is comfortable to your schedule will just be fine because all of the airports in Canada will be catering to your needs.

These are just a few of the airports in Canada who will greet you with a warm smile during your entry or departure in this huge country.

You can now plan your travel vacation or business trip with very little worries because you will be gladly assisted by any of these airports.

Most travel agencies are aware of the special deals these airports are offering especially during the off-peak season.

However, it will not hurt much if you will request a specific airport from them while they prepare your itinerary.

They will appreciate the preferences you will provide because it will make their tasks a whole lot easier.

After arriving at these airports in Canada, you can make your choice of whether to travel buy bus, train, taxicabs, or by car rentals.

It is your pick and it is influenced by several factors including the reason why you are visiting the place and the number of individuals that will go with you during this trip.

Now, you can easily go to Prince Edward Island and see the green pastures combined with its distinct red-soil cliffs, which is perfect for anyone who wish to enjoy the beach.

Take your car from the airport and take the opportunity to finally see this beautiful work of nature.

Find time to see Churchill, Manitoba and you will be thrilled to see a glimpse of the beautiful Aurora Borealis also known as the Northern Lights.

There is so much to look forward to in seeing here in Canada and the airports in Canada is making it easier for you to realize that it is not a dream far from reality.

You can easily take your plane ticket and it will lead you to your destination in no time.

Every owner/driver that signs up gets their personal website.

And every owner gets the advantage of joining a network of highly trained and courteous carefully recruited driver/owners.

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Riding Limousines near me. The limousine near me service and chauffeur work to provide you with a luxurious vehicle and memorable ride to your various destinations. While your most important job is to ride, there are some limousine near me etiquette rules to follow to show respect to your driver and the limo service. Luckily, these are all easy to follow and it’ll make your trip better for everyone.

A good rule of thumb is to simply act respectful. Follow even this one basic rule and you’ve mastered a large part of limousine etiquette.


It should go without saying that you shouldn’t yell at your driver, ask them to do anything illegal (speeding, passing in unsafe areas, etc.) or blame them for any issues with the limo. If you have any problems with your driver, contact the limo service immediately. The more you agitate the driver, the more difficult it is for them to concentrate on navigating through traffic.

It’s perfectly okay to talk to your chauffeur, but don’t expect them to strike up a conversation. Their job is to be polite, respectful and drive you from place to place without infringing on your special occasion.


It’s easy to get carried away while riding in a limo, but one of the more important limousine near me etiquette rules is to treat the limo even better than you would your own car. Try not to damage anything within the limo and if you’re having issues, ask the driver for assistance.

Remember that the limo service rents the limo out to others after you’re done. If you bring the limo back damaged, you could be held responsible for the repairs.

Never take anything out of the limousine that doesn’t belong to you. Glassware is one of the most commonly stolen items. Leave all glassware inside the limo.


The recommended tip for your chauffeur is 20% of the rental price. Double-check with the limo service to see if the tip is already included or not. If you choose not to tip, let the limo service know why. Obviously, you shouldn’t be required to tip for bad service, but the limo company should be made aware of any issues you encountered. Otherwise, always tip for good service.


How many people have you seen entering limos with their butts sticking in the air? It’s not exactly elegant. Believe it or not, there’s an appropriate way to enter and exit limousines. First, always let the chauffeur open the door for you. The only exception is if there’s a person at your destination who is responsible for doing this.

Next, slide into the first available seat and swing your legs inside. Slide along the seats until you’ve reached your seat. Follow the same procedure while exiting. You’ll look and feel like a VIP when your getting in and out like a limo pro.


Don’t worry, you’ll still have plenty of fun, but it’s important to keep your party under control. Never smoke or do any drugs while riding in a limousine. Always get any alcohol approved by the limousine service, if it’s not already provided by the service.

No matter how much you drink, try to avoid using lewd language or getting rowdy inside the vehicle. This could cause the driver to not feel safe and result in your night coming to a premature halt. The chauffeur’s job is to keep you safe while riding, but they should also feel safe.


Now that you know the rules, isn’t it time to put them to good use? As you can see, the limousine etiquette rules are simple to follow. Go ahead and rent a limo for a day or night you’ll never forget. Be courteous and you might just become your driver’s favorite passengers.