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What is Serving It Right? Serving It Right is British Columbia’s mandatory self-study course that educates licensees, managers and servers about their legal responsibilities when serving alcohol, and provides effective techniques to prevent problems related to over-service with your liquor delivery near me

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Liquor delivery near me regulations

Miscellaneous Policy Manual 14

Section 4: Liquor Delivery Services
4.0 Introduction

The Liquor Control and Licensing Act and Regulation permits a delivery service to purchase liquor on behalf of a customer
and deliver the liquor to the customer.

This policy explains what types of businesses are allowed to offer liquor delivery
service and the rules related to delivery.

This policy does not apply to liquor delivery by a licensee retail store, wine store or manufacturer on-site store.

delivery policies for these stores are found in the Terms and Conditions Handbooks for licensee retail stores, wine stores
and manufacturers.

4.1 Liquor Delivery Services

Policy Rationale
Liquor delivery services are allowed by the Act but are not licensed.

This policy explains what types of businesses are
included in the concept of liquor delivery services and the rules related to lawful delivery including record keeping
requirements and preventing delivery to minors or intoxicated persons.

4.1.1 Types of business allowed to operate a liquor delivery service
A delivery service is defined in the Regulation as a business primarily engaged in the transportation of people or goods.

The business may include liquor as one of the items it will transport. In addition, flower shops and gift-basket or hamper
businesses may offer their customers the option to add liquor to their products for delivery in accordance with this policy.

No special license or authorization is required from the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch to operate a delivery

however, there are regulations and policies controlling the delivery of liquor that must be followed.

In addition,
delivery services should ensure they meet all local or First Nation government requirements that may be in effect where
the business operates.

4.1.2 Delivery Service Requirements
The Liquor Control and Licensing Act and Regulation impose the following requirements on delivery services:

• Orders must be placed by a customer before the liquor is purchased by the delivery service; a delivery service must
not keep a stock of liquor in anticipation of forthcoming orders.

• All liquor purchased by a delivery service must be purchased from any of the following licensed retailers:

o BC Liquor Stores (government liquor stores);

o Licensee retail stores (private liquor stores);

o Wine stores;

o Special wine stores;

o Liquor primary establishments (such as a bar) with an off-premises sales endorsement;


o Liquor manufacturers with an onsite store endorsement.

• Deliveries must be made by and to people legally able to consume liquor (i.e. not under the age of 19 or
intoxicated), and only at a place where liquor may be legally possessed or consumed.

• Only customers 19 years of age or older may place an order for liquor. When proof of age is required, customers
must show two pieces of identification at the time of delivery.

One of those pieces must be a government issued
identification card such as a driver’s licence with photo, name and birth date.

The other piece must contain the
person’s name along with a signature and/or photo.

A liquor delivery service may only advertise that it will deliver
beer, wine and spirits (or use the word ‘liquor’).

It must not advertise any liquor manufacturers or their brands or
prices of the liquor.

Miscellaneous Policy Manual 15
Apr. 2021

• The charge for the liquor must be the price paid by the delivery service for the liquor, plus a separate delivery

Customers must be informed of both charges when they place an order and it must be itemized on the
invoice given to the customer.

• Deliveries must occur between 9 a.m. and 11:30 p.m. on the same day the order was placed.
• Delivery transaction records must be kept for at least one year.

These must include the name and address of the
purchaser, the purchase date, the time and date of delivery and the price of the liquor and the delivery service

4.1.3 Authorization for food primary and liquor primary establishments that deliver
liquor with a meal

Food primary and liquor primary licensees are authorized to sell and deliver packaged (that is, unopened) liquor of all types
for off-site consumption with the order of a meal.

Until June 6, 2021, and subject to terms and conditions, draught beer can also be sold and delivered for off-site
consumption in new glass vessels referred to as growlers and bombers provided by the licensee in conjunction with the
sale of a meal.

 Please see Terms & Conditions handbook for additional requirements which apply.

Third-party delivery services may also deliver liquor with a meal sold by liquor primary and food primary licensees.

requirements for third-party liquor delivery services are established in the Liquor Control and Licensing Regulation.

Packaged liquor delivered on behalf of a food primary and liquor primary licensees can only be delivered by an individual
with Serving It Right (SIR) certification.

 This means the delivery person of a third-party delivery service must have SIR

4.1.4 Third Party Advertising Requirements
The Liquor Control and Licensing Act and Regulation only allow a third party, such as a delivery service, to advertise where
the liquor is available and, whether the liquor is beer, wine or spirits, without referring to the names of manufacturers,
liquor products or the price of liquor.

Online delivery platforms may only serve as a “portal” with links that direct customers to either:

• Websites independently owned and operated by licensees where the sales are processed;

• Space on the online delivery platform that is equivalent to a licensee’s own website.

Space on an online delivery platform is considered to be equivalent to a licensee’s own website when the following
conditions are met:

• The licensee’s store name, licence number and store address are displayed prominently on the page;

• The licensee has exclusive control over the product selection and the price being advertised;

• The product selection is reflective of the licensee’s in-store offerings;

• Liquor orders made on the website are processed and prepared by the licensee.

Authority References
Liquor Control and Licensing Act, section 8; Liquor Control and Licensing Regulations, section 170 and 194;

Liquor and
Cannabis Regulation Branch Policy.

Miscellaneous Policy Manual 16
Section 5:

Unlicensed Internet Liquor Sales
5.0 Introduction
It is not lawful to sell liquor, or to provide liquor in consideration of some other purchase, without a license.

Through the
Liquor Control and Licensing Act and its regulations, and by requiring anyone who holds a liquor licence to meet strict terms
and conditions of that licence, the government works to protect public safety.

5.1 Unlicensed internet sales
Policy Rationale

To be eligible for any kind of license or appointment for the retail sale of liquor, a person must have a store front operation
with a legal interest in the proposed physical site of the business.

When there is no physical establishment from which the
business would operate (where it is a “virtual” business), the business cannot be licensed.
At this time, no new licensee retail store or wine store licences are being issued.

5.1.1 Unlicensed internet liquor sales prohibited
Licensed establishments may use the internet as part of their advertising and sales strategy.

However, unlicensed internet
based retail liquor sales – what are commonly referred to as “virtual liquor stores” – are not permitted.

Authority References
Liquor Control and Licensing Act, sections 8, Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch Policy.

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Coast to coast to coast, Canada now has one set of recommendations
to help people make decisions about alcohol. They were developed
by a national group of experts, working with prevention and treatment
professionals, the alcohol industry, and advocacy organizations. They
are based on the best available evidence from around the world.

Canada’s Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines will enable health
professionals to provide consistent advice, encourage individuals
to monitor and moderate their drinking, create awareness about our
cultural attitudes to alcohol, and collect data for monitoring the costs
and harms of alcohol at provincial and national levels.

Why do Canadians need drinking guidelines?

Most Canadians drink alcohol. Many drinkers do not experience
problems from their drinking. However, as a country, we consume
more than 50% above the world average. How we drink causes a lot of
alcohol-related problems and results in over $14 billion in costs each
year. Much of this is preventable.

The scientific evidence tells us that there are daily and weekly levels of
drinking that will help prevent some of the harms and reduce the health,
legal and labour costs. The new guidelines help drinkers to balance
potential benefits with a consideration of the potential harms. They
identify drinking patterns which will help prevent harms or which raise
the risk of problems.

The guidelines are not intended to encourage people to drink. They
inform drinkers that drinking above the suggested limits will put them
at risk for injuries or chronic diseases. They also provide advice on
when not to drink (e.g. when pregnant or planning to be pregnant, when
driving a vehicle or doing any kind of dangerous physical activity), and
they provide tips for reducing risk (e.g. drink slowly, eat before and
while you are drinking, do not start drinking for health benefits).

While the guidelines will not change the drinking culture overnight, they
may help us reduce the rising costs related to alcohol in our cities and
provinces by encouraging Canadians to adopt a culture of moderation
when it comes to alcohol. Please be responsible when having your beer delivery near me.

Canada’s Low-Risk Alcohol
Drinking Guidelines

• Reduce long-term health risks by drinking no more than 10 drinks a week for
women or 15 drinks a week for men and
avoid drinking on some days each week

• Reduce risk of injury and harm by
drinking no more than 3 drinks (for
women) or 4 drinks (for men) on any
single occasion

• Do not drink in situations where any
impairment reduces ability to function
safely and responsibly (e.g., when

• The safest choice is to not drink at all
while pregnant, planning to become
pregnant or before breastfeeding

• Children and adolescents should delay
drinking until the late teens, talk with their
parents about drinking, and never have
more than 1 to 2 drinks at a time, and
never more than 1 to 2 times per week

• From late teens to age 24, youth
should never have more than 2 drinks
a day (for females) or 3 drinks a day
(for males)