Abbotsford airport car service near me YXX

Best Super Punctual Abbotsford airport car service near me YXX for airport car ride

Vancouver Airport service with airport shuttle service for Abbotsford and Vancouver airport (YXX) pick ups

Affordable Designated DD driver is a punctual and reliable Abbotsford airport car service for ground transportation and airport rides. You can be assured that you can depend on for your important commute to catch a flight, or to have peace of mind that you are being picked up on time when departing from Abbotsford airport service (YXX) and Vancouver airport service (YVR) with our ground transportation airport car service. 

Our cars are always clean and smelling fresh, our drivers are delightfully courteous, friendly and professional. 

If you need a reserved pick up, Affordable Safe Transport @ Abbotsford airport car service is the place to call but text message are recommended, for your Abbotsford airport car service airport ride.

 We have a network of local taxi owners drivers equipped with vehicle for airport service located between Vancouver and Chilliwack to pick you up for your airport ride car service,  we recommend an early booking to make sure you don’t get unlucky on schedule, 

Our network of drivers have been carefully recruited and trained to provide a friendly courteous experience for your Abbotsford airport car service. We encourage our drivers to send you a confirmation of an estimated time of arrival by cell phone text message so you don’t wait by the door for your ride.

 We encourage also the customer relationship to our driver by making our clients call directly our drivers for better communication for peace of mind while traveling on your Abbotsford airport ride car service. 

Rear inside of our Abbotsford airport ride car service sedan

Abbotsford airport car service ride will give you a first class ground transportation, with temperature to suit your need, fresh air if wanted and most importantly sanitized cars for the best comfortable airport ride

Abbotsford Airport ride car service with Sedan Limousine near me at Abbotsford airport (YXX)

Here is the Uber rating from our Abbotsford airport car ride service one of the best of the best drivers

Airport car ride service driver rating

Abbotsford airport car ride service rating from one of our best of the best driver

Airport car ride service rating

4 Quick Tips To Reach The Abbotsford Airport car ride service On Time

Everyone wants to reach the Abbotsford airport on time so that they don’t miss their flight. Being an Abbotsford airport car ride transportation service in Abbotsford and Vancouver, no one knows this better than us. Your plan to catch a flight on time can be jeopardized during the busy holiday season, when ride-sharing services are overcharging and public transit are running behind schedule. This is a common problem for most vacationers who even after being prepared and having proper documents, fail to get to the airport in a timely fashion and end up ruining their travel plans.

What should you do? The answer is simple. If you want to get to the airport on time, there are a few points you need to keep in mind. Let’s have a look at four tips that can make things easier for you.

1) Prepare Everything in Advance

Don’t leave anything until the last moment as these little delays can create big trouble when you need to hurry. Make sure that you prepare everything in advance including your passport, ID, luggage and other miscellaneous items. Crosscheck your flight’ scheduling information at least a day before your flight. You should verify the boarding time, departure time and security waiting time at the airport.

2) Ensure Your Luggage Meets Security Regulations

Airports have security guidelines about the passenger luggage. If your travel luggage fails to meet these regulations, then it can cause unnecessary delays at the security check. Make sure your luggage (both carry on and bags to check) is properly and securely packed. Measure your bags to ensure that they don’t exceed the specified weight. Go through the list of non-permitted and prohibited items so that you don’t pack them by mistake.

3) Hire an Airport ride Taxi Service, Abbotsford airport ride car service


Traffic situations can be at their worst during the holiday season and the heavy snowfall can lead to unexpected congestion on the road. All in all, commuting to the airport can become challenging if you don’t have a proper vehicle and extra time in hand. One of the most convenient ways to deal with this problem is hiring an airport limo from our Abbotsford airport car service. This decision can benefit you in several ways-

• You won’t have to worry about the availability of a taxi.
• You travel comfortably in a luxurious limousine.
• Advance booking of the car ensures you leave for the airport with a lot of time to spare.
• You don’t need to worry about finding a parking space that takes a lot of time.
• You get professional drivers who know the shortest possible routes to save time.

4) Complete Web Check-in to Save Time

While you’re on your way to the airport in your comfortable airport taxi from Abbotsford airport car service, check-in online and save the soft copy of your boarding pass on your smartphone. That’ll help you save time even if you reach the airport after the check-in cut-off. With online check-in, you can go straight to the quick bag drop, avoid the long queues and save your favorite seat from being given to another traveler even if you’re late.

Follow the above-mentioned tips and never miss a flight due to arriving late at the airport. Make all preparations in advance, pack your luggage properly, don’t carry non-permitted items in your luggage, rent an airline limousine for your airport commute and check-in online to save time. These practices will help in making your travel plans less stressful and more enjoyable.

Three Tips for Chauffeured Abbotsford airport car Service, Airport ride Drop-offs & Pick Ups @ Abbotsford airport car ride service curb.

Jan 11, 2019

Abbotsford airport car service near me YXX
Abbotsford airport car ride service near me YXX

If you’ve never had a luxury transportation service drop you off and/or pick you up to and from the airport then you’re missing out! Not only does having a driver get you to the airport in a timely manner, but the right vehicle for airport transportation offers ample luggage space. It’s also a wonderful feeling having a driver greet you after a long day of travel to drive you to your final destination – it really makes a trip one to remember!

While there are many perks to having a chauffeured service drop you off and pick you up at the airport, there are a few things your driver will need from you to deliver exceptional service. Keep reading for three tips for chauffeured service airport ride drop-offs and pick ups to ensure your travel goes smoothly while using Abbotsford airport car ride service.

    • Know Your Confirmation Number & Flight Times
      When booking a flight in advance, most people don’t pay attention to confirmation numbers and flight times, or at the very least don’t remember them until a couple of days before their travel plans. When hiring a transportation service to drop you off and pick you up from the airport, it’s important to know your confirmation number and flight times. Knowing this information will help the transportation company keep track of your flight so they can schedule your pick up and drop-off times accordingly. Your cell phone is a necessity to get picked up by your Abbotsford airport car ride service.
    • Be Ready Extra Early for International Flights
      International flights cause more stress on travelers than domestic flights do; you have to arrive to the airport earlier than usual, prepare for customs and adhere to a whole different set of packing dos and don’ts. If you are traveling internationally, make sure to plan your travel in advance and to be ready earlier than you would for a domestic flight. While the transportation company you hire will know your itinerary and plan accordingly, you will have to be ready for your pick up and drop-off times to ensure you don’t miss your flight and have plenty of time to go through security and customs. We can help you plan your departure for a safe arrival with Abbotsford airport car ride service.
  • Keep in Touch with Your Driver
    We mentioned above that the transportation company, in this case Abbotsford airport car ride service you hire will keep track of your travel information, but it’s best to keep in touch with your driver before any and all scheduled airport pick up and drop-offs. Not going to make your flight? Running behind schedule? Realize you’re going to need extra luggage space at the last minute? By informing your driver of any changes and hiccups along the way, they can make last minute arrangements and changes to ensure you still make your flight in decent time without causing you extra stress. Your driver should be your ally, making all travel plans easy for you. Here at Abbotsford airport car ride service we ask that you confirm you boarded your flight, this way you are assured that your Abbotsford airport car ride service will be waiting for you.

By keeping the above tips in mind, you’re sure to have a smooth airport drop-off and pick up experience and an easier travel experience overall. Of course, when you book transportation through Overland, your airport drop-offs and pickups are guaranteed to be smooth, professional, safe, and reliable. How can we guarantee this?

To start, Overland has been a family owned and operated business for 40 years and has always provided management stability that we continue to build on. Our reputation is established in the Greater Kansas City Area and our service is unlike any other luxury transportation service.

Our chauffeur staff is is among the best trained and most experienced in the industry. We hold only the highest of standards for our entire staff, especially our chauffeurs who are responsible for delivering exceptional and safe transportation. For your airport pick up and drop-off, your chauffeur will be attired in a traditional black suit uniform to match the luxury of our vehicles and service we offer. 

They’ll help load and unload all luggage and escort you to the terminal. We also offer separate gate meets for an additional fee. You never have to worry about our chauffeurs failing to get you to the airport at the right time; through our flight tracking software, our staff will coordinate the perfect time to pick you up and drop you off at the airport and will monitor delays and cancellations.

Not only do we have the best chauffeurs in the industry, we also offer the safest and most reliable airport car service in the area. Safety is and always has been our top priority, and we take several measures to ensure that you and your guests and the general public stay safe. Click here to learn more about how Overland keeps you safe.

We offer airport car service to YXX and YVR and all private airfields around the Greater Vancouver Area including the following:

  • Abbotsford International Airport YXX
  • Vancouver International Airport YVR
  • Langley Regional Airport 


  • Chilliwack Airport YCW

If you need to book an Abbotsford airport car ride service for business or leisure, contact us today to get a free quote or call/text (604) 715-7190. We will provide you with exceptional service whether you’re traveling within Canada or internationally or are providing a pick up and drop-off service for clients or guests.

Abbotsford airport Car Service Airport Driver - Name Sign
Abbotsford airport Car Service Airport Driver – Name Sign

5 Tips For Abbotsford airport Car ride Service Airport Drop-Offs And Pickups

No matter if you’re traveling for business, to visit family or friends, or even just a trip by yourself, booking a car ride service to or from the airport is a perfect way to kick off your trip stress-free. By already having a clean, prompt car waiting for you upon your arrival at your destination, Abbotsford airport car service in this case, or by having a nice car service to transport you to the airport, you can sit back, relax, and let the drivers do their job. 

You won’t need to worry about “hailing” an Uber or Lyft in the crazy hubbub of the airport, or traveling in a not-so-clean taxi after sitting on a plane for hours when you chose our Abbotsford airport car ride service. Here are some great tips to follow when you do decide to book car service airport ride drop-off or pickup.

Know Your Confirmation Number

Once you book your Abbotsford airport ride car service to or from the airport, print out your confirmation number, write it down, or record it in your phone in case of an emergency. Having it written down will only help, and will come in very handy if there are any confusing situations that may arise.

The Abbotsford airport ride Car Service Needs Your Number

It’s very important that the car service can call you if they need to, in case they need to reach you regarding things such as your booking or pickup location. Not only should the car service have your number(s); you should also make sure that your phone is fully charged so that there’s no reason why you can’t be reached. A good car service airport driver should ask for your number, and at Abbotsford airport car service we teach our drivers exactly that, but if they don’t, provide it for him.

Keep The Drivers In The Loop

If your flight is delayed, make sure to contact Abbotsford airport ride car service you’ve booked and let them know. A good car service airport ride driver should already be keeping their eye on your flight, and here at Abbotsford airport car ride services we give our link of flights arrivals and departures to our drivers, but it’s a good rule of thumb to over-inform when it comes to your driver and flight schedules. Even if your flight is canceled altogether, let your car service know.

Man At Abbotsford Airport for Abbotsford airport car service pick up
Man At Abbotsford Airport for Abbotsford airport car ride service pick up

Leave Extra Early For International

International flights always take longer to board than domestic flights. You must go through customs and more security. Because of this, be sure to factor in extra time when scheduling your car service to pick you up either to or from the airport. 

Make sure your car service has all of your flight info in order to get you there with plenty of time, or if you’re booking a car service for a pickup from the airport, be sure to let them know exactly what terminal you’ll be coming from. The last thing you’ll want after a long international flight is to be in a frustrating pickup situation with a driver.

Determine Where To Meet Your Driver

Most drivers will meet their passengers in baggage claim, holding a sign with the passenger’s name on it. However, if there is another area where you would prefer to meet your driver, let them know in advance.

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Limousine Etiquette Tips To Know

Following these tips will help your car service airport drop-off or pickup from the airport go smoothly. There’s nothing quite like a great car service to and from the airport. Professional drivers will get you there quickly, safely, and in style—and if you’re being picked up from the airport, it will feel amazing to ride in a clean, fresh, beautiful car after being on an airplane!


It is now easier than ever to book a luxury car for yourself when in need of Abbotsford airport ride car service, super punctual. Still, finding the right luxury car service that would fit your needs and preferences could be overwhelming, since there are a lot of factors to consider. 

Equally difficult is searching for a car rental company that actually provides reliable and quality service, out of the hundreds of results that will pop up when you try to search for a provider online.

Luckily, there is a bit of science in finding the perfect 
private car service for yourself, and we have some tips to share to make the decision-making process easier for you. 

Do Your Research

No matter what kind of service you need, research is a must. The last thing you want to do is go with the first provider you come across without first conducting a thorough search and comparison of various companies that rent out luxury cars.

There are certain factors you want to make sure of when you shortlist companies. We recommend you consider:

  • Location: You don’t want to pick a company based too far away. Shortlist only those located within a 10-20 miles radius from Abbotsford airport ride car service.
  • Services: Look at the services provided by each company and determine which one fits your specific needs. When it comes to luxury cars, the type of car is a paramount consideration, so make sure your chosen provider has the options you want. 
  • Experience: Track record is important when it comes to reliability. The more experience a company has, the more reliable they tend to be. 

Read Reviews

Speaking of experience, reading online reviews of a business is a great way to understand the quality of service they offer. However, note that it’s not unheard of for businesses to purchase good reviews. It is thus important that you know where to read reviews you can trust.

Check for reviews on various platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp!, and cross check those with feedback posted on social networking sites, where you can find more reviews on the business, which tend to be more genuine. 

When reading reviews, look for a recognizable pattern. This pattern will help you determine precisely the quality of services a company offers. 

Get Quotes

Price is usually the number one consideration for individuals when picking a car service provider. Note that renting a luxury car doesn’t necessarily mean you pay a hefty amount. 

However, you only get to save when you do your due research. Be sure to ask providers for a quote. You also have to keep in mind that you typically get the service you pay for, so price shouldn’t be your only deciding factor as many companies that offer super low prices lack essential services. 

You need to find the perfect mix between quality and price, and that’s where our next tip would come into play.

Ask Questions

Your hunt for the perfect luxury car service is incomplete until you call your shortlisted companies to ask them a few questions, including the following:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • What sets your company apart from their competition?
  • What type of insurance plan do you offer?
  • Are there any additional costs besides the hiring price?
  • Would you care to explain why you got one negative review from a particular client?

Before you make a final decision, these are some follow up questions you should ask besides the basics like pricing and services offered. 

Book A Luxury Car Today!

The feeling of driving a luxury car to a wedding or corporate event is unmatched. The boost of confidence and attention you will feel will surely be incomparable to pulling up in a boring, old sedan. 

If you want to be the talk of the next event you attend, you can contact at 604-715-7190.
 Our team has provided exceptional services for clients in Abbotsford Airport service car rides for years, and you can trust us to get you to your destination in style.