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Airport service shuttle

Abbotsford airport arrivals flight status for efficient peace of mind.

Abbotsford Airport Arrivals Hours of Operation 7 days a week: 4 am - 1am The Terminal hours will be modified for all flight delays. Business at YXX

If you are planning to pick up or drop off someone from the Abbotsford airport, you might want to check the Abbotsford airport arrivals and departures bay before you head out. This can save you a lot of time and hassle, especially if there are any delays or cancellations due to weather or other factors.

The Abbotsford airport arrivals and departures bay is a convenient online tool that shows you the real-time status of all flights arriving and departing from the airport. You can see the flight number, origin or destination, scheduled and actual time, gate number, and status (on time, delayed, cancelled, etc.) of each flight. You can also filter the results by airline, date, or time range.

By consulting the Abbotsford airport arrivals and departures bay, you can plan your trip accordingly and avoid unnecessary waiting or rushing at the airport. You can also communicate with your passenger more effectively and inform them of any changes or updates. This way, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free travel experience for both of you.

The Abbotsford airport arrivals and departures bay is easy to access and use. You can visit the website from any device with an internet connection, or download the free app for your smartphone or tablet. You can also sign up for email or text alerts to receive notifications of any flight changes.

Whether you are picking up or dropping off someone from the Abbotsford airport, checking the Abbotsford airport arrivals and departures bay is a smart move that can make your life easier. It is a reliable and convenient source of information that can help you avoid any unpleasant surprises at the airport.

In the window here under look over where it is written World Flights Database,  chose airports in the Plane mapper section and then type your airport city or airport code. ( Example : Abbotsford airport YXX )

Abbotsford airport arrival
Abbotsford airport arrivals status board

What is flight status?

Last Update: May 30, 2022


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Flight tracking is a service that involves the tracking of flights, aircraft and Abbotsford airport arrivals activity, often using software.

What does in flight status at Abbotsford airport arrivals mean?

FiltersAn updated notice of a flight’s departure and arrival times compared to its scheduled times. noun.

What does closed flight status mean?

It means the flight is closed for check-in. This is a logical status into which the flight is placed within the computer system. Sometimes a flight is put into “closed” status before boarding commences, other times its done after boarding has commenced.

What is the status of international flight?

As per Government of Canada regulations, West Jet has resumed domestic flights with effect from 25 May 2020, but international operations are back fully open for Abbotsford airport arrivals.

Is international flight Open in Abbotsford airport arrivals?

Suspension of all international passengers flights to/from Abbotsford airport arrivals. All schedule/non-schedule domestic passenger flights and charter flights of Helicopter/General Aviation will now be opened from 4am to 1 am. Revised travel restrictions due COVID-19 pandemic.

How to check live flight running status | How to check flight status?

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How do I know if my flight is Cancelled?

To check if your flight is delayed or not, go to the flight status page of Abbotsford airport arrivals status from 4am/1am for quietude ( After that, you can choose the airline name from the drop down menu and then enter your flight number and date of travel. It will display the status of your flight and you will come to know if your flight is on time or delayed.

How do I know if my Swoop flight is Cancelled from Abbotsford airport arrivals?

A: Check Swoop, Flair and West Jet Status in 3 easy steps:
  1. Visit our Swoop, Flair or West Jet Flight Status Tracker.
  2. Fill up your flight code and the date of the journey in the given field.
  3. Click the ‘search’ button to get the latest information on ‘Flight Status’

How many airlines are in Canada?

Currently, there are

559 air carriers
Air transportation in Canada comprises of local, regional, national and international airlines which transport passengers and cargo to destinations both domestically and around the world. In 2020, there were 559 air carriers with licenses in Canada. Only 4 airlines service Abbotsford airport arrivals.

What is flight status in the Army?

Orders awarding flying status will state that the soldier must perform frequent and regular aerial flight, the duty position of the soldier, and the purpose for placing the soldier on flying status.

How can I check my Swoop flight status?

A: You can contact

To do so, simply contact Swoop at 1-587-441-1001. Written inquiries can be directed to Swoop’s privacy officer via: Fax: 1-844-212-5513. Email:

A: Now check the Swoop flight status;

See where your flight is with minute-by-minute updates.


How often are times updated for Abbotsford airport arrivals?

Flight status information is updated every couple of minutes. The results do not update automatically; refresh the page to get the latest flight status information.

Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX. What are airport codes and how they are created.

 When it comes to navigating Canadian airports, scratch your head and ask why? Or more accurately:  Y?  Unlike JFK (JFK), Boston (BOS), Miami (MIA), Sydney (SYD) Madrid (MAD) and Singapore (SIN), Canadian airport codes begin with a Y. And just when you figure there’s a pattern – YOW for Ottawa, YVR for Vancouver – along comes Montreal (YUL), Edmonton (YEG) and Saskatoon (YXE).  Not to mention the four US airports that begin with their own Y, – tasty Yuma (YUM) for example – and the anomalies that begin with a Z (ZBF for Bathurst, New Brunswick). For Abbotsford airport it’s YXX. So you can check your Abbotsford airport arrivals with the code YXX,

 Considering there are around 7000 planes flying above North American skies each day, one would think there’s a well-planned and logical explanation for all this. One would be wrong. Abbotsford airport arrivals and Abbotsford airport departures use the codes to facilitate to propagate flights statuses.

 Every airport in the world has a 3-letter code that is maintained by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). There’s also the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which uses 4-letter codes, tagging a C at the front of all Canadian airport codes, and a K for US Airports.   JFK becomes KJFK, YWG becomes CYWG, and KMART becomes a place you can still do your shopping. 

 Airport codes evolved rather haphazardly as flying took off (ahem) in the 1930’s.  Flat fields with strong winds evolved into transportation hubs, places of work, and increasingly shopping malls. North America’s first airports typically had just two letter codes, usually based on the weather station or radio transmitter where the strip was located. 

 Aviation officials came up with the 3-letter code, figuring it unlikely that 17,576 airports would dot the world (the number of combinations allowed with 3 letters.)    Airport codes were determined by weather stations, radio transmitters, cities, or in some cases, the name of the original fields in which they were located (for example Chicago’s O’Hare Airport code is ORD, for Orchard Field).

 Chicago is close enough to Canada to bring us back to the Y. Why the Y? Airport codes expanded into radio codes, and radio codes ultimately looped around, broke the internet and become airport codes again. Why isn’t Toronto called YTO? Actually it is. YTO is the airline code for the entire region, with YTZ for Billy Bishop Airport, and YYZ the original radio transmitter code for a village called Malton, which is where Toronto Pearson International Airport is located today. 

 Since Canada locked up the Y for its radio transmitters, it also locked up the Y for its airport codes. Tied into this somehow are radio stations. Did you know that all US stations start with either a K or a W, depending on which side of the Mississippi they are? KWTF?

 Regardless of my long-winded, acronym-laden, most likely error-prone and highly confusing explanation, Canadian airports should be appreciated by Queen and country. Why? Well…YNOT?

Abbotsford airport arrivals uses airport codes to show where the flights are from, here is a list of the cities airport codes around the world;

Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
IATAICAOAirport nameLocation servedTimeDST
-AA- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
AAANTGAAnaa AirportAnaa, Tuamotus, French PolynesiaUTC−10:00 
AABYARYArrabury AirportArrabury, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
AACHEAREl Arish International AirportEl Arish, EgyptUTC+02:00 
AAD Adado AirportAdado (Cadaado), Galguduud, SomaliaUTC+03:00 
AAEDABBRabah Bitat Airport (Les Salines Airport)Annaba, AlgeriaUTC+01:00 
AAFKAAFApalachicola Regional AirportApalachicola, Florida, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
AAGSSYAArapoti AirportArapoti, Paraná, BrazilUTC−03:00 
AAHEDKAMerzbrück AirportAachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, GermanyUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
AAISWRAArraias AirportArraias, Tocantins, BrazilUTC−03:00 
AAJSMCACayana AirstripAwaradam, SurinameUTC−03:00 
AAKNGUKAranuka AirportAranuka, KiribatiUTC+12:00 
AALEKYTAalborg AirportAalborg, DenmarkUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
AAMFAMDMala Mala AirportMala Mala, South AfricaUTC+02:00 
AANOMALAl Ain International AirportAl Ain, United Arab EmiratesUTC+04:00 
AAOSVANAnaco AirportAnaco, VenezuelaUTC−04:00 
AAPWALSAji Pangeran Tumenggung Pranoto International AirportSamarinda, East Kalimantan, IndonesiaUTC+08:00 
AAQURKAAnapa AirportAnapa, Krasnodar Krai, RussiaUTC+03:00 
AAREKAHAarhus AirportAarhus, DenmarkUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
AAS Apalapsili AirportApalapsili, IndonesiaUTC+09:00 
AATZWATAltay AirportAltay, Xinjiang, ChinaUTC+08:00 
AAUNSAUAsau AirportAsau, Savai’i Island, SamoaUTC+13:00Sep-Apr
AAVRPMAAllah Valley AirportSurallah, PhilippinesUTC+08:00 
AAXSBAXAraxá AirportAraxá, Minas Gerais, BrazilUTC−03:00 
AAYOYGDAl Ghaydah AirportAl Ghaydah, YemenUTC+03:00 
AAZMGQZQuetzaltenango AirportQuetzaltenango, GuatemalaUTC−06:00 
-AB- Abbotsford Airport arrivals YXX
ABAUNAAAbakan International AirportAbakan, Republic of Khakassia, RussiaUTC+07:00 
ABBDNASAsaba International AirportAsaba, NigeriaUTC+01:00 
ABCLEABAlbacete AirportAlbacete, Castilla-La Mancha, SpainUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
ABDOIAAAbadan International AirportAbadan, IranUTC+03:30Mar-Sep
ABEKABELehigh Valley International AirportAllentown, Pennsylvania, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
ABFNGABAbaiang Atoll AirportAbaiang, KiribatiUTC+12:00 
ABGYABIAbingdon AirportAbingdon Downs, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
ABHYAPHAlpha AirportAlpha, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
ABIKABIAbilene Regional AirportAbilene, Texas, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
ABJDIAPPort Bouet Airport (Felix Houphouet Boigny Int’l)Abidjan, Côte d’IvoireUTC+00:00 
ABKHAKDKabri Dar AirportKebri Dahar, EthiopiaUTC+03:00 
ABLPAFMAmbler Airport (FAA: AFM)Ambler, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
ABMYNPENorthern Peninsula AirportBamaga, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
ABNSMBNAlbina AirstripAlbina, SurinameUTC−03:00 
ABODIAOAboisso AirportAboisso, Côte d’IvoireUTC+00:00 
ABP Atkamba AirportAtkamba, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
ABQKABQAlbuquerque International SunportAlbuquerque, New Mexico, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
ABRKABRAberdeen Regional AirportAberdeen, South Dakota, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
ABSHEBLAbu Simbel AirportAbu Simbel, EgyptUTC+02:00 
ABTOEBAAl-Baha Domestic AirportAl Bahah, Saudi ArabiaUTC+03:00 
ABUWATAHaliwen AirportAtambua, IndonesiaUTC+08:00 
ABVDNAANnamdi Azikiwe International AirportAbuja, NigeriaUTC+01:00 
ABW Abau AirportAbau, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
ABXYMAYAlbury AirportAlbury, New South Wales, AustraliaUTC+10:00Oct-Apr
ABYKABYSouthwest Georgia Regional AirportAlbany, Georgia, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
ABZEGPDAberdeen AirportAberdeen, Scotland, United KingdomUTC+00:00Mar-Oct
-AC- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ACAMMAAGeneral Juan N. Álvarez International AirportAcapulco, Guerrero, MexicoUTC−06:00Apr-Oct
ACBKACBAntrim County AirportBellaire, Michigan, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
ACCDGAAKotoka International AirportAccra, GhanaUTC+00:00 
ACDSKADAlcides Fernández AirportAcandí, ColombiaUTC−05:00 
ACEGCRRLanzarote AirportLanzarote, Canary Islands, SpainUTC+00:00Mar-Oct
ACHLSZRSt. Gallen–Altenrhein AirportAltenrhein, SwitzerlandUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
ACIEGJAAlderney AirportAlderney, Channel Islands, United KingdomUTC+00:00Mar-Oct
ACJVCCAAnuradhapura AirportAnuradhapura, Sri LankaUTC+05:30 
ACKKACKNantucket Memorial AirportNantucket, Massachusetts, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
ACL Aguaclara AirportAguaclara, ColombiaUTC−05:00 
ACM Arica AirportArica, ColombiaUTC−05:00 
ACNMMCCCiudad Acuña International AirportCiudad Acuña, Coahuila, MexicoUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
ACPOITMSahand AirportMaragheh, IranUTC+03:30Mar-Sep
ACRSKACAraracuara AirportAraracuara, ColombiaUTC−05:00 
ACSUNKSAchinsk AirportAchinsk, Krasnoyarsk Krai, RussiaUTC+07:00 
ACTKACTWaco Regional AirportWaco, Texas, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
ACU Achutupo AirportAchutupo, PanamaUTC−05:00 
ACVKACVArcata-Eureka AirportEureka / Arcata, California, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
ACXZUYIXingyi Wanfenglin AirportXingyi, Guizhou, ChinaUTC+08:00 
ACYKACYAtlantic City International AirportAtlantic City, New Jersey, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
ACZOIZBZabol AirportZabol, IranUTC+03:30Mar-Sep
-AD- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ADALTAFAdana Şakirpaşa AirportAdana, TurkeyUTC+03:00 
ADBLTBJAdnan Menderes Airportİzmir, TurkeyUTC+03:00 
ADCAYANAndakombe AirportAndakombe, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
ADDHAABBole International AirportAddis Ababa, EthiopiaUTC+03:00 
ADEOYAAAden International AirportAden, YemenUTC+03:00 
ADFLTCPAdıyaman AirportAdıyaman, TurkeyUTC+03:00 
ADGKADGLenawee County AirportAdrian, Michigan, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
ADHUEEAAldan AirportAldan, Yakutia, RussiaUTC+09:00 
ADIFYARArandis AirportArandis, NamibiaUTC+01:00Sep-Apr
ADJOJAMAmman Civil Airport (Marka International Airport)Amman, JordanUTC+02:00Mar-Oct
ADKPADKAdak AirportAdak Island, Alaska, United StatesUTC−10:00Mar-Nov
ADLYPADAdelaide AirportAdelaide, South Australia, AustraliaUTC+09:30Oct-Apr
ADMKADMArdmore Municipal AirportArdmore, Oklahoma, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
ADNSKANAndes Airport Andes, ColombiaUTC−05:00 
ADOYAMKAndamooka AirportAndamooka, South Australia, AustraliaUTC+09:30Oct-Apr
ADPVCCGAmpara AirportAmpara, Sri LankaUTC+05:30 
ADQPADQKodiak AirportKodiak, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
ADRKPHHRobert F. Swinnie Airport (FAA: PHH)Andrews, South Carolina, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
ADSKADSAddison AirportDallas, Texas, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
ADTKADHAda Municipal Airport (FAA: ADH)Ada, Oklahoma, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
ADUOITLArdabil AirportArdabil, IranUTC+03:30Mar-Sep
ADV Ed Daein AirportEd Daein, SudanUTC+03:00 
ADWKADWAndrews Field (Andrews Air Force Base)Camp Springs, Maryland, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
ADXEGQLLeuchars Station (formerly RAF Leuchars)St Andrews, Scotland, United KingdomUTC+00:00Mar-Oct
ADYFAALAlldays AirportAlldays, South AfricaUTC+02:00 
ADZSKSPGustavo Rojas Pinilla International AirportSan Andres Island, ColombiaUTC−05:00 
-AE- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
AEANGTBAbemama Atoll AirportAbemama Atoll, KiribatiUTC+12:00 
AEBZGBSBaise Bama AirportBaise, Guangxi, ChinaUTC+08:00 
AEE Adareil Airport[1]Adareil, South SudanUTC+03:00 
AEGWIMEAek Godang AirportPadang Sidempuan, IndonesiaUTC+07:00 
AEHFTTCAbéché AirportAbéché, ChadUTC+01:00 
AEKAYAXAseki AirportAseki, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
AELKAELAlbert Lea Municipal AirportAlbert Lea, Minnesota, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
AEMUHTGAmgu AirportAmgu, Primorsky Krai, RussiaUTC+10:00 
AEOGQNAAioun el Atrouss AirportAioun el Atrouss, MauritaniaUTC+00:00 
AEPSABEJorge Newbery AirparkBuenos Aires, ArgentinaUTC−03:00 
AEQ Ar Horqin AirportAr Horqin Banner, ChinaUTC+08:00 
AERURSSSochi International AirportSochi, Krasnodar Krai, RussiaUTC+03:00 
AESENALÅlesund Airport, VigraÅlesund, NorwayUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
AETPFALAllakaket Airport (FAA: 6A8)Allakaket, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
AEUOIBAAbu Musa Airport[1]Abu Musa Island, IranUTC+03:30Mar-Sep
AEXKAEXAlexandria International AirportAlexandria, Louisiana, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
AEYBIARAkureyri AirportAkureyri, IcelandUTC+00:00 
-AF- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
AFASAMRSan Rafael AirportSan Rafael, Mendoza, ArgentinaUTC−03:00 
AFDFAPAPort Alfred AirportPort Alfred, South AfricaUTC+02:00 
AFFKAFFUnited States Air Force Academy AirfieldColorado Springs, Colorado, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
AFISKAMAmalfi AirportAmalfi, ColombiaUTC−05:00 
AFK Kondavattavan Tank Seaplane Base[1]Ampara, Sri LankaUTC+05:30 
AFLSBATAlta Floresta AirportAlta Floresta, Mato Grosso, BrazilUTC−04:00 
AFNKAFNJaffrey Airport–Silver RanchJaffrey, New Hampshire, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
AFOKAFOAfton Municipal AirportAfton, Wyoming, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
AFRAYAFAfore AirstripAfore, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
AFSUTSNZarafshan AirportZarafshan, UzbekistanUTC+05:00 
AFTAGAFAfutara AirportAfutara, Malaita, Solomon IslandsUTC+11:00 
AFWKAFWFort Worth Alliance AirportFort Worth, Texas, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
AFYLTAHAfyon AirportAfyon, TurkeyUTC+03:00 
AFZOIMSSabzevar Airport[1]Sabzevar, IranUTC+03:30Mar-Sep
-AG- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
AGAGMADAgadir–Al Massira AirportAgadir, MoroccoUTC+00:00Mar-Oct1
AGBEDMAAugsburg AirportAugsburg, Bavaria, GermanyUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
AGCKAGCAllegheny County AirportPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
AGDWASGAnggi AirportAnggi, IndonesiaUTC+09:00 
AGEEDWGWangerooge AirfieldWangerooge, Lower Saxony, GermanyUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
AGFLFBAAgen La Garenne AirportAgen, Aquitaine, FranceUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
AGG Angoram AirportAngoram, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
AGHESTAÄngelholm–Helsingborg Airport (former ICAO: ESDB)Ängelholm, SwedenUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
AGISMWAWageningen AirstripWageningen, SurinameUTC−03:00 
AGJRORAAguni AirportAguni, Okinawa, JapanUTC+09:00 
AGK Kagua AirportKagua, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
AGLAYWGWanigela AirportWanigela, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
AGNPAGNAngoon Seaplane BaseAngoon, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
AGOKAGOMagnolia Municipal AirportMagnolia, Arkansas, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
AGPLEMGMálaga AirportMálaga, Andalusia, SpainUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
AGQLGAGAgrinion AirportAgrinion, GreeceUTC+02:00Mar-Oct
AGRVIAGAgra AirportAgra, Uttar Pradesh, IndiaUTC+05:30 
AGSKAGSAugusta Regional Airport at Bush FieldAugusta, Georgia, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
AGTSGESGuaraní International AirportCiudad del Este, ParaguayUTC−04:00Oct-Mar
AGUMMASLic. Jesús Terán Peredo International AirportAguascalientes, Aguascalientes, MexicoUTC−06:00Apr-Oct
AGVSVACOswaldo Guevara Mujica AirportAcarigua, VenezuelaUTC−04:00 
AGW Agnew AirportAgnew, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
AGXVOATAgatti AerodromeAgatti Island, Lakshadweep, IndiaUTC+05:30 
AGZFAAGAggeneys AirportAggeneys, South AfricaUTC+02:00 
-AH- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
AHBOEABAbha Regional AirportAbha, Saudi ArabiaUTC+03:00 
AHCKAHCAmedee Army AirfieldHerlong, California, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
AHD Ardmore Downtown Executive Airport (FAA: 1F0)Ardmore, Oklahoma, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
AHENTHEAhe AirportAhe, Tuamotus, French PolynesiaUTC−10:00 
AHF Arapahoe Municipal Airport (FAA: 37V)Arapahoe, Nebraska, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
AHHKAHHAmery Municipal AirportAmery, Wisconsin, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
AHIWAPAAmahai AirportAmahai, IndonesiaUTC+09:00 
AHJZUHYHongyuan AirportHongyuan, Sichuan, ChinaUTC+08:00 
AHLSYAHAishalton AirportAishalton, GuyanaUTC−04:00 
AHM Ashland Municipal Airport[1] (FAA: S03)Ashland, Oregon, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
AHNKAHNAthens Ben Epps AirportAthens, Georgia, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
AHOLIEAAlghero-Fertilia AirportAlghero, Sardinia, ItalyUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
AHSMHAHAhuas AirportAhuas, HondurasUTC−06:00 
AHUGMTACherif Al Idrissi AirportAl Hoceima, MoroccoUTC+00:00Mar-Oct1
AHW Saih Rawl Airport[1]Saih Rawl, OmanUTC+04:00 
AHY Ambatolahy AirportAmbatolahy, MadagascarUTC+03:00 
AHZLFHUAlpe d’Huez AirportAlpe d’Huez, Rhône-Alpes, FranceUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
-AI- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
AIAKAIAAlliance Municipal AirportAlliance, Nebraska, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
AIC Ailinglaplap Airok AirportAirok, Ailinglaplap Atoll, Marshall IslandsUTC+12:00 
AIDKAIDAnderson Municipal Airport (Darlington Field)Anderson, Indiana, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
AIEAYAOAiome AirportAiome, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
AIFSNAXAssis Airport (former ICAO: SBAS)Assis, São Paulo, BrazilUTC−03:00 
AIGFEFYYalinga AirportYalinga, Central African RepublicUTC+01:00 
AIHAYAKAiambak AirportAiambak, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
AIIHDASAli-Sabieh AirportAli Sabieh, DjiboutiUTC+03:00 
AIKKAIKAiken Municipal AirportAiken, South Carolina, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
AIL Ailigandí AirportAiligandí, PanamaUTC−05:00 
AIM Ailuk AirportAiluk Atoll, Marshall IslandsUTC+12:00 
AINPAWIWainwright Airport (FAA: AWI)Fort Wainwright, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
AIOKAIOAtlantic Municipal AirportAtlantic, Iowa, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
AIPVIAXAdampur AirportJalandhar, Punjab, IndiaUTC+05:30 
AIRSSOUAripuanã AirportAripuanã, Mato Grosso, BrazilUTC−04:00 
AISNGTRArorae Island AirportArorae Island, KiribatiUTC+12:00 
AITNCAIAitutaki AirportAitutaki, Cook IslandsUTC−10:00 
AIUNCATEnua AirportAtiu Island, Cook IslandsUTC−10:00 
AIVKAIVGeorge Downer AirportAliceville, Alabama, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
AIW Ai-Ais AirportAi-Ais, NamibiaUTC+02:00Sep-Apr
AIZKAIZLee C. Fine Memorial AirportLake Ozark, Missouri, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
-AJ- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
AJALFKJAjaccio Napoleon Bonaparte AirportAjaccio, Corsica, FranceUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
AJFOESKAl-Jawf Domestic AirportSakakah, Al Jawf, Saudi ArabiaUTC+03:00 
AJILTCOAğrı AirportAğrı, TurkeyUTC+03:00 
AJJGQNJAkjoujt AirportAkjoujt, MauritaniaUTC+00:00 
AJKOIHRArak Airport[1]Arak, IranUTC+03:30Mar-Sep
AJLVELP[2]Lengpui AirportAizawl, Mizoram, IndiaUTC+05:30 
AJNFMCVOuani AirportAnjouan, ComorosUTC+03:00 
AJRESNXArvidsjaur AirportArvidsjaur, SwedenUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
AJSMX86Punta Abreojos AirstripPunta Abreojos, Baja California Sur, MexicoUTC−07:00Apr-Oct
AJUSBARSanta Maria AirportAracaju, Sergipe, BrazilUTC−03:00 
AJYDRZAMano Dayak International AirportAgadez, NigerUTC+01:00 
-AK- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
AKAZLAKAnkang Wulipu AirportAnkang, Shaanxi, ChinaUTC+08:00 
AKBPAAKAtka Airport (FAA: AKA)Atka, Alaska, United StatesUTC−10:00Mar-Nov
AKCKAKRAkron Fulton International Airport (FAA: AKR)Akron, Ohio, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
AKDVAAKAkola AirportAkola, Maharashtra, IndiaUTC+05:30 
AKEFOGAAkieni AirportAkiéni, GabonUTC+01:00 
AKFHLKFKufra AirportKufra, LibyaUTC+02:00 
AKGAYGUAnguganak AirportAnguganak, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
AKHOEPSPrince Sultan Air BaseAl-Kharj, Saudi ArabiaUTC+03:00 
AKIPFAKAkiak AirportAkiak, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
AKJRJECAsahikawa AirportAsahikawa, Hokkaido, JapanUTC+09:00 
AKKPAKHAkhiok AirportAkhiok, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
AKLNZAAAuckland AirportAuckland, New ZealandUTC+12:00Sep-Apr
AKM Zakouma AirportZakouma National Park, ChadUTC+01:00 
AKNPAKNKing Salmon AirportKing Salmon, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
AKOKAKOColorado Plains Regional AirportAkron, Colorado, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
AKPPAKPAnaktuvuk Pass AirportAnaktuvuk Pass, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
AKQWIAGGunung Batin AirportAstraksetra, IndonesiaUTC+07:00 
AKRDNAKAkure AirportAkure, NigeriaUTC+01:00 
AKSAGGAAuki Gwaunaru’u AirportAuki, Malaita, Solomon IslandsUTC+11:00 
AKTLCRARAF AkrotiriAkrotiri, United KingdomUTC+02:00Mar-Oct
AKUZWAKAksu AirportAksu, Xinjiang, ChinaUTC+08:00 
AKVCYKOAkulivik AirportAkulivik, Quebec, CanadaUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
AKWOIAGAghajari Airport[1]Aghajari, IranUTC+03:30Mar-Sep
AKXUATTAktobe AirportAktobe, KazakhstanUTC+05:00 
AKYVYSWSittwe AirportSittwe, MyanmarUTC+06:30 
-AL- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ALAUAAAAlmaty International AirportAlmaty, KazakhstanUTC+06:00 
ALBKALBAlbany International AirportAlbany, New York, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
ALCLEALAlicante–Elche AirportAlicante, Valencia, SpainUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
ALDSPARAlerta AirportAlerta, PeruUTC−05:00 
ALE Alpine–Casparis Municipal Airport (FAA: E38)Alpine, Texas, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
ALFENATAlta AirportAlta, NorwayUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
ALGDAAGHouari Boumediene AirportAlgiers, AlgeriaUTC+01:00 
ALHYABAAlbany AirportAlbany, Western Australia, AustraliaUTC+08:00 
ALIKALIAlice International AirportAlice, Texas, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
ALJFAABAlexander Bay AirportAlexander Bay, South AfricaUTC+02:00 
ALK Asella AirportAsella, EthiopiaUTC+03:00 
ALLLIMGAlbenga AirportAlbenga, Liguria, ItalyUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
ALMKALMAlamogordo–White Sands Regional AirportAlamogordo, New Mexico, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
ALNKALNSt. Louis Regional AirportAlton, Illinois, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
ALOKALOWaterloo Regional AirportWaterloo, Iowa, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
ALPOSAPAleppo International AirportAleppo, SyriaUTC+02:00Mar-Oct
ALQSSLTAlegrete AirportAlegrete, Rio Grande do Sul, BrazilUTC−03:00 
ALRNZLXAlexandra AerodromeAlexandra, New ZealandUTC+12:00Sep-Apr
ALSKALSSan Luis Valley Regional AirportAlamosa, Colorado, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
ALT Alenquer AirportAlenquer, Pará, BrazilUTC−03:00 
ALUHCMAAlula AirportAlula, SomaliaUTC+03:00 
ALWKALWWalla Walla Regional AirportWalla Walla, Washington, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
ALXKALXThomas C. Russell FieldAlexander City, Alabama, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
ALYHEAXEl Nouzha AirportAlexandria, EgyptUTC+02:00 
ALZ Alitak Seaplane BaseLazy Bay, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
-AM- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
AMAKAMARick Husband Amarillo International AirportAmarillo, Texas, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
AMBFMNEAmbilobe AirportAmbilobe, MadagascarUTC+03:00 
AMCFTTNAm Timan AirportAm Timan, ChadUTC+01:00 
AMDVAAHSardar Vallabhbhai Patel International AirportAhmedabad, Gujarat, IndiaUTC+05:30 
AME Alto Molocue AirportAlto Molocue, MozambiqueUTC+02:00 
AMFAYAAAma AirportAma, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
AMG Amboin AirportAmboin, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
AMHHAAMArba Minch AirportArba Minch, EthiopiaUTC+03:00 
AMIWADASelaparang Airport (closed 2011)Mataram, Indonesia  
AMJSNARAlmenara AirportAlmenara, Minas Gerais, BrazilUTC−03:00 
AMK Animas Air Park (FAA: 00C)Durango, Colorado, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
AML Puerto Armuelles AirportPuerto Armuelles, PanamaUTC−05:00 
AMMOJAIQueen Alia International AirportAmman, JordanUTC+02:00Mar-Oct
AMNKAMNGratiot Community AirportAlma, Michigan, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
AMOFTTUMao AirportMao, ChadUTC+01:00 
AMPFMSYAmpanihy AirportAmpanihy, MadagascarUTC+03:00 
AMQWAPPPattimura AirportAmbon, IndonesiaUTC+09:00 
AMSEHAMAmsterdam Airport SchipholAmsterdam, NetherlandsUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
AMTYAMTAmata AirportAmata, South Australia, AustraliaUTC+09:30 
AMUAYAMAmanab AirportAmanab, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
AMVULDDAmderma AirportAmderma, Nenets Autonomous Okrug, RussiaUTC+03:00 
AMWKAMWAmes Municipal AirportAmes, Iowa, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
AMX Ammaroo AirportAmmaroo, Northern Territory, AustraliaUTC+09:30 
AMY Ambatomainty AirportAmbatomainty, MadagascarUTC+03:00 
AMZNZARArdmore AirportArdmore, New ZealandUTC+12:00Sep-Apr
-AN- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ANADNABAngama Mara AirportAngama Mara, Narok County, KenyaUTC+03:00 
ANBKANBAnniston Regional AirportAnniston, Alabama, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
ANCPANCTed Stevens Anchorage International AirportAnchorage, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
ANDKANDAnderson Regional AirportAnderson, South Carolina, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
ANELFJRAngers – Loire AirportAngers, Pays de la Loire, FranceUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
ANFSCFACerro Moreno International AirportAntofagasta, ChileUTC−04:00Aug-May
ANGLFBUAngoulême – Cognac International AirportAngoulême, Poitou-Charentes, FranceUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
ANIPANIAniak AirportAniak, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
ANJFCBZZanaga AirportZanaga, Republic of the CongoUTC+01:00 
ANKLTADEtimesgut Air BaseAnkara, TurkeyUTC+03:00 
ANL Andulo AirportAndulo, AngolaUTC+01:00 
ANMFMNHAntsirabato AirportAntalaha, MadagascarUTC+03:00 
ANNPANTAnnette Island AirportAnnette Island, Alaska, United StatesUTC−08:00 
ANOFQAGAngoche AirportAngoche, MozambiqueUTC+02:00 
ANPKANPLee AirportAnnapolis, Maryland, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
ANQKANQTri-State Steuben County AirportAngola, Indiana, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
ANREBAWAntwerp International AirportAntwerp, BelgiumUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
ANSSPHYAndahuaylas AirportAndahuaylas, PeruUTC−05:00 
ANUTAPAV. C. Bird International AirportAntigua, Antigua and BarbudaUTC−04:00 
ANVPANVAnvik AirportAnvik, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
ANWKANWAinsworth Regional AirportAinsworth, Nebraska, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
ANXENANAndøya Airport, AndenesAndenes, NorwayUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
ANYKANYAnthony Municipal AirportAnthony, Kansas, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
ANZ Angus Downs AirportAngus Downs, Northern Territory, AustraliaUTC+09:30 
-AO- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
AOA Aroa AirportAroa, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
AOB Annanberg AirportAnnanberg, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
AOCEDACLeipzig–Altenburg AirportAltenburg, Thuringia, GermanyUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
AOD Abou-Deïa AirportAbou-Deïa, ChadUTC+01:00 
AOELTBYAnadolu AirportEskişehir, TurkeyUTC+03:00 
AOGZYASAnshan Teng’ao AirportAnshan, Liaoning, ChinaUTC+08:00 
AOHKAOHLima Allen County AirportLima, Ohio, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
AOILIPYAncona Falconara AirportAncona, Marche, ItalyUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
AOJRJSAAomori AirportAomori, Honshu, JapanUTC+09:00 
AOKLGKPKarpathos Island National AirportKarpathos, GreeceUTC+02:00Mar-Oct
AOLSARLPaso de los Libres AirportPaso de los Libres, Corrientes, ArgentinaUTC−03:00 
AOM Adam Airport[1]Adam, OmanUTC+04:00 
AON Arona AirportArona, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
AOOKAOOAltoona–Blair County AirportAltoona, Pennsylvania, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
AOP Alférez FAP Alfredo Vladimir Sara Bauer AirportAndoas, PeruUTC−05:00 
AORWMKASultan Abdul Halim AirportAlor Setar, Kedah, MalaysiaUTC+08:00 
AOS Amook Bay Seaplane Base (FAA: AK81)Amook Bay, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
AOTLIMWAosta Valley AirportAosta, Aosta Valley, ItalyUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
AOUVLAPAttapeu International AirportAttapeu, LaosUTC+07:00 
-AP- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
APAKAPACentennial AirportDenver, Colorado, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
APBSLAPApolo AirportApolo, BoliviaUTC−04:00 
APCKAPCNapa County AirportNapa, California, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
APFKAPFNaples Municipal AirportNaples, Florida, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
APGKAPGPhillips Army AirfieldAberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
APHKAPHA.P. Hill Army AirfieldFort A.P. Hill, Virginia, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
APISKAPCaptain Luis F. Gómez Niño Air BaseApiay, ColombiaUTC−05:00 
APKNTGDApataki AirportApataki, Tuamotus, French PolynesiaUTC−10:00 
APLFQNPNampula AirportNampula, MozambiqueUTC+02:00 
APNKAPNAlpena County Regional AirportAlpena, Michigan, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
APOSKLCAntonio Roldán Betancourt AirportApartadó, ColombiaUTC−05:00 
APP Asapa AirportAsapa, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
APQSNALArapiraca AirportArapiraca, Alagoas, BrazilUTC−03:00 
APRAYPEApril River AirportApril River, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
APSSWNSAnápolis AirportAnápolis, Goiás, BrazilUTC−03:00 
APTKAPTMarion County Airport (Brown Field)Jasper, Tennessee, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
APUSSAPApucarana AirportApucarana, Paraná, BrazilUTC−03:00 
APVKAPVApple Valley AirportApple Valley, California, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
APWNSFAFaleolo International AirportApia, Upolu Island, SamoaUTC+13:00Sep-Apr
APXSSOGArapongas AirportArapongas, Paraná, BrazilUTC−03:00 
APYSNAIAlto Parnaíba AirportAlto Parnaíba, Maranhão, BrazilUTC−03:00 
APZSAHZZapala AirportZapala, Neuquén, ArgentinaUTC−03:00 
-AQ- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
AQASBAQAraraquara AirportAraraquara, São Paulo, BrazilUTC−03:00 
AQBMGQCQuiché AirportQuiché, GuatemalaUTC−06:00 
AQGZSAQAnqing Tianzhushan AirportAnqing, Anhui, ChinaUTC+08:00 
AQIOEPAAl Qaisumah/Hafr Al Batin AirportQaisumah / Hafar al-Batin, Saudi ArabiaUTC+03:00 
AQJOJAQKing Hussein International AirportAqaba, JordanUTC+02:00Mar-Oct
AQM Ariquemes AirportAriquemes, Rondônia, BrazilUTC−04:00 
AQPSPQURodríguez Ballón International AirportArequipa, PeruUTC−05:00 
AQS Saqani AirportSaqani, FijiUTC+12:00Nov-Jan
AQY Girdwood Airport[1]Girdwood, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
-AR- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ARAKARAAcadiana Regional AirportNew Iberia, Louisiana, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
ARBKARBAnn Arbor Municipal AirportAnn Arbor, Michigan, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
ARCPARCArctic Village AirportArctic Village, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
ARDWATMAlor Island AirportAlor Island, IndonesiaUTC+08:00 
ARETJABAntonio (Nery) Juarbe Pol Airport (FAA: ABO)Arecibo, Puerto Rico, United StatesUTC−04:00 
ARF Acaricuara AirportAcaricuara, ColombiaUTC−05:00 
ARGKARGWalnut Ridge Regional AirportWalnut Ridge, Arkansas, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
ARHULAATalagi AirportArkhangelsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast, RussiaUTC+03:00 
ARISCARChacalluta International AirportArica, ChileUTC−04:00Aug-May
ARJWAJAArso AirportArso, IndonesiaUTC+09:00 
ARKHTARArusha AirportArusha, TanzaniaUTC+03:00 
ARLDFERArly AirportArly, Burkina FasoUTC+00:00 
ARMYARMArmidale AirportArmidale, New South Wales, AustraliaUTC+10:00Oct-Apr
ARNESSAStockholm Arlanda AirportStockholm, SwedenUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
ARO Arboletes AirportArboletes, ColombiaUTC−05:00 
ARP Aragip AirportAragip, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
ARQSKAT[3]El Troncal AirportArauquita, ColombiaUTC−05:00 
ARRSAVRAlto Río Senguer AirportAlto Río Senguer, Chubut, ArgentinaUTC−03:00 
ARSSWECAragarças AirportAragarças, Goiás, BrazilUTC−03:00 
ARTKARTWatertown International AirportWatertown, New York, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
ARUSBAUAraçatuba AirportAraçatuba, São Paulo, BrazilUTC−03:00 
ARVKARVLakeland Airport (Noble F. Lee Memorial Field)Minocqua / Woodruff, Wisconsin, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
ARWLRARArad International AirportArad, RomaniaUTC+02:00Mar-Oct
ARXSBACAracati AirportAracati, Canoa Quebrada, BrazilUTC−03:00 
ARYYARAArarat AirportArarat, Victoria, AustraliaUTC+10:00Oct-Apr
ARZFNZEN’zeto AirportN’zeto, AngolaUTC+01:00 
-AS- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ASAHHSBAssab International AirportAssab, EritreaUTC+03:00 
ASBUTAAAshgabat International AirportAshgabat, TurkmenistanUTC+05:00 
ASCSLASAscención de Guarayos AirportAscención de Guarayos, BoliviaUTC−04:00 
ASDMYAFAndros Town International AirportAndros Town, Andros Island, BahamasUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
ASEKASEAspen–Pitkin County Airport (Sardy Field)Aspen, Colorado, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
ASFURWANarimanovo AirportAstrakhan, Astrakhan Oblast, RussiaUTC+04:00 
ASGNZASAshburton AerodromeAshburton, New ZealandUTC+12:00Sep-Apr
ASHKASHNashua Airport (Boire Field)Nashua, New Hampshire, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
ASIFHAWRAF Ascension Island (Wideawake Field)Ascension Island, British Overseas Territory
of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
ASJRJKAAmami AirportAmami, Satsunan Islands, JapanUTC+09:00 
ASKDIYOYamoussoukro AirportYamoussoukro, Côte d’IvoireUTC+00:00 
ASLKASLHarrison County AirportMarshall, Texas, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
ASMHHASAsmara International AirportAsmara, EritreaUTC+03:00 
ASNKASNTalladega Municipal AirportTalladega, Alabama, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
ASOHASOAsosa AirportAsosa, EthiopiaUTC+03:00 
ASPYBASAlice Springs AirportAlice Springs, Northern Territory, AustraliaUTC+09:30 
ASQ Austin Airport (FAA: 9U3)Austin, Nevada, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
ASRLTAUErkilet International AirportKayseri, TurkeyUTC+03:00 
ASTKASTAstoria Regional AirportAstoria, Oregon, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
ASUSGASSilvio Pettirossi International AirportAsunción, ParaguayUTC−04:00Oct-Mar
ASVHKAMAmboseli AirportAmboseli, KenyaUTC+03:00 
ASWHESNAswan International AirportAswan, EgyptUTC+02:00 
ASXKASXJohn F. Kennedy Memorial AirportAshland, Wisconsin, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
ASYKASYAshley Municipal AirportAshley, North Dakota, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
ASZ Asirim AirportAsirim, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
-AT- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ATASPHZComandante FAP Germán Arias Graziani AirportHuaraz, PeruUTC−05:00 
ATBHSATAtbara AirportAtbara, SudanUTC+03:00 
ATCMYCAArthur’s Town AirportArthur’s Town, Cat Island, BahamasUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
ATDAGATUru Harbour AirportAtoifi, Malaita, Solomon IslandsUTC+11:00 
ATE Antlers Municipal Airport (FAA: 80F)Antlers, Oklahoma, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
ATFSEAMChachoan AirportAmbato, EcuadorUTC−05:00 
ATG PAF Base MinhasAttock, PakistanUTC+05:00 
ATHLGAVAthens International Airport (Eleftherios Venizelos Airport)Athens, GreeceUTC+02:00Mar-Oct
ATISUAGArtigas International AirportArtigas, UruguayUTC−03:00 
ATJFMMEAntsirabe AirportAntsirabe, MadagascarUTC+03:00 
ATKPATQAtqasuk Edward Burnell Sr. Memorial AirportAtqasuk, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
ATLKATLHartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International AirportAtlanta, Georgia, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
ATMSBHTAltamira AirportAltamira, Pará, BrazilUTC−03:00 
ATNAYNXNamatanai AirportNamatanai, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
ATOKUNIOhio University Airport (Snyder Field) (FAA: UNI)Athens / Albany, Ohio, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
ATPAYAIAitape AirstripAitape, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
ATQVIARSri Guru Ram Dass Jee International AirportAmritsar, Punjab, IndiaUTC+05:30 
ATRGQPAAtar International AirportAtar, MauritaniaUTC+00:00 
ATSKATSArtesia Municipal AirportArtesia, New Mexico, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
ATT Atmautluak Airport (FAA: 4A2)Atmautluak, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
ATUPAATCasco Cove Coast Guard StationAttu Island, Alaska, United StatesUTC−10:00Mar-Nov
ATVFTTIAti AirportAti, ChadUTC+01:00 
ATWKATWAppleton International AirportAppleton, Wisconsin, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
ATX Atbasar AirportAtbasar, KazakhstanUTC+06:00 
ATYKATYWatertown Regional AirportWatertown, South Dakota, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
ATZHEATAssiut AirportAssiut, EgyptUTC+02:00 
-AU- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
AUATNCAQueen Beatrix International AirportAruba, Kingdom of the NetherlandsUTC−04:00 
AUCSKUCSantiago Pérez Quiroz AirportArauca, ColombiaUTC−05:00 
AUDYAGDAugustus Downs AirportAugustus Downs Station, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
AUE Abu Rudeis AirportAbou Redis, EgyptUTC+02:00 
AUFLFLAAuxerre – Branches AerodromeAuxerre, Burgundy, FranceUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
AUGKAUGAugusta State AirportAugusta, Maine, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
AUHOMAAAbu Dhabi International AirportAbu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesUTC+04:00 
AUIAYNDAua Island AirportAua Island, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
AUJAYATAmbunti AirportAmbunti, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
AUK Alakanuk AirportAlakanuk, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
AUL Aur AirportAur Atoll, Marshall IslandsUTC+12:00 
AUMKAUMAustin Municipal AirportAustin, Minnesota, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
AUNKAUNAuburn Municipal AirportAuburn, California, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
AUOKAUOAuburn University Regional AirportAuburn, Alabama, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
AUPAYAGAgaun AirportAgaun, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
AUQNTMNAtuona AirportAtuona, Marquesas Islands, French PolynesiaUTC−09:30 
AURLFLWAurillac – Tronquières AirportAurillac, Auvergne, FranceUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
AUSKAUSAustin–Bergstrom International AirportAustin, Texas, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
AUTWPATAtauro AirportAtauro Island, East TimorUTC+09:00 
AUUYAURAurukun AirportAurukun, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
AUVAYUMAumo AirportAumo, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
AUWKAUWWausau Downtown AirportWausau, Wisconsin, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
AUXSWGNAraguaína AirportAraguaína, Tocantins, BrazilUTC−03:00 
AUYNVVAAnatom AirportAnatom Island, Tafea, VanuatuUTC+11:00 
AUZKARRAurora Municipal Airport (FAA: ARR)Aurora, Illinois, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
-AV- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
AVAZUASAnshun Huangguoshu AirportAnshun, Guizhou, ChinaUTC+08:00 
AVBLIPAAviano Air BaseAviano, Pordenone, ItalyUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
AVGYAUVAuvergne AirportAuvergne Station, Northern Territory, AustraliaUTC+09:30 
AVIMUCAMáximo Gómez AirportCiego de Ávila, CubaUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
AVKZMAHArvaikheer AirportArvaikheer, MongoliaUTC+08:00 
AVLKAVLAsheville Regional AirportAsheville, North Carolina, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
AVNLFMVAvignon – Provence AirportAvignon, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, FranceUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
AVOKAVOAvon Park Executive AirportAvon Park, Florida, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
AVPKAVPWilkes-Barre/Scranton International AirportWilkes-Barre / Scranton, Pennsylvania, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
AVUAGGJAvu Avu AirportAvu Avu, Guadalcanal, Solomon IslandsUTC+11:00 
AVVYMAVAvalon AirportAvalon, Victoria, AustraliaUTC+10:00Oct-Apr
AVWKAVQMarana Regional Airport (FAA: AVQ)Tucson, Arizona, United StatesUTC−07:00 
AVXKAVXCatalina AirportAvalon, California, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
-AW- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
AWAHALAAwasa AirportAwasa, EthiopiaUTC+03:00 
AWBAYAWAwaba AirportAwaba, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
AWDNVVBAniwa AirportAniwa Island, Tafea, VanuatuUTC+11:00 
AWE Alowe AirportAlowe, GabonUTC+01:00 
AWKPWAKWake Island AirfieldWake Island, United States Minor Outlying IslandsUTC+12:00 
AWMKAWMWest Memphis Municipal AirportWest Memphis, Arkansas, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
AWN Alton Downs AirportAlton Downs, South Australia, AustraliaUTC+09:30Oct-Apr
AWP Austral Downs AirportAustral Downs, Northern Territory, AustraliaUTC+09:30 
AWR Awar AirportAwar, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
AWZOIAWAhvaz International AirportAhvaz, IranUTC+03:30Mar-Sep
-AX- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
AXATQPFClayton J. Lloyd International AirportThe Valley, British Overseas Territory of AnguillaUTC−04:00 
AXB Maxson Airfield (FAA: 89N)Alexandria Bay, New York, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
AXCYAMCAramac AirportAramac, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
AXDLGALAlexandroupoli Airport (Dimokritos Airport)Alexandroupoli, GreeceUTC+02:00Mar-Oct
AXE Xanxere AirportXanxerê, Santa Catarina, BrazilUTC−03:00 
AXF Alxa Left Banner Bayanhot AirportAlxa Left Banner, Inner Mongolia, ChinaUTC+08:00 
AXGKAXAAlgona Municipal Airport (FAA: AXA)Algona, Iowa, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
AXJRJDAAmakusa Airfield[1]Amakusa, Amakusa Islands, JapanUTC+09:00 
AXKOYATAtaq AirportAtaq, YemenUTC+03:00 
AXL Alexandria AirportAlexandria Station, Northern Territory, AustraliaUTC+09:30 
AXMSKAREl Edén International AirportArmenia, ColombiaUTC−05:00 
AXNKAXNAlexandria Municipal Airport (Chandler Field)Alexandria, Minnesota, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
AXPMYAPSpring Point AirportSpring Point, Acklins Island, BahamasUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
AXRNTGUArutua AirportArutua, Tuamotus, French PolynesiaUTC−10:00 
AXSKAXSAltus/Quartz Mountain Regional AirportAltus, Oklahoma, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
AXTRJSKAkita AirportAkita, Honshu, JapanUTC+09:00 
AXUHAAXAxum AirportAxum, EthiopiaUTC+03:00 
AXVKAXVNeil Armstrong AirportWapakoneta, Ohio, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
AXXKAXXAngel Fire AirportAngel Fire, New Mexico, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
-AY- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
AYA Ayapel AirportAyapel, ColombiaUTC−05:00 
AYC Ayacucho AirportAyacucho, ColombiaUTC−05:00 
AYD Alroy Downs AirportAlroy Downs, Northern Territory, AustraliaUTC+09:30 
AYGSKYAYaguara AirportYaguara, ColombiaUTC−05:00 
AYI Yari AirportYari, ColombiaUTC−05:00 
AYKUAURArkalyk AirportArkalyk, KazakhstanUTC+06:00 
AYL Anthony Lagoon AirportAnthony Lagoon, Northern Territory, AustraliaUTC+09:30 
AYM Yas Island Seaplane Base[1]Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesUTC+04:00 
AYNZHAYAnyang AirportAnyang, Henan, ChinaUTC+08:00 
AYOSGAYJuan de Ayolas AirportAyolas, ParaguayUTC−04:00Oct-Mar
AYPSPHOCoronel FAP Alfredo Mendívil Duarte AirportAyacucho, PeruUTC−05:00 
AYQYAYEAyers Rock AirportYulara, Northern Territory, AustraliaUTC+09:30 
AYRYAYRAyr AirportAyr, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
AYSKAYSWaycross–Ware County AirportWaycross, Georgia, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
AYTLTAIAntalya AirportAntalya, TurkeyUTC+03:00 
AYUAYAYAiyura AirportAiyura, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
AYWWASAAyawasi AirportAyawasi, West Papua, IndonesiaUTC+08:00 
AYXSPAYTnte. Gral. Gerardo Pérez Pinedo AirportAtalaya Province, Department of Ucayali, PeruUTC−05:00 
AYY Arugam Bay Seaplane Base[1]Pottuvil, Sri LankaUTC+05:30 
-AZ- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
AZAKIWAPhoenix–Mesa Gateway Airport (FAA: IWA)Phoenix, Arizona, United StatesUTC−07:00 
AZB Amazon Bay AirportAmazon Bay, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
AZDOIYYShahid Sadooghi AirportYazd, IranUTC+03:30Mar-Sep
AZG Pablo L. Sidar AirportApatzingán, Michoacán, MexicoUTC−06:00Apr-Oct
AZIOMADAl Bateen Executive AirportAbu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesUTC+04:00 
AZLSWTU[4]Fazenda Tucunaré Airport[1]Sapezal, Mato Grosso, BrazilUTC−04:00 
AZNUTFAAndizhan AirportAndizhan, UzbekistanUTC+05:00 
AZOKAZOKalamazoo/Battle Creek International AirportKalamazoo, Michigan, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
AZPMMJCJorge Jiménez Cantú National AirportCiudad López Mateos, State of Mexico, MexicoUTC−06:00Apr-Oct
AZRDAUATouat-Cheikh Sidi Mohamed Belkebir AirportAdrar, AlgeriaUTC+01:00 
AZSMDCYSamaná El Catey International AirportEl Catey, Dominican RepublicUTC−04:00 
AZT Zapatoca AirportZapatoca, ColombiaUTC−05:00 
AZZFNAMAmbriz AirportAmbriz, AngolaUTC+01:00 
Use Abbotsford airport arrivals to help your Abbotsford airport car service or airport shuttle manage punctuality and efficiency
IATAICAOAirport nameLocation servedTimeDST
-BA- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
BAAAYBLBialla AirportBialla, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
BABKBABBeale Air Force BaseMarysville, California, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
BAC Barranca de Upia AirportBarranca de Upía, ColombiaUTC−05:00 
BADKBADBarksdale Air Force BaseBossier City, Louisiana, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BAELFMRBarcelonnette – Saint-Pons AirportBarcelonnette, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, FranceUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BAFKBAFWestfield-Barnes Regional AirportWestfield / Springfield, Massachusetts, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BAGRPUBLoakan AirportBaguio, PhilippinesUTC+08:00 
BAHOBBIBahrain International AirportManama, BahrainUTC+03:00 
BAIMRBABuenos Aires AirportBuenos Aires, Costa RicaUTC−06:00 
BAJ Bali AirportBali, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
BAK[1] metropolitan area2Baku, AzerbaijanUTC+04:00 
BALLTCJBatman AirportBatman, TurkeyUTC+03:00 
BAMKBAMBattle Mountain Airport (Lander County Airport)Battle Mountain, Nevada, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
BANFZVRBasongo AirportBasongo, Democratic Republic of the CongoUTC+02:00 
BAP Baibara AirportBaibara, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
BAQSKBQErnesto Cortissoz International AirportBarranquilla, ColombiaUTC−05:00 
BAR Qionghai Bo’ao AirportQionghai, Hainan, ChinaUTC+08:00 
BASAGGEBalalae AirportBalalae Island, Western, Solomon IslandsUTC+11:00 
BATSBBTChafei Amsei AirportBarretos, São Paulo, BrazilUTC−03:00 
BAVZBOWBaotou AirportBaotou, Inner Mongolia, ChinaUTC+08:00 
BAW Biawonque AirportBiawonque, GabonUTC+01:00 
BAXUNBBBarnaul AirportBarnaul, Altai Krai, RussiaUTC+07:00 
BAYLRBMBaia Mare AirportBaia Mare, RomaniaUTC+02:00Mar-Oct
BAZSWBCBarcelos AirportBarcelos, Amazonas, BrazilUTC−04:00 
-BB- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
BBASCBABalmaceda AirportBalmaceda, ChileUTC−04:00Aug-May
BBBKBBBBenson Municipal AirportBenson, Minnesota, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BBCKBYYBay City Municipal Airport (FAA: BYY)Bay City, Texas, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BBDKBBDCurtis FieldBrady, Texas, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BBGNGTUButaritari Atoll AirportButaritari Atoll, KiribatiUTC+12:00 
BBHEDBHStralsund–Barth AirportStralsund / Barth, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, GermanyUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BBIVEBSBiju Patnaik International AirportBhubaneswar, Odisha, IndiaUTC+05:30 
BBJEDRBBitburg Airport (former Bitburg Air Base)Bitburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, GermanyUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BBKFBKEKasane AirportKasane, BotswanaUTC+02:00 
BBLYLLEBallera AirportBallera gas plant, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
BBMVDBGBattambang AirportBattambang, CambodiaUTC+07:00 
BBNWBGZBario AirportBario, Sarawak, MalaysiaUTC+08:00 
BBOHCMIBerbera AirportBerbera, SomaliaUTC+03:00 
BBPEGHJBembridge AirportBembridge, EnglandUTC±00:00Mar-Oct
BBQTAPHBarbuda Codrington AirportBarbuda, Antigua and BarbudaUTC−04:00 
BBRTFFBBaillif AirportBasse-Terre, GuadeloupeUTC−04:00 
BBSEGLKBlackbushe AirportYateley, EnglandUTC±00:00Mar-Oct
BBTFEFTBerbérati AirportBerbérati, Central African RepublicUTC+01:00 
BBULRBSAurel Vlaicu International Airport (Băneasa Airport)Bucharest, RomaniaUTC+02:00Mar-Oct
BBVDIGNNero-Mer AirportGrand-Béréby, Ivory CoastUTC±00:00 
BBWKBBWBroken Bow Municipal AirportBroken Bow, Nebraska, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BBXKLOMWings Field (FAA: LOM)Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BBYFEFMBambari AirportBambari, Central African RepublicUTC+01:00 
BBZFLZBZambezi AirportZambezi, ZambiaUTC+02:00 
-BC- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
BCAMUBAGustavo Rizo AirportBaracoa, CubaUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BCBKBCBVirginia Tech Montgomery Executive AirportBlacksburg, Virginia, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BCC Bear Creek 3 Airport (FAA: Z48)Bear Creek, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
BCDRPVBBacolod–Silay International AirportBacolod, PhilippinesUTC+08:00 
BCEKBCEBryce Canyon AirportBryce Canyon, Utah, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
BCFFEGUBouca AirportBouca, Central African RepublicUTC+01:00 
BCG Bemichi AirportKumaka, GuyanaUTC−04:00 
BCHWPECBaucau AirportBaucau, East TimorUTC+09:00 
BCIYBARBarcaldine AirportBarcaldine, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
BCKYBWRBolwarra AirportBolwarra, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
BCLMRBCBarra del Colorado AirportBarra del Colorado, Costa RicaUTC−06:00 
BCMLRBCBacău International AirportBacău, RomaniaUTC+02:00Mar-Oct
BCNLEBLBarcelona–El Prat AirportBarcelona, Catalonia, SpainUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BCOHABCBaco Airport (Jinka Airport)Jinka, EthiopiaUTC+03:00 
BCPAYBCBambu AirportBambu, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
BCQ Brak AirportBrak, LibyaUTC+02:00 
BCRSWNKNovo Campo AirportBoca do Acre, Amazonas, BrazilUTC−05:00 
BCS Southern Seaplane Airport (FAA: 65LA)Belle Chasse, Louisiana, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BCTKBCTBoca Raton AirportBoca Raton, Florida, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BCU Bauchi State AirportBauchi, NigeriaUTC+01:00 
BCV Hector Silva AirstripBelmopan, BelizeUTC−06:00 
BCW Benguerra Island AirportBenguerra Island, MozambiqueUTC+02:00 
BCXUWUBBeloretsk AirportBeloretsk, Republic of Bashkortostan, RussiaUTC+05:00 
BCYHABUBulchi AirportBulchi, EthiopiaUTC+03:00 
BCZ Bickerton Island AirportBickerton Island, Northern Territory, AustraliaUTC+09:30 
-BD- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
BDATXKFL.F. Wade International AirportHamilton, British Overseas Territory of BermudaUTC−04:00Mar-Nov
BDBYBUDBundaberg AirportBundaberg, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
BDCSNBCBarra do Corda AirportBarra do Corda, Maranhão, BrazilUTC−03:00 
BDDYBAUBadu Island AirportBadu Island, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
BDEKBDEBaudette International AirportBaudette, Minnesota, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BDF Rinkenberger RLA Airport (FAA: 3IS8)Bradford, Illinois, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BDGKBDGBlanding Municipal AirportBlanding, Utah, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
BDHOIBLBandar Lengeh AirportBandar Lengeh, IranUTC+03:30Mar-Sep
BDIFSSBBird Island AirportBird Island, SeychellesUTC+04:00 
BDJWAOOSyamsudin Noor AirportBanjarmasin, IndonesiaUTC+08:00 
BDKDIBUSoko AirportBondoukou, Ivory CoastUTC±00:00 
BDLKBDLBradley International AirportWindsor Locks / Hartford, Connecticut, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BDMLTBGBandırma AirportBandırma, TurkeyUTC+03:00 
BDNOPTHTalhar AirportBadin, PakistanUTC+05:00 
BDOWICCHusein Sastranegara International AirportBandung, IndonesiaUTC+07:00 
BDPVNCGBhadrapur Airport (Chandragadhi Airport)Bhadrapur / Chandragadhi, NepalUTC+05:45 
BDQVABOVadodara Airport (Civil Airport Harni)Vadodara, Gujarat, IndiaUTC+05:30 
BDRKBDRIgor I. Sikorsky Memorial AirportBridgeport, Connecticut, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BDSLIBRBrindisi – Salento AirportBrindisi, Apulia, ItalyUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BDTFZFDGbadolite AirportGbadolite, Democratic Republic of the CongoUTC+01:00 
BDUENDUBardufoss AirportBardufoss, NorwayUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BDVFZRBMoba AirportMoba, Democratic Republic of the CongoUTC+02:00 
BDWYBDFBedford Downs AirportBedford Downs, Western Australia, AustraliaUTC+08:00 
BDX Broadus Airport[1]Broadus, Montana, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
BDY Bandon State Airport (FAA: S05)Bandon, Oregon, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
BDZAYBGBaindoung AirportBaindoung, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
-BE- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
BEA Bereina AirportBereina, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
BEBEGPLBenbecula AirportBenbecula, ScotlandUTC±00:00Mar-Oct
BECKBECBeech Factory AirportWichita, Kansas, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BEDKBEDLaurence G. Hanscom FieldBedford, Massachusetts, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BEEYBGBBeagle Bay AirportBeagle Bay, Western Australia, AustraliaUTC+08:00 
BEFMNBLBluefields AirportBluefields, NicaraguaUTC−06:00 
BEGLYBEBelgrade Nikola Tesla AirportBelgrade, SerbiaUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BEHKBEHSouthwest Michigan Regional AirportBenton Harbor, Michigan, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BEIHABEBeica AirportBeica, EthiopiaUTC+03:00 
BEJWALKKalimarau AirportTanjung Redeb, IndonesiaUTC+08:00 
BEKVIBYBareilly AirportBareilly, Uttar Pradesh, IndiaUTC+05:30 
BELSBBEVal de Cans International AirportBelém, Pará, BrazilUTC−03:00 
BEMGMMDBeni Mellal Airport[1]Beni Mellal, MoroccoUTC+00:00Mar-Oct1
BENHLLBBenina International AirportBenghazi, LibyaUTC+02:00 
BEOYLMQ[2][3]Lake Macquarie Airport (Belmont Airport)Newcastle, New South Wales, AustraliaUTC+10:00Oct-Apr
BEPVOBIBellary AirportBellary, Karnataka, IndiaUTC+05:30 
BEQEGXHRAF HoningtonBury St Edmunds, EnglandUTC±00:00Mar-Oct
BEREDDBBerlin Brandenburg AirportBerlin, GermanyUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BESLFRBBrest Bretagne AirportBrest, Brittany, FranceUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BETPABEBethel AirportBethel, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
BEUYBIEBedourie AirportBedourie, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
BEVLLBSBeersheba AirportBeersheba, IsraelUTC+02:00Mar-Oct
BEWFQBRBeira AirportBeira, MozambiqueUTC+02:00 
BEXEGUBRAF BensonBenson, EnglandUTC±00:00Mar-Oct
BEYOLBABeirut–Rafic Hariri International Airport / Beirut Air BaseBeirut, LebanonUTC+02:00Mar-Oct
BEZNGBRBeru Island AirportBeru Island, KiribatiUTC+12:00 
-BF- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
BFA[1]SGBN[4]Bahía Negra Airport[1]Bahía Negra, ParaguayUTC−04:00Oct-Mar
BFC Bloomfield AirportBloomfield, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
BFDKBFDBradford Regional AirportBradford, Pennsylvania, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BFEEDLIBielefeld AirportBielefeld, North Rhine-Westphalia, GermanyUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BFFKBFFWestern Nebraska Regional Airport (William B. Heilig Field)Scottsbluff, Nebraska, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
BFG Bullfrog Basin Airport (FAA: U07)Glen Canyon, Utah, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
BFHSBBIBacacheri AirportCuritiba, Paraná, BrazilUTC−03:00 
BFIKBFIBoeing Field/King County International AirportSeattle, Washington, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
BFJZUBJBijie Feixiong AirportBijie, Guizhou, ChinaUTC+08:00 
BFKKBKFBuckley Space Force BaseAurora, Colorado, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
BFLKBFLMeadows Field AirportBakersfield, California, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
BFMKBFMMobile Downtown AirportMobile, Alabama, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BFNFABLBloemfontein AirportBloemfontein, South AfricaUTC+02:00 
BFOFVCZBuffalo Range AirportChiredzi, ZimbabweUTC+02:00 
BFPKBVIBeaver County Airport (FAA: BVI)Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BFQ Bahía Piña AirportPuerto Piña, PanamaUTC−05:00 
BFRKBFRVirgil I. Grissom Municipal AirportBedford, Indiana, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BFSEGAABelfast International AirportBelfast, Northern IrelandUTC±00:00Mar-Oct
BFTKARWBeaufort County Airport (FAA: ARW)Beaufort County, South Carolina, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BFUZSBBBengbu AirportBengbu, Anhui, ChinaUTC+08:00 
BFVVTUOBuriram AirportBuriram, ThailandUTC+07:00 
BFWDAOSSidi Bel Abbès AirportSidi Bel Abbès, AlgeriaUTC+01:00 
BFXFKKUBafoussam AirportBafoussam, CameroonUTC+01:00 
-BG- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
BGASKBGPalonegro International AirportBucaramanga, ColombiaUTC−05:00 
BGBFOGBBooué AirportBooué, GabonUTC+01:00 
BGCLPBGBragança AirportBragança, PortugalUTC±00:00Mar-Oct
BGDKBGDHutchinson County AirportBorger, Texas, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BGEKBGEDecatur County Industrial Air ParkBainbridge, Georgia, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BGFFEFFBangui M’Poko International AirportBangui, Central African RepublicUTC+01:00 
BGGLTCUBingöl Airport[1]Bingöl, TurkeyUTC+03:00 
BGHGQNEAbbaye AirportBogué, MauritaniaUTC±00:00 
BGITBPBGrantley Adams International AirportBridgetown, BarbadosUTC−04:00 
BGJBIBFBorgarfjörður Eystri AirportBorgarfjörður Eystri, IcelandUTC±00:00 
BGK Big Creek AirportBig Creek, BelizeUTC−06:00 
BGLVNBLBaglung AirportBaglung, NepalUTC+05:45 
BGMKBGMGreater Binghamton Airport (Edwin A. Link Field)Binghamton, New York, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BGNUESGBelaya Gora AirportBelaya Gora, Yakutia, RussiaUTC+11:00 
BGOENBRBergen Airport, FleslandBergen, NorwayUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BGP Bongo AirportBongo, GabonUTC+01:00 
BGQPAGQBig Lake AirportBig Lake, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
BGRKBGRBangor International AirportBangor, Maine, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BGT Bagdad Airport (FAA: E51)Bagdad, Arizona, United StatesUTC−07:00 
BGUFEFGBangassou AirportBangassou, Central African RepublicUTC+01:00 
BGVSSBGBento Gonçalves AirportBento Gonçalves, Rio Grande do Sul, BrazilUTC−03:00 
BGWORBIBaghdad International AirportBaghdad, IraqUTC+03:00 
BGXSBBGComandante Gustavo Kraemer AirportBagé, Rio Grande do Sul, BrazilUTC−03:00 
BGYLIMEIl Caravaggio International Airport (Orio al Serio Airport)Milan / Bergamo, Lombardy, ItalyUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BGZLPBRBraga AirportBraga, PortugalUTC±00:00Mar-Oct
-BH- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
BHASESVLos Perales AirportBahía de Caráquez, EcuadorUTC−05:00 
BHBKBHBHancock County-Bar Harbor AirportBar Harbor, Maine, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BHDEGACGeorge Best Belfast City AirportBelfast, Northern IrelandUTC±00:00Mar-Oct
BHENZWBWoodbourne AirportBlenheim, New ZealandUTC+12:00Sep-Apr
BHFSKCPBahía Cupica AirportBahía Cupica, ColombiaUTC−05:00 
BHG Brus Laguna AirportBrus Laguna, HondurasUTC−06:00 
BHHOEBHBisha Domestic AirportBisha, Saudi ArabiaUTC+03:00 
BHISAZBComandante Espora AirportBahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaUTC−03:00 
BHJVABJBhuj Airport / Bhuj Rudra Mata Air Force BaseBhuj, Gujarat, IndiaUTC+05:30 
BHKUTSBBukhara International AirportBukhara, UzbekistanUTC+05:00 
BHL Bahía de los Ángeles AirportBahía de los Ángeles, Baja California, MexicoUTC−08:00Apr-Oct
BHMKBHMBirmingham–Shuttlesworth International AirportBirmingham, Alabama, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BHNOYBNBeihan AirportBeihan, YemenUTC+03:00 
BHOVABPRaja Bhoj AirportBhopal, Madhya Pradesh, IndiaUTC+05:30 
BHPVNBJBhojpur AirportBhojpur, NepalUTC+05:45 
BHQYBHIBroken Hill AirportBroken Hill, New South Wales, AustraliaUTC+09:30Oct-Apr
BHRVNBPBharatpur AirportBharatpur, NepalUTC+05:45 
BHSYBTHBathurst AirportBathurst, New South Wales, AustraliaUTC+10:00Oct-Apr
BHT Brighton Downs AirportBrighton Downs, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
BHUVABVBhavnagar AirportBhavnagar, Gujarat, IndiaUTC+05:30 
BHVOPBWBahawalpur AirportBahawalpur, PakistanUTC+05:00 
BHW Bhagatanwala AirportSargodha, PakistanUTC+05:00 
BHXEGBBBirmingham AirportBirmingham, EnglandUTC±00:00Mar-Oct
BHYZGBHBeihai Fucheng AirportBeihai, Guangxi, ChinaUTC+08:00 
BHZ[1] metropolitan area3Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, BrazilUTC−03:00 
-BI- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
BIALFKBBastia – Poretta AirportBastia, Corsica, FranceUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BIBHCMBBaidoa AirportBaidoa, SomaliaUTC+03:00 
BIDKBIDBlock Island State AirportBlock Island, Rhode Island, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BIEKBIEBeatrice Municipal AirportBeatrice, Nebraska, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BIFKBIFBiggs Army AirfieldEl Paso, Texas, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
BIGPABIAllen Army AirfieldDelta Junction, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
BIHKBIHEastern Sierra Regional AirportBishop, California, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
BII Bikini Atoll AirportBikini Atoll, Marshall IslandsUTC+12:00 
BIJ Biliau AirportBiliau, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
BIKWABBFrans Kaisiepo AirportBiak, IndonesiaUTC+09:00 
BILKBILBillings Logan International AirportBillings, Montana, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
BIMMYBSSouth Bimini AirportBimini, BahamasUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BINOABNBamyan AirportBamyan, AfghanistanUTC+04:30 
BIOLEBBBilbao AirportBilbao, Basque Country, SpainUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BIP Bulimba AirportBulimba, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
BIQLFBZBiarritz Pays Basque AirportBiarritz, Aquitaine, FranceUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BIRVNVTBiratnagar AirportBiratnagar, NepalUTC+05:45 
BISKBISBismarck Municipal AirportBismarck, North Dakota, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BITVNBTBaitadi AirportBaitadi, NepalUTC+05:45 
BIUBIBDBíldudalur AirportBíldudalur, IcelandUTC±00:00 
BIVFEFRBria AirportBria, Central African RepublicUTC+01:00 
BIW Billiluna AirportBilliluna, Western Australia, AustraliaUTC+08:00 
BIXKBIXKeesler Air Force BaseBiloxi, Mississippi, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BIYFABEBhisho AirportBhisho, South AfricaUTC+02:00 
BIZ Bimin AirportBimin, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
-BJ- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
BJADAAESoummam – Abane Ramdane AirportBéjaïa, AlgeriaUTC+01:00 
BJBOIMNBojnord AirportBojnord, IranUTC+03:30Mar-Sep
BJCKBJCRocky Mountain Metropolitan AirportDenver, Colorado, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
BJDBIBKBakkafjörður AirportBakkafjörður, IcelandUTC±00:00 
BJE Baleela Airport[1]Baleela, SudanUTC+03:00 
BJFENBSBåtsfjord AirportBåtsfjord, NorwayUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BJG Kotamobagu Mopait Airport[1]Kotamobagu, IndonesiaUTC+08:00 
BJHVNBGBajhang AirportBajhang, NepalUTC+05:45 
BJIKBJIBemidji Regional AirportBemidji, Minnesota, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BJJKBJJWayne County AirportWooster, Ohio, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BJKWAPKBenjina Airport (Nangasuri Airport)Benjina, IndonesiaUTC+09:00 
BJLGBYDBanjul International AirportBanjul, GambiaUTC±00:00 
BJMHBBABujumbura International AirportBujumbura, BurundiUTC+02:00 
BJN Bajone AirportBajone, MozambiqueUTC+02:00 
BJOSLBJBermejo AirportBermejo, BoliviaUTC−04:00 
BJPSBBPArthur Siqueira–Bragança Paulista State Airport[1]Bragança Paulista, São Paulo, BrazilUTC−03:00 
BJQ Bahja Airport[1]Bahja, OmanUTC+04:00 
BJRHABDBahir Dar AirportBahir Dar, EthiopiaUTC+03:00 
BJS[1] metropolitan area4Beijing, ChinaUTC+08:00 
BJT Bentota River Airport[1]Bentota, Sri LankaUTC+05:30 
BJUVNBRBajura AirportBajura, NepalUTC+05:45 
BJVLTFEMilas–Bodrum AirportMilas / Bodrum, TurkeyUTC+03:00 
BJWWRKBBajawa Soa AirportBajawa, IndonesiaUTC+08:00 
BJXMMLODel Bajío International Airport (Guanajuato Int’l Airport)León, Guanajuato, MexicoUTC−06:00Apr-Oct
BJYLYBTBatajnica Air BaseBatajnica, SerbiaUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BJZLEBZBadajoz Airport (Talavera la Real Air Base)Badajoz, Extremadura, SpainUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
-BK- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
BKBVIBKNal AirportBikaner, Rajasthan, IndiaUTC+05:30 
BKCPABLBuckland Airport (FAA: BVK)Buckland, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
BKDKBKDStephens County AirportBreckenridge, Texas, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BKEKBKEBaker City Municipal AirportBaker City, Oregon, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
BKF Lake Brooks Seaplane BaseBrooks Camp, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
BKGKBBGBranson Airport (FAA: BBG)Branson, Missouri, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BKHPHBKBarking Sands PMRFKekaha, Hawaii, United StatesUTC−10:00 
BKIWBKKKota Kinabalu International AirportKota Kinabalu, Sabah, MalaysiaUTC+08:00 
BKJGUOKBoké Baralande AirportBoké, GuineaUTC±00:00 
BKKVTBSSuvarnabhumi AirportBangkok, ThailandUTC+07:00 
BKLKBKLCleveland Burke Lakefront AirportCleveland, Ohio, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BKMWBGQBakelalan AirportBakelalan, Sarawak, MalaysiaUTC+08:00 
BKN Balkanabat Airport[1]Balkanabat, TurkmenistanUTC+05:00 
BKOGABSBamako–Sénou International AirportBamako, MaliUTC±00:00 
BKPYBAWBarkly Downs AirportBarkly Downs, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
BKQYBCKBlackall AirportBlackall, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
BKRFTTKBokoro AirportBokoro, ChadUTC+01:00 
BKSWIPLFatmawati Soekarno AirportBengkulu, IndonesiaUTC+07:00 
BKTKBKTBlackstone Army Airfield (Allen C. Perkinson Airport)Blackstone, Virginia, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BKUFMSVBetioky AirportBetioky, MadagascarUTC+03:00 
BKWKBKWRaleigh County Memorial AirportBeckley, West Virginia, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BKXKBKXBrookings Regional AirportBrookings, South Dakota, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BKYFZMAKavumu AirportBukavu, Democratic Republic of the CongoUTC+02:00 
BKZHTBUBukoba AirportBukoba, TanzaniaUTC+03:00 
-BL- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
BLASVBCGeneral José Antonio Anzoátegui International AirportBarcelona, VenezuelaUTC−04:00 
BLBMPHOPanamá Pacífico International Airport (former Howard AFB)Panama Pacifico, PanamaUTC−05:00 
BLCFKKGBali AirportBali, CameroonUTC+01:00 
BLD Boulder City Municipal Airport (FAA: 61B)Boulder City, Nevada, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
BLEESSDDala Airport (Borlänge Airport)Borlänge, SwedenUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BLFKBLFMercer County AirportBluefield, West Virginia, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BLGWBGCBelaga AirportBelaga, Sarawak, MalaysiaUTC+08:00 
BLHKBLHBlythe AirportBlythe, California, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
BLIKBLIBellingham International AirportBellingham, Washington, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
BLJDABTMostépha Ben Boulaid AirportBatna, AlgeriaUTC+01:00 
BLKEGNHBlackpool AirportBlackpool, EnglandUTC±00:00Mar-Oct
BLLEKBIBillund AirportBillund, DenmarkUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BLMKBLMMonmouth Executive AirportBelmar / Farmingdale, New Jersey, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BLNYBLABenalla AirportBenalla, Victoria, AustraliaUTC+10:00Oct-Apr
BLOBIBLBlönduós AirportBlönduós, IcelandUTC±00:00 
BLPSPBLHuallaga AirportBellavista, PeruUTC−05:00 
BLQLIPEBologna Guglielmo Marconi AirportBologna, Emilia-Romagna, ItalyUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BLRVOBLKempegowda International AirportBangalore, Karnataka, IndiaUTC+05:30 
BLSYBLLBollon AirportBollon, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
BLTYBTRBlackwater AirportBlackwater, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
BLUKBLUBlue Canyon–Nyack AirportEmigrant Gap, California, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
BLVKBLVMidAmerica St. Louis Airport / Scott Air Force BaseBelleville, Illinois, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BLXLIDBBelluno AirportBelluno, Veneto, ItalyUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BLYEIBTBelmullet AerodromeBelmullet, IrelandUTC±00:00Mar-Oct
BLZFWCLChileka International AirportBlantyre, MalawiUTC+02:00 
-BM- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
BMAESSBStockholm Bromma AirportStockholm, SwedenUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BMBFZFUBumba AirportBumba, Democratic Republic of the CongoUTC+01:00 
BMCKBMCBrigham City AirportBrigham City, Utah, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
BMDFMMLBelo sur Tsiribihina AirportBelo sur Tsiribihina, MadagascarUTC+03:00 
BMEYBRMBroome International AirportBroome, Western Australia, AustraliaUTC+08:00 
BMFFEGMBakouma AirportBakouma, Central African RepublicUTC+01:00 
BMGKBMGMonroe County AirportBloomington, Indiana, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BMHAYBOBomai AirportBomai, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
BMIKBMICentral Illinois Regional AirportBloomington, Illinois, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BMJSYBRBaramita AirportBaramita, GuyanaUTC−04:00 
BMKEDWRBorkum AirfieldBorkum, Lower Saxony, GermanyUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BMLKBMLBerlin Regional AirportBerlin, New Hampshire, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BMMFOOBBitam AirportBitam, GabonUTC+01:00 
BMNORBBBamarni AirportBamarni, IraqUTC+03:00 
BMOVYBMBhamo AirportBhamo, MyanmarUTC+06:30 
BMPYBPIBrampton Island AirportBrampton Island, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
BMQ Bamburi AirportBamburi, KenyaUTC+03:00 
BMREDWZBaltrum AirportBaltrum, Lower Saxony, GermanyUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BMSSNBUSocrates Mariani Bittencourt AirportBrumado, Bahia, BrazilUTC−03:00 
BMTKBMTBeaumont Municipal AirportBeaumont, Texas, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BMUWADBSultan Muhammad Salahudin Airport (Bima Airport)Bima, IndonesiaUTC+08:00 
BMVVVBMBuon Ma Thuot AirportBuon Ma Thuot, VietnamUTC+07:00 
BMWDATMBordj Mokhtar AirportBordj Badji Mokhtar, AlgeriaUTC+01:00 
BMXPABMBig Mountain Air Force Station (FAA: 37AK)Big Mountain, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
BMYNWWCÎle Art – Waala AirportWaala, Belep Islands, New CaledoniaUTC+11:00 
BMZAYBFBamu AirportBamu, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
-BN- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
BNAKBNANashville International AirportNashville, Tennessee, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BNBFZGNBoende AirportBoende, Democratic Republic of the CongoUTC+01:00 
BNCFZNPBeni AirportBeni, Democratic Republic of the CongoUTC+02:00 
BNDOIKBBandar Abbas International AirportBandar Abbas, IranUTC+03:30Mar-Sep
BNEYBBNBrisbane AirportBrisbane, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
BNF Warm Springs Bay Seaplane BaseBaranof Warm Springs, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
BNGKBNGBanning Municipal AirportBanning, California, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
BNIDNBEBenin AirportBenin City, NigeriaUTC+01:00 
BNKYBNABallina Byron Gateway AirportBallina, New South Wales, AustraliaUTC+10:00Oct-Apr
BNLKBNLBarnwell Regional AirportBarnwell, South Carolina, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BNMAYBDBodinumu AirportBodinumu, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
BNNENBNBrønnøysund Airport, BrønnøyBrønnøysund, NorwayUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BNOKBNOBurns Municipal AirportBurns, Oregon, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
BNPOPBNBannu AirportBannu, PakistanUTC+05:00 
BNQ Baganga AirportBaganga, PhilippinesUTC+08:00 
BNRDFOBBanfora AirportBanfora, Burkina FasoUTC±00:00 
BNSSVBIBarinas AirportBarinas, VenezuelaUTC−04:00 
BNTAYDIBundi AirportBundi, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
BNUSSBLBlumenau AirportBlumenau, Santa Catarina, BrazilUTC−03:00 
BNV Boana AirportBoana, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
BNWKBNWBoone Municipal AirportBoone, Iowa, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BNXLQBKBanja Luka International AirportBanja Luka, Bosnia and HerzegovinaUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BNYAGGBBellona/Anua AirportBellona Island, Rennell and Bellona, Solomon IslandsUTC+11:00 
BNZ Banz AirportBanz, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
-BO- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
BOAFZAJBoma AirportBoma, Democratic Republic of the CongoUTC+01:00 
BOBNTTBBora Bora Airport (Motu Mute Airport)Bora Bora, French PolynesiaUTC−10:00 
BOCMPBOBocas del Toro “Isla Colón” International AirportBocas Town, PanamaUTC−05:00 
BODLFBDBordeaux–Mérignac AirportBordeaux, Aquitaine, FranceUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BOEFCOBBoundji AirportBoundji, Republic of the CongoUTC+01:00 
BOGSKBOEl Dorado International AirportBogotá, ColombiaUTC−05:00 
BOHEGHHBournemouth AirportBournemouth, EnglandUTC±00:00Mar-Oct
BOIKBOIBoise Air Terminal (Gowen Field)Boise, Idaho, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
BOJLBBGBurgas AirportBurgas, BulgariaUTC+02:00Mar-Oct
BOKKBOKBrookings AirportBrookings, Oregon, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
BOLEGQBBallykelly Airfield (RAF Ballykelly)Ballykelly, Northern IrelandUTC±00:00Mar-Oct
BOMVABBChhatrapati Shivaji International AirportMumbai, Maharashtra, IndiaUTC+05:30 
BONTNCBFlamingo International AirportKralendijk, Bonaire, Caribbean NetherlandsUTC−04:00 
BOOENBOBodø AirportBodø, NorwayUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BOPFEFOBouar AirportBouar, Central African RepublicUTC+01:00 
BOQ Boku AirportBoku, Papua New GuineaUTC+11:00 
BOSKBOSLogan International AirportBoston, Massachusetts, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BOTAYETBosset AirportBosset, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
BOULFLDBourges AirportBourges, Centre-Val de Loire, FranceUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BOV Boang Island AirportBoang Island, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
BOWKBOWBartow Municipal AirportBartow, Florida, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BOXYBRLBorroloola AirportBorroloola, Northern Territory, AustraliaUTC+09:30 
BOYDFOOBobo Dioulasso AirportBobo-Dioulasso, Burkina FasoUTC±00:00 
BOZFEGZBozoum AirportBozoum, Central African RepublicUTC+01:00 
-BP- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
BPB Boridi AirportBoridi, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
BPCFKKVBamenda AirportBamenda, CameroonUTC+01:00 
BPDAYBPBapi AirportBapi, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
BPEZBDHQinhuangdao Beidaihe AirportQinhuangdao, Hebei, ChinaUTC+08:00 
BPFAGBTBatuna AirportBatuna, Solomon IslandsUTC+11:00 
BPGSBBWBarra do Garças AirportBarra do Garças, Mato Grosso, BrazilUTC−04:00 
BPHRPMFBislig AirportBislig, PhilippinesUTC+08:00 
BPIKBPIMiley Memorial FieldBig Piney, Wyoming, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
BPKAYBQBiangabip AirportBiangabip, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
BPLZWBLBole Alashankou AirportBole, Xinjiang, ChinaUTC+06:00 
BPMVOHYBegumpet AirportHyderabad, Telangana, IndiaUTC+05:30 
BPNWALLSultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman AirportBalikpapan, IndonesiaUTC+08:00 
BPSSBPSPorto Seguro AirportPorto Seguro, Bahia, BrazilUTC−03:00 
BPTKBPTJack Brooks Regional AirportBeaumont / Port Arthur, Texas, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BPXZUBDQamdo Bamda AirportQamdo, Tibet Autonomous Region, ChinaUTC+06:00 
BPYFMNQBesalampy AirportBesalampy, MadagascarUTC+03:00 
-BQ- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
BQARPURDr. Juan C. Angara AirportBaler, PhilippinesUTC+08:00 
BQBYBLNBusselton Margaret River AirportBusselton, Western Australia, AustraliaUTC+08:00 
BQEGGBUBubaque AirportBubaque, Guinea-BissauUTC±00:00 
BQGUHNBBogorodskoye Airport[1]Bogorodskoye, Khabarovsk Krai, RussiaUTC+10:00 
BQHEGKBLondon Biggin Hill AirportLondon / Biggin Hill, EnglandUTC±00:00Mar-Oct
BQI Bagani Airport[1]Bagani, NamibiaUTC+01:00Sep-Apr
BQJ Batagay AirportBatagay, Yakutia, RussiaUTC+10:00 
BQKKBQKBrunswick Golden Isles AirportBrunswick, Georgia, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BQLYBOUBoulia AirportBoulia, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
BQNTJBQRafael Hernández AirportAguadilla, Puerto Rico, United StatesUTC−04:00 
BQODIBNTehini AirportBouna, Ivory CoastUTC±00:00 
BQQSNBXBarra AirportBarra, Bahia, BrazilUTC−03:00 
BQSUHBBIgnatyevo AirportBlagoveshchensk, Amur Oblast, RussiaUTC+09:00 
BQTUMBBBrest AirportBrest, BelarusUTC+03:00 
BQUTVSBJ. F. Mitchell AirportBequia, Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesUTC−04:00 
BQV Bartlett Cove Seaplane BaseBartlett Cove, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
BQWYBGOBalgo Hill AirportBalgo Hill, Western Australia, AustraliaUTC+08:00 
-BR- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
BRASNBRBarreiras AirportBarreiras, Bahia, BrazilUTC−03:00 
BRBSBRRBarreirinhas AirportBarreirinhas, Maranhão, BrazilUTC−03:00 
BRCSAZSSan Carlos de Bariloche AirportSan Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, ArgentinaUTC−03:00 
BRDKBRDBrainerd Lakes Regional AirportBrainerd, Minnesota, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BREEDDWBremen AirportBremen, Bremen, GermanyUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BRH Brahman AirportBrahman, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
BRILIBDBari Karol Wojtyła AirportBari, Apulia, ItalyUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BRJ Bright AirportBright, Victoria, AustraliaUTC+10:00Oct-Apr
BRKYBKEBourke AirportBourke, New South Wales, AustraliaUTC+10:00Oct-Apr
BRLKBRLSoutheast Iowa Regional AirportBurlington, Iowa, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BRMSVBMJacinto Lara International AirportBarquisimeto, VenezuelaUTC−04:00 
BRNLSZBBern AirportBern, SwitzerlandUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BROKBROBrownsville/South Padre Island International AirportBrownsville, Texas, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BRPAYBRBiaru AirportBiaru, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
BRQLKTBBrno–Tuřany AirportBrno, Czech RepublicUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BRREGPRBarra AirportBarra, ScotlandUTC±00:00Mar-Oct
BRSEGGDBristol AirportBristol, EnglandUTC±00:00Mar-Oct
BRTYBTIBathurst Island AirportBathurst Island, Northern Territory, AustraliaUTC+09:30 
BRUEBBRBrussels Airport (Zaventem Airport)Brussels, BelgiumUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BRVEDWBBremerhaven AirportBremerhaven, Bremen, GermanyUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BRWPABRWiley Post–Will Rogers Memorial AirportBarrow, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
BRXMDBHMaría Montez International AirportBarahona, Dominican RepublicUTC−04:00 
BRYKBRYSamuels FieldBardstown, Kentucky, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
-BS- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
BSAHCMFBender Qassim International AirportBosaso, SomaliaUTC+03:00 
BSBSBBRBrasília International Airport (Presidente J. Kubitschek Int’l Airport)Brasília, Distrito Federal, BrazilUTC−03:00 
BSCSKBSJosé Celestino Mutis AirportBahía Solano, ColombiaUTC−05:00 
BSDZPBSBaoshan Yunduan AirportBaoshan, Yunnan, ChinaUTC+08:00 
BSEWBGNSematan AirportSematan, Sarawak, MalaysiaUTC+08:00 
BSFPHSFBradshaw Army AirfieldCamp Pohakuloa, Hawaii, United StatesUTC−10:00 
BSGFGBTBata AirportBata, Equatorial GuineaUTC+01:00 
BSIRPLEBalesin AirportBalesin Island, Quezon, PhilippinesUTC+08:00 
BSJYBNSBairnsdale AirportBairnsdale, Victoria, AustraliaUTC+10:00Oct-Apr
BSKDAUBBiskra AirportBiskra, AlgeriaUTC+01:00 
BSLLFSBEuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-FreiburgBasel, SwitzerlandUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BSMOINJBishe Kola Air BaseAmol, IranUTC+03:30Mar-Sep
BSNFEFSBossangoa AirportBossangoa, Central African RepublicUTC+01:00 
BSORPUOBasco AirportBasco, PhilippinesUTC+08:00 
BSPAYBHBensbach AirportBensbach, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
BSQ Bisbee Municipal Airport (FAA: P04)Bisbee, Arizona, United StatesUTC−07:00 
BSRORMMBasra International AirportBasra, IraqUTC+03:00 
BSSSNBSBalsas AirportBalsas, Maranhão, BrazilUTC−03:00 
BSTOABTBost AirportLashkar Gah (Bost), AfghanistanUTC+04:30 
BSUFZENBasankusu AirportBasankusu, Democratic Republic of the CongoUTC+01:00 
BSV Besakoa Airport[1]Besakoa, MadagascarUTC+03:00 
BSW Boswell Bay Airport (FAA: AK97)Boswell Bay, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
BSXVYPNPathein AirportPathein, MyanmarUTC+06:30 
BSYHCMDBardera AirportBardera, SomaliaUTC+03:00 
-BT- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
BTAFKKOBertoua AirportBertoua, CameroonUTC+01:00 
BTBFCOTBétou AirportBétou, Republic of the CongoUTC+01:00 
BTCVCCBBatticaloa International AirportBatticaloa, Sri LankaUTC+05:30 
BTD Brunette Downs AirportBrunette Downs, Northern Territory, AustraliaUTC+09:30 
BTEGFBNSherbro International AirportBonthe, Sierra LeoneUTC±00:00 
BTFKBTFSkypark AirportBountiful, Utah, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
BTGFEGFBatangafo AirportBatangafo, Central African RepublicUTC+01:00 
BTHWIDDHang Nadim AirportBatam, IndonesiaUTC+07:00 
BTIPABABarter Island LRRS AirportBarter Island, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
BTJWITTSultan Iskandar Muda International AirportBanda Aceh, IndonesiaUTC+07:00 
BTKUIBBBratsk AirportBratsk, Irkutsk Oblast, RussiaUTC+08:00 
BTLKBTLW. K. Kellogg AirportBattle Creek, Michigan, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BTMKBTMBert Mooney AirportButte, Montana, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
BTNKBBPMarlboro County Jetport (FAA: BBP)Bennettsville, South Carolina, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BTO Botopasi AirstripBotopasi, SurinameUTC−03:00 
BTPKBTPButler County Airport (K.W. Scholter Field)Butler, Pennsylvania, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BTQHRYIButare AirportButare, RwandaUTC+02:00 
BTRKBTRBaton Rouge Metropolitan Airport (Ryan Field)Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BTSLZIBM. R. Štefánik AirportBratislava, SlovakiaUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BTTPABTBettles AirportBettles, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
BTUWBGBBintulu AirportBintulu, Sarawak, MalaysiaUTC+08:00 
BTVKBTVBurlington International AirportBurlington, Vermont, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BTWWAOCBatu Licin AirportBatu Licin, IndonesiaUTC+08:00 
BTXYBEOBetoota AirportBetoota, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
BTYKBTYBeatty AirportBeatty, Nevada, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
-BU- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
BUAAYBKBuka Island AirportBuka Island, Papua New GuineaUTC+11:00 
BUBKBUBCram FieldBurwell, Nebraska, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BUCYBKTBurketown AirportBurketown, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
BUDLHBPBudapest Ferenc Liszt International AirportBudapest, HungaryUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BUE[1] metropolitan area5Buenos Aires, ArgentinaUTC−03:00 
BUFKBUFBuffalo Niagara International AirportBuffalo, New York, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BUGFNBGBenguela Airport (Gen. V. Deslandes Airport)Benguela, AngolaUTC+01:00 
BUH[1] Bucharest Baneasa6Bucharest, RomaniaUTC+02:00Mar-Oct
BUIWAJBBokondini AirportBokondini, IndonesiaUTC+09:00 
BUJDAADBou Saada AirportBou Saâda, AlgeriaUTC+01:00 
BUK Albuq AirportAlbuq, YemenUTC+03:00 
BULAYBUBulolo AirportBulolo, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
BUMKBUMButler Memorial AirportButler, Missouri, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BUNSKBUGerardo Tobar López AirportBuenaventura, ColombiaUTC−05:00 
BUOHCMVBurao AirportBurao, SomaliaUTC+03:00 
BUPVIBTBathinda Airport (Bhisiana Air Force Station)Bathinda, Punjab, IndiaUTC+05:30 
BUQFVBUJoshua Mqabuko Nkomo International AirportBulawayo, ZimbabweUTC+02:00 
BURKBURBob Hope AirportBurbank, California, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
BUSUGSBBatumi International Airport (Alexander Kartveli Batumi Int’l Airport)Batumi, GeorgiaUTC+04:00 
BUTVQBTBathpalathang AirportJakar, BhutanUTC+06:00 
BUUWIPIMuara Bungo AirportBungo Regency, Jambi, IndonesiaUTC+07:00 
BUVSUBUPlaceres AirportBella Unión, UruguayUTC−03:00 
BUWWAWBBetoambari AirportBaubau, IndonesiaUTC+08:00 
BUXFZKABunia AirportBunia, Democratic Republic of the CongoUTC+02:00 
BUYYBUNBunbury AirportBunbury, Western Australia, AustraliaUTC+08:00 
BUZOIBBBushehr AirportBushehr, IranUTC+03:30Mar-Sep
-BV- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
BVALFOBBeauvais–Tillé AirportBeauvais, Picardy, FranceUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BVBSBBVBoa Vista International AirportBoa Vista, Roraima, BrazilUTC−04:00 
BVCGVBAAristides Pereira International Airport (Rabil Airport)Boa Vista, Cape VerdeUTC−01:00 
BVELFSLBrive–Souillac AirportBrive-la-Gaillarde, Limousin, FranceUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BVFNFNUDama AirportBua, FijiUTC+12:00Nov-Jan
BVGENBVBerlevåg AirportBerlevåg, NorwayUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BVHSBVHVilhena Airport (Brigadeiro Camarão Airport)Vilhena, Rondônia, BrazilUTC−04:00 
BVIYBDVBirdsville AirportBirdsville, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
BVJUSDBBovanenkovo AirportBovanenkovo gas field, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, RussiaUTC+05:00 
BVKSLHJHuacaraje AirportHuacaraje, BoliviaUTC−04:00 
BVLSLBUBaures AirportBaures, BoliviaUTC−04:00 
BVMSNBLBelmonte AirportBelmonte, Bahia, BrazilUTC−03:00 
BVOKBVOBartlesville Municipal AirportBartlesville, Oklahoma, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BVP Bolovip AirportBolovip, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
BVRGVBREsperadinha AirportBrava, Cape VerdeUTC−01:00 
BVSSNVSBreves AirportBreves, Pará, BrazilUTC−03:00 
BVUPABGBeluga Airport (FAA: BLG)Beluga, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
BVVUHSBBurevestnik Airport[1]Burevestnik, Sakhalin Oblast, RussiaUTC+11:00 
BVW Batavia Downs AirportBatavia Downs, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
BVXKBVXBatesville Regional AirportBatesville, Arkansas, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BVYKBVYBeverly Municipal AirportBeverly, Massachusetts, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BVZYBYSBeverley Springs AirportBeverley Springs, Western Australia, AustraliaUTC+08:00 
-BW- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
BWAVNBWGautam Buddha AirportSiddharthanagar (Bhairawa), NepalUTC+05:45 
BWBYBWXBarrow Island AirportBarrow Island, Western Australia, AustraliaUTC+08:00 
BWCKBWCBrawley Municipal AirportBrawley, California, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
BWDKBWDBrownwood Regional AirportBrownwood, Texas, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BWEEDVEBraunschweig–Wolfsburg AirportBraunschweig, Lower Saxony, GermanyUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BWFEGNLBarrow/Walney Island AirportBarrow-in-Furness, EnglandUTC±00:00Mar-Oct
BWGKBWGBowling Green-Warren County Regional AirportBowling Green, Kentucky, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BWHWMKBRMAF ButterworthButterworth, Penang, MalaysiaUTC+08:00 
BWIKBWIBaltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall AirportBaltimore–Washington metropolitan area, United StatesUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BWJ Bawan AirportBawan, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
BWKLDSBBol Airport (Brač Airport)Bol, CroatiaUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BWLKBKNBlackwell–Tonkawa Municipal Airport[1] (FAA: BKN)Blackwell, Oklahoma, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BWMKBPPBowman Municipal Airport (FAA: BPP)Bowman, North Dakota, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
BWNWBSBBrunei International AirportBandar Seri Begawan, BruneiUTC+08:00 
BWOUWSBBalakovo AirportBalakovo, Saratov Oblast, RussiaUTC+04:00 
BWPAYBIBewani AirportBewani, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
BWQYBRWBrewarrina AirportBrewarrina, New South Wales, AustraliaUTC+10:00Oct-Apr
BWTYWYYBurnie AirportBurnie, Tasmania, AustraliaUTC+10:00Oct-Apr
BWUYSBKBankstown AirportBankstown, New South Wales, AustraliaUTC+10:00Oct-Apr
BWWMUBRLas Brujas Airport[1]Cayo Santa María, CubaUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BWXWADYBanyuwangi AirportBanyuwangi, IndonesiaUTC+07:00 
BWYEGVJRAF BentwatersWoodbridge, EnglandUTC±00:00Mar-Oct
-BX- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
BXAKBXAGeorge R. Carr Memorial Air FieldBogalusa, Louisiana, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BXBWASOBabo AirportBabo, IndonesiaUTC+09:00 
BXDWAKEBade AirportBade, IndonesiaUTC+09:00 
BXEGOTBBakel AirportBakel, SenegalUTC±00:00 
BXFYBEBBellburn Airstrip[1]Bellburn Camps, Western Australia, AustraliaUTC+08:00 
BXGYBDGBendigo AirportBendigo, Victoria, AustraliaUTC+10:00Oct-Apr
BXHUAAHBalkhash AirportBalkhash, KazakhstanUTC+06:00 
BXIDIBIBoundiali AirportBoundiali, Ivory CoastUTC±00:00 
BXJUAARBoraldai AirportAlmaty, KazakhstanUTC+06:00 
BXKKBXKBuckeye Municipal AirportBuckeye, Arizona, United StatesUTC−07:00 
BXL Blue Lagoon Seaplane BaseNanuya Lailai, FijiUTC+12:00Nov-Jan
BXM Batom AirportBatom, IndonesiaUTC+09:00 
BXNLTBVBodrum-Imsik AirportBodrum, TurkeyUTC+03:00 
BXOLSZCBuochs AirportBuochs, SwitzerlandUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BXPEPBPBiała Podlaska AirportBiała Podlaska, PolandUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BXROIKMBam AirportBam, IranUTC+03:30Mar-Sep
BXS Borrego Valley Airport (FAA: L08)Borrego Springs, California, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
BXTWRLCPT Badak Bontang AirportBontang, IndonesiaUTC+08:00 
BXURPMEBancasi AirportButuan, PhilippinesUTC+08:00 
BXVBIBVBreiðdalsvík AirportBreiðdalsvík, IcelandUTC±00:00 
BXWWARWBawean AirportBawean, East Java, IndonesiaUTC+08:00 
BXX Borama AirportBorama, SomaliaUTC+03:00 
BXYUAOLKrayniy AirportBaikonur, KazakhstanUTC+06:00 
BXZAYNSBunsil AirportBunsil, Papua New GuineaUTC+10:00 
-BY- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
BYA Boundary AirportBoundary, Alaska, United StatesUTC−09:00Mar-Nov
BYB Dibba AirportDibba Al-Baya, OmanUTC+04:00 
BYCSLYAYacuiba AirportYacuíba, BoliviaUTC−04:00 
BYDOYBIAl Bayda AirportAl Bayda, YemenUTC+03:00 
BYFLFAQAlbert – Picardie Airport[1]Albert, Picardy, FranceUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BYGKBYGJohnson County AirportBuffalo, Wyoming, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
BYHKBYHArkansas International AirportBlytheville, Arkansas, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BYIKBYIBurley Municipal AirportBurley, Idaho, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
BYJLPBJBeja AirportBeja, PortugalUTC±00:00Mar-Oct
BYKDIBKBouaké AirportBouaké, Ivory CoastUTC±00:00 
BYL Bella Yella AirportBella Yella, LiberiaUTC±00:00 
BYMMUBYCarlos Manuel de Céspedes AirportBayamo, CubaUTC−05:00Mar-Nov
BYNZMBHBayankhongor AirportBayankhongor, MongoliaUTC+08:00 
BYOSBDBBonito Airport[1]Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, BrazilUTC−03:00 
BYPYBRYBarimunya AirportBarimunya, Western Australia, AustraliaUTC+08:00 
BYQWALVBunyu AirportBunyu, IndonesiaUTC+08:00 
BYREKLSLæsø AirportLæsø, DenmarkUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BYSKBYSBicycle Lake Army Airfield (Fort Irwin)Barstow, California, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
BYTEIBNBantry AerodromeBantry, IrelandUTC±00:00Mar-Oct
BYUEDQDBindlacher Berg AirportBayreuth, Bavaria, GermanyUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BYV Beira Lake Seaplane Base[1]Colombo, Sri LankaUTC+05:30 
BYW Blakely Island Airport (FAA: 38WA)Blakely Island, Washington, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
BYX Baniyala AirportBaniyala, Northern Territory, AustraliaUTC+09:30 
-BZ- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
BZAMNBZSan Pedro AirportBonanza, NicaraguaUTC−06:00 
BZB Bazaruto Island AirportBazaruto Island, MozambiqueUTC+02:00 
BZCSBBZUmberto Modiano AirportArmação dos Búzios, Rio de Janeiro, BrazilUTC−03:00 
BZDYBRNBalranald AirportBalranald, New South Wales, AustraliaUTC+10:00Oct-Apr
BZEMZBZPhilip S. W. Goldson International AirportBelize City, BelizeUTC−06:00 
BZF Benton Field[1]Redding, California, United StatesUTC−08:00Mar-Nov
BZGEPBYBydgoszcz Ignacy Jan Paderewski AirportBydgoszcz, PolandUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BZH Bumi Hills Airstrip[1]Bumi Hills, ZimbabweUTC+02:00 
BZILTBFBalıkesir Airport (Merkez Airport)Balıkesir, TurkeyUTC+03:00 
BZKUUBPBryansk International AirportBryansk, Bryansk Oblast, RussiaUTC+03:00 
BZLVGBRBarisal AirportBarisal, BangladeshUTC+06:00 
BZM Bemolanga Airport[1]Bemolanga, MadagascarUTC+03:00 
BZNKBZNBozeman Yellowstone International Airport (Gallatin Field)Bozeman, Montana, United StatesUTC−07:00Mar-Nov
BZOLIPBBolzano AirportBolzano, Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol, ItalyUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BZP Bizant AirportBizant, Queensland, AustraliaUTC+10:00 
BZRLFMUBéziers Cap d’Agde AirportBéziers, Languedoc-Roussillon, FranceUTC+01:00Mar-Oct
BZT Eagle Air Park[1]Brazoria, Texas, United StatesUTC−06:00Mar-Nov
BZUFZKJButa Zega AirportButa, Democratic Republic of the CongoUTC+02:00 
BZVFCBBMaya-Maya AirportBrazzaville, Republic of the CongoUTC+01:00 
BZX Bazhong Enyang AirportBazhong, Sichuan, ChinaUTC+08:00 
BZYLUBLBălți International AirportBălți, MoldovaUTC+02:00Mar-Oct
BZZEGVNRAF Brize NortonCarterton, EnglandUTC±00:00Mar-Oct
IATAICAOAirport nameLocation served
-YA- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
YAA Anahim Lake Airport (TC: CAJ4)Anahim Lake, British Columbia, Canada
YABCYABArctic Bay Airport (TC: CJX7)Arctic Bay, Nunavut, Canada
YACCYACCat Lake AirportCat Lake, Ontario, Canada
YAD Moose Lake Airport (TC: CJB4)Moose Lake, Manitoba, Canada
YAGCYAGFort Frances Municipal AirportFort Frances, Ontario, Canada
YAHCYAHLa Grande-4 AirportLa Grande-4, Quebec, Canada
YAISCCHGeneral Bernardo O’Higgins AirportChillán, Chile
YAJ Lyall Harbour Seaplane BaseSaturna Island, British Columbia, Canada
YAKPAYAYakutat AirportYakutat, Alaska, United States
YALCYALAlert Bay AirportAlert Bay, British Columbia, Canada
YAMCYAMSault Ste. Marie AirportSault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada
YANFZIRYangambi AirportYangambi, Democratic Republic of the Congo
YAOFKKYYaoundé AirportYaoundé, Cameroon
YAPPTYAYap International Airport (FAA: T11)Yap, Federated States of Micronesia
YAQ Maple Bay Seaplane BaseMaple Bay, British Columbia, Canada
YARCYADLa Grande-3 AirportLa Grande-3, Quebec, Canada
YASNFSWYasawa Island AirportYasawa, Fiji
YATCYATAttawapiskat AirportAttawapiskat, Ontario, Canada
YAU Kattiniq/Donaldson Airport (TC: CTP9)Raglan Mine, Quebec, Canada
YAV Mayne Island Water Aerodrome (Miner’s Bay Seaplane Base) (TC: CAW7)Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada
YAX Angling Lake/Wapekeka Airport[1] (TC: CKB6)Wapekeka, Ontario, Canada
YAYCYAYSt. Anthony AirportSt. Anthony, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
YAZCYAZTofino/Long Beach AirportTofino, British Columbia, Canada
-YB- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
YBACYBABanff AirportBanff, Alberta, Canada
YBBCYBBKugaaruk AirportKugaaruk, Nunavut, Canada
YBCCYBCBaie-Comeau AirportBaie-Comeau, Quebec, Canada
YBECYBEUranium City AirportUranium City, Saskatchewan, Canada
YBF Bamfield Water Aerodrome (TC: CAE9)Bamfield, British Columbia, Canada
YBGCYBGCanadian Forces Base BagotvilleLa Baie (Bagotville), Quebec, Canada
YBHCYBHBull Harbour WaterdromeBull Harbour, British Columbia, Canada
YBI Black Tickle Airport (TC: CCE4)Black Tickle, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
YBJ Baie-Johan-Beetz Seaplane BaseBaie-Johan-Beetz, Quebec, Canada
YBKCYBKBaker Lake AirportBaker Lake, Nunavut, Canada
YBLCYBLCampbell River AirportCampbell River, British Columbia, Canada
YBO Bob Quinn Lake Airport (TC: CBW4)Bob Quinn Lake, British Columbia, Canada
YBPZUYBYibin Wuliangye AirportYibin, Sichuan, China
YBQ Telegraph Harbour Seaplane BaseThetis Island, British Columbia, Canada
YBRCYBRBrandon Municipal Airport (McGill Field)Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
YBS Opapimiskan Lake Airport[1] (TC: CKM8)Opapimiskan Lake, Ontario, Canada
YBTCYBTBrochet AirportBrochet, Manitoba, Canada
YBVCYBVBerens River AirportBerens River, Manitoba, Canada
YBW Bedwell Harbour Water Aerodrome (TC: CAB3)Bedwell Harbour, British Columbia, Canada
YBXCYBXLourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon AirportBlanc-Sablon, Quebec, Canada
YBYCYBFBonnyville AirportBonnyville, Alberta, Canada
-YC- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
YCA Courtenay Airpark (TC: CAH3)Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada
YCBCYCBCambridge Bay AirportCambridge Bay, Nunavut, Canada
YCCCYCCCornwall Regional AirportCornwall, Ontario, Canada
YCDCYCDNanaimo AirportNanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
YCECYCECentralia/James T. Field Memorial AerodromeCentralia, Ontario, Canada
YCF Cortes Island Aerodrome (TC: CCI9)Cortes Island, British Columbia, Canada
YCGCYCGWest Kootenay Regional Airport (Castlegar Airport)Castlegar, British Columbia, Canada
YCHCYCHMiramichi AirportMiramichi, New Brunswick, Canada
YCKCYVLColville Lake/Tommy Kochon AerodromeColville Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada
YCLCYCLCharlo AirportCharlo, New Brunswick, Canada
YCMCYSNSt. Catharines/Niagara District AirportSt. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
YCNCYCNCochrane AerodromeCochrane, Ontario, Canada
YCOCYCOKugluktuk AirportKugluktuk, Nunavut, Canada
YCQCYCQChetwynd AirportChetwynd, British Columbia, Canada
YCRCYCRCross Lake (Charlie Sinclair Memorial) AirportCross Lake, Manitoba, Canada
YCSCYCSChesterfield Inlet AirportChesterfield Inlet, Nunavut, Canada
YCTCYCTCoronation AirportCoronation, Alberta, Canada
YCUZBYCYuncheng Guangong AirportYuncheng, Shanxi, China
YCWCYCWChilliwack AirportChilliwack, British Columbia, Canada
YCYCYCYClyde River AirportClyde River, Nunavut, Canada
YCZCYCZFairmont Hot Springs AirportFairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada
-YD- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
YDACYDADawson City AirportDawson City, Yukon, Canada
YDBCYDBBurwash AirportBurwash Landing, Yukon, Canada
YDC Drayton Valley Industrial Airport (TC: CER3)Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada
YDE Paradise River Airport (TC: CDF4)Paradise River, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
YDFCYDFDeer Lake Regional AirportDeer Lake, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
YDGCYIDDigby/Annapolis Regional AirportDigby, Nova Scotia, Canada
YDJ Hatchet Lake Airport[1] (TC: CJL2)Hatchet Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada
YDLCYDLDease Lake AirportDease Lake, British Columbia, Canada
YDNCYDNLt. Col W.G. (Billy) Barker VC AirportDauphin, Manitoba, Canada
YDOCYDODolbeau-Saint-Félicien AirportDolbeau-Mistassini, Quebec, Canada
YDPCYDPNain AirportNain, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
YDQCYDQDawson Creek AirportDawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada
YDTCZBBBoundary Bay AirportVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
YDU Kasba Lake Airport[1] (TC: CJL8)Kasba Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada
YDVCZTABloodvein River AirportBloodvein, Manitoba, Canada
YDW Obre Lake/North of Sixty Airport (TC: CKV4)Obre Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada
-YE- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
YEA[1] metropolitan area1Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
YEB Bar River Airport[1] (TC: CPF2)Bar River, Ontario, Canada
YECRKTYYecheon Air BaseYecheon, South Korea
YEGCYEGEdmonton International AirportEdmonton, Alberta, Canada
YEILTBRYenişehir AirportBursa, Turkey
YEKCYEKArviat AirportArviat, Nunavut, Canada
YELCYELElliot Lake Municipal AirportElliot Lake, Ontario, Canada
YEMCYEMManitowaning/Manitoulin East Municipal AirportManitowaning, Ontario, Canada
YENCYENEstevan Regional AerodromeEstevan, Saskatchewan, Canada
YEOEGDYRoyal Naval Air Station YeoviltonYeovilton, England, United Kingdom
YEQ Yankisa AirportYankisa, Papua New Guinea
YERCYERFort Severn AirportFort Severn, Ontario, Canada
YESOISYYasuj Airport[1]Yasuj (Yasouj), Iran
YETCYETEdson AirportEdson, Alberta, Canada
YEUCYEUEureka AerodromeEureka, Nunavut, Canada
YEVCYEVInuvik (Mike Zubko) AirportInuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada
YEYCYEYAmos/Magny AirportAmos, Quebec, Canada
-YF- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
YFACYFAFort Albany AirportFort Albany, Ontario, Canada
YFBCYFBIqaluit AirportIqaluit, Nunavut, Canada
YFCCYFCFredericton International AirportFredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
YFECYFEForestville AirportForestville, Quebec, Canada
YFG Fontanges Airport (TC: CTU2)Fontanges, Quebec, Canada
YFHCYFHFort Hope AirportEabametoong (Fort Hope), Ontario, Canada
YFI Fort MacKay/Firebag Aerodrome[1] (TC: CFG6)Fort McKay, Alberta, Canada
YFJCYWEWekweètì Airport[1] (Snare Lake Airport) (TC: CFJ7)Wekweeti, Northwest Territories, Canada
YFL Fort Reliance Water Aerodrome (CJN8)Fort Reliance, Northwest Territories, Canada
YFOCYFOFlin Flon AirportFlin Flon, Manitoba, Canada
YFRCYFRFort Resolution AirportFort Resolution, Northwest Territories, Canada
YFSCYFSFort Simpson AirportFort Simpson, Northwest Territories, Canada
YFT Taipa Ferry TerminalTaipa, Macau
YFX St. Lewis (Fox Harbour) Airport (TC: CCK4)St. Lewis, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
-YG- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
YGBCYGBTexada/Gillies Bay AirportGillies Bay, British Columbia, Canada
YGC Grande Cache Airport (TC: CEQ5)Grande Cache, Alberta, Canada
YGE Gorge Harbour Water AerodromeGorge Harbour, British Columbia, Canada
YGG Ganges Water Aerodrome (TC: CAX6)Ganges, British Columbia, Canada
YGHCYGHFort Good Hope AirportFort Good Hope, Northwest Territories, Canada
YGJRJOHMiho–Yonago AirportYonago, Honshu, Japan
YGKCYGKKingston/Norman Rogers AirportKingston, Ontario, Canada
YGLCYGLLa Grande Rivière AirportRadisson, Quebec, Canada
YGMCYGMGimli Industrial Park AirportGimli, Manitoba, Canada
YGN Greenway Sound Water AerodromeGreenway Sound, British Columbia, Canada
YGOCYGOGods Lake Narrows AirportGods Lake Narrows, Manitoba, Canada
YGPCYGPMichel-Pouliot Gaspé AirportGaspé, Quebec, Canada
YGQCYGQGeraldton (Greenstone Regional) AirportGreenstone (Geraldton), Ontario, Canada
YGRCYGRÎles-de-la-Madeleine AirportLes Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec, Canada
YGTCYGTIgloolik AirportIgloolik, Nunavut, Canada
YGVCYGVHavre Saint-Pierre AirportHavre-Saint-Pierre, Quebec, Canada
YGWCYGWKuujjuarapik AirportKuujjuarapik, Quebec, Canada
YGXCYGXGillam AirportGillam, Manitoba, Canada
YGZCYGZGrise Fiord AirportGrise Fiord, Nunavut, Canada
-YH- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
YHA Port Hope Simpson Airport (TC: CCP4)Port Hope Simpson, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
YHBCYHBHudson Bay AirportHudson Bay, Saskatchewan, Canada
YHC Hakai Passage Water AerodromeHakai Passage, British Columbia, Canada
YHDCYHDDryden Regional AirportDryden, Ontario, Canada
YHECYHEHope AerodromeHope, British Columbia, Canada
YHFCYHFHearst (René Fontaine) Municipal AirportHearst, Ontario, Canada
YHG Charlottetown Airport (TC: CCH4)Charlottetown, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
YHH Campbell River Water Aerodrome (TC: CAE3)Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada
YHICYHIUlukhaktok/Holman AirportUlukhaktok, Northwest Territories, Canada
YHKCYHKGjoa Haven AirportGjoa Haven, Nunavut, Canada
YHMCYHMJohn C. Munro Hamilton International AirportHamilton, Ontario, Canada
YHNCYHNHornepayne Municipal AirportHornepayne, Ontario, Canada
YHOCYHOHopedale AirportHopedale, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
YHPCYHPPoplar Hill AirportPoplar Hill, Ontario, Canada
YHRCYHRChevery AirportChevery, Quebec, Canada
YHS Sechelt Aerodrome (TC: CAP3)Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada
YHTCYHTHaines Junction AirportHaines Junction, Yukon, Canada
YHUCYHUMontréal/Saint-Hubert AirportMontreal, Quebec, Canada
YHYCYHYHay River/Merlyn Carter AirportHay River, Northwest Territories, Canada
YHZCYHZHalifax Stanfield International AirportHalifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
-YI- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
YIAWAHIYogyakarta International AirportKulon Progo Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia
YIBCYIBAtikokan Municipal AirportAtikokan, Ontario, Canada
YICZSYCYichun Mingyueshan AirportYichun, Jiangxi, China
YIEZBESArxan Yi’ershi AirportArxan (Aershan), Inner Mongolia, China
YIFCYIFSaint-Augustin AirportSaint-Augustin / Pakuashipi, Quebec, Canada
YIG Big Bay Water Aerodrome (TC: CAF6)Stuart Island, British Columbia, Canada
YIHZHYCYichang Sanxia AirportYichang, Hubei, China
YIKCYIKIvujivik AirportIvujivik, Quebec, Canada
YINZWYNYining AirportYining (Ghulja), Xinjiang, China
YIOCYIOPond Inlet AirportPond Inlet, Nunavut, Canada
YIPKYIPWillow Run AirportDetroit, Michigan, United States
YIVCYIVIsland Lake Airport (Garden Hill Airport)Island Lake / Garden Hill, Manitoba, Canada
YIWZSYWYiwu AirportYiwu, Zhejiang, China
-YJ- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
YJACYJAJasper AirportJasper, Alberta, Canada
YJFCYJFFort Liard AirportFort Liard, Northwest Territories, Canada
YJNCYJNSaint-Jean AirportSaint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada
YJP Hinton/Jasper-Hinton Airport (TC: CEC4)Hinton, Alberta, Canada
YJSZKSESamjiyon Airport[1]Samjiyon, North Korea
YJTCYJTStephenville International AirportStephenville, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
-YK- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
YKACYKAKamloops AirportKamloops, British Columbia, Canada
YKCCYKCCollins Bay AirportCollins Bay, Saskatchewan, Canada
YKDCYKMKincardine Municipal AirportKincardine, Ontario, Canada
YKE Knee Lake Airport (TC: CJT3)Knee Lake, Manitoba, Canada
YKFCYKFRegion of Waterloo International AirportKitchener / Cambridge / Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
YKGCYASKangirsuk AirportKangirsuk, Quebec, Canada
YKHZYYKYingkou Lanqi AirportYingkou, Liaoning, China
YKJCYKJKey Lake Airport[1]Key Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada
YKK Kitkatla Water Aerodrome (TC: CAP7)Kitkatla, British Columbia, Canada
YKLCYKLSchefferville AirportSchefferville, Quebec, Canada
YKMKYKMYakima Air Terminal (McAllister Field)Yakima, Washington, United States
YKNKYKNChan Gurney Municipal AirportYankton, South Dakota, United States
YKOLTCWHakkari Yüksekova Airport[1]Hakkâri / Yüksekova, Turkey
YKQCYKQWaskaganish AirportWaskaganish, Quebec, Canada
YKSUEEEYakutsk AirportYakutsk, Yakutia, Russia
YKT Klemtu Water AerodromeKlemtu, British Columbia, Canada
YKU Chisasibi Airport (TC: CSU2)Chisasibi, Quebec, Canada
YKXCYKXKirkland Lake AirportKirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada
YKYCYKYKindersley Regional AirportKindersley, Saskatchewan, Canada
YKZCYKZButtonville Municipal AirportToronto, Ontario, Canada
-YL- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
YLBCYLBLac La Biche AirportLac La Biche, Alberta, Canada
YLCCYLCKimmirut AirportKimmirut, Nunavut, Canada
YLDCYLDChapleau AirportChapleau, Ontario, Canada
YLE Whatì Airport (TC: CEM3)Whatì, Northwest Territories, Canada
YLGYYALYalgoo AirportYalgoo, Western Australia, Australia
YLHCYLHLansdowne House AirportNeskantaga (Lansdowne House Indian Band), Ontario, Canada
YLIEFYLYlivieska AirfieldYlivieska, Finland
YLJCYLJMeadow Lake AirportMeadow Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada
YLKCYLSLake Simcoe Regional Airport[1]Barrie / Orillia, Ontario, Canada
YLLCYLLLloydminster AirportLloydminster, Alberta/Saskatchewan,2 Canada
YLM Clinton Creek Airport[1]Clinton Creek, Yukon, Canada
YLNZYYLYilan AirportYilan, Heilongjiang, China
YLPCYLPMingan AirportMingan, Quebec, Canada
YLQCYLQLa Tuque AirportLa Tuque, Quebec, Canada
YLRCYLRLeaf Rapids AirportLeaf Rapids, Manitoba, Canada
YLS Lebel-sur-Quévillon Airport (TC: CSH4)Lebel-sur-Quévillon, Quebec, Canada
YLTCYLTAlert AirportAlert, Nunavut, Canada
YLVUBEEYevlakh Airport[1]Yevlakh, Azerbaijan
YLWCYLWKelowna International AirportKelowna, British Columbia, Canada
YLX Yulin Fumian AirportYulin, Guangxi, China
YLYCYNJLangley Regional Airport[1]Langley, British Columbia, Canada
-YM- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
YMACYMAMayo AirportMayo, Yukon, Canada
YMB Merritt Airport (TC: CAD5)Merritt, British Columbia, Canada
YMDCYMDMould Bay AirportPrince Patrick Island, Northwest Territories, Canada
YMECYMEMatane AirportMatane, Quebec, Canada
YMF Montague Harbour Water AerodromeGaliano Island, British Columbia, Canada
YMGCYMGManitouwadge AirportManitouwadge, Ontario, Canada
YMHCYMHMary’s Harbour AirportMary’s Harbour, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
YMJCYMJCFB Moose Jaw (C.M. McEwen Airport)Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
YMKUSDKMys-Kamenny Airport[1]Mys-Kamenny, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Russia
YMLCYMLCharlevoix AirportLa Malbaie, Quebec, Canada
YMMCYMMFort McMurray International AirportFort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
YMNCYFTMakkovik AirportMakkovik, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
YMOCYMOMoosonee AirportMoosonee, Ontario, Canada
YMP Port McNeill Airport (TC: CAT5)Port McNeill, British Columbia, Canada
YMQ[1] metropolitan area3Montreal, Quebec, Canada
YMSSPMSMoisés Benzaquén Rengifo AirportYurimaguas, Peru
YMTCYMTChibougamau/Chapais AirportChibougamau, Quebec, Canada
YMU Mansons Landing Water Aerodrome[1] (TC: CAV7)Mansons Landing, British Columbia, Canada
YMV Mary River Aerodrome[1] (TC: CMR2)Mary River, Nunavut, Canada
YMWCYMWManiwaki AirportManiwaki, Quebec, Canada
YMXCYMXMontréal–Mirabel International AirportMontreal, Quebec, Canada
-YN- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
YNACYNANatashquan AirportNatashquan, Quebec, Canada
YNBOEYNYanbu Airport (Yenbo Airport)Yanbu al Bahr (Yenbo), Saudi Arabia
YNCCYNCWemindji AirportWemindji, Quebec, Canada
YNDCYNDGatineau-Ottawa Executive AirportGatineau / Ottawa (ON), Quebec, Canada
YNECYNENorway House AirportNorway House, Manitoba, Canada
YNGKYNGYoungstown–Warren Regional AirportYoungstown / Warren, Ohio, United States
YNHCYNHHudson’s Hope AirportHudson’s Hope, British Columbia, Canada
YNJZYYJYanji Chaoyangchuan AirportYanji, Jilin, China
YNLCYNLPoints North Landing AirportPoints North Landing, Saskatchewan, Canada
YNMCYNMMatagami AirportMatagami, Quebec, Canada
YNN Yandicoogina Airport[1]Yandicoogina, Western Australia, Australia
YNO North Spirit Lake Airport (TC: CKQ3)North Spirit Lake, Ontario, Canada
YNP Natuashish Airport[1] (TC: CNH2)Natuashish, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
YNSCYHHNemiscau AirportNemiscau, Quebec, Canada
YNTZSYTYantai Penglai International AirportYantai, Shandong, China
YNX Snap Lake Airport[1] (TC: CSK6)Snap Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada
YNYRKNYYangyang International Airport[1]Yangyang, South Korea
YNZZSYNYancheng Nanyang International AirportYancheng, Jiangsu, China
-YO- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
YOACYOAEkati Airport[1]Ekati, Northwest Territories, Canada
YOCCYOCOld Crow AirportOld Crow, Yukon, Canada
YODCYODCFB Cold Lake (R.W. McNair Airport)Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada
YOE Donnelly Airport (TC: CFM4)Donnelly, Alberta, Canada
YOGCYKPOgoki Post AirportMarten Falls (Ogoki), Ontario, Canada
YOHCYOHOxford House AirportOxford House, Manitoba, Canada
YOJCYOJHigh Level AirportHigh Level, Alberta, Canada
YOLDNYOYola AirportYola, Nigeria
YONVQTYYongphulla Airport[1] (Yonphula Airport)Trashigang, Bhutan
YOOCYOOOshawa AirportOshawa, Ontario, Canada
YOPCYOPRainbow Lake AirportRainbow Lake, Alberta, Canada
YOSCYOSBilly Bishop Regional AirportOwen Sound, Ontario, Canada
YOTLLYTYotvata AirfieldYotvata, Israel
YOWCYOWOttawa Macdonald–Cartier International AirportOttawa, Ontario, Canada
-YP- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
YPACYPAPrince Albert (Glass Field) AirportPrince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada
YPB Alberni Valley Regional Airport (TC: CBS8)Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada
YPCCYPCNora Aliqatchialuk Ruben AirportPaulatuk, Northwest Territories, Canada
YPD Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport (TC: CNK4)Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada
YPECYPEPeace River AirportPeace River, Alberta, Canada
YPGCYPGPortage la Prairie/Southport AirportPortage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada
YPHCYPHInukjuak AirportInukjuak, Quebec, Canada
YPI Port Simpson Water Aerodrome (TC: CAN8)Lax Kw’alaams (Port Simpson), British Columbia, Canada
YPJCYLAAupaluk AirportAupaluk, Quebec, Canada
YPLCYPLPickle Lake AirportPickle Lake, Ontario, Canada
YPMCYPMPikangikum AirportPikangikum, Ontario, Canada
YPNCYPNPort-Menier AirportPort-Menier, Quebec, Canada
YPOCYPOPeawanuck AirportPeawanuck, Ontario, Canada
YPQCYPQPeterborough AirportPeterborough, Ontario, Canada
YPRCYPRPrince Rupert AirportPrince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada
YPSCYPDPort Hawkesbury AirportPort Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, Canada
YPT Pender Harbour Water Aerodrome (TC: CAG8)Pender Harbour, British Columbia, Canada
YPWCYPWPowell River AirportPowell River, British Columbia, Canada
YPXCYPXPuvirnituq AirportPuvirnituq, Quebec, Canada
YPYCYPYFort Chipewyan AirportFort Chipewyan, Alberta, Canada
YPZCYPZBurns Lake AirportBurns Lake, British Columbia, Canada
-YQ- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
YQACYQAMuskoka AirportMuskoka, Ontario, Canada
YQBCYQBQuébec City Jean Lesage International AirportQuebec City, Quebec, Canada
YQCCYHAQuaqtaq AirportQuaqtaq, Quebec, Canada
YQDCYQDThe Pas AirportThe Pas, Manitoba, Canada
YQFCYQFRed Deer Regional AirportRed Deer, Alberta, Canada
YQGCYQGWindsor International AirportWindsor, Ontario, Canada
YQHCYQHWatson Lake AirportWatson Lake, Yukon, Canada
YQICYQIYarmouth AirportYarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
YQJ April Point Water Aerodrome[1]Quadra Island, British Columbia, Canada
YQKCYQKKenora AirportKenora, Ontario, Canada
YQLCYQLLethbridge AirportLethbridge, Alberta, Canada
YQMCYQMGreater Moncton International AirportMoncton, New Brunswick, Canada
YQNCYQNNakina AirportGreenstone (Nakina), Ontario, Canada
YQQCYQQCFB ComoxComox, British Columbia, Canada
YQRCYQRRegina International AirportRegina, Saskatchewan, Canada
YQSCYQSSt. Thomas Municipal AirportSt. Thomas, Ontario, Canada
YQTCYQTThunder Bay International AirportThunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
YQUCYQUGrande Prairie AirportGrande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
YQVCYQVYorkton Municipal AirportYorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada
YQWCYQWNorth Battleford Airport (Cameron McIntosh Airport)North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada
YQXCYQXGander International Airport / CFB GanderGander, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
YQYCYQYSydney/J.A. Douglas McCurdy AirportSydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
YQZCYQZQuesnel AirportQuesnel, British Columbia, Canada
-YR- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
YRACYRAGamètì/Rae Lakes AirportGamèti, Northwest Territories, Canada
YRBCYRBResolute Bay AirportResolute, Nunavut, Canada
YRC Refuge Cove Water Aerodrome[1]Refuge Cove, British Columbia, Canada
YRD Dean River AirportDean River, British Columbia, Canada
YRFCYCACartwright AirportCartwright, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
YRG Rigolet Airport (TC: CCZ2)Rigolet, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
YRICYRIRivière-du-Loup AirportRivière-du-Loup, Quebec, Canada
YRJCYRJRoberval AirportRoberval, Quebec, Canada
YRLCYRLRed Lake AirportRed Lake, Ontario, Canada
YRMCYRMRocky Mountain House AirportRocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada
YRN Rivers Inlet Water Aerodrome (TC: CAU8)Rivers Inlet, British Columbia, Canada
YROCYROOttawa/Rockcliffe AirportOttawa, Ontario, Canada
YRQCYRQTrois-Rivières AirportTrois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada
YRR Stuart Island AirportStuart Island, British Columbia, Canada
YRSCYRSRed Sucker Lake AirportRed Sucker Lake, Manitoba, Canada
YRTCYRTRankin Inlet AirportRankin Inlet, Nunavut, Canada
YRVCYRVRevelstoke AirportRevelstoke, British Columbia, Canada
-YS- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
YSA Sable Island AerodromeSable Island, Nova Scotia, Canada
YSBCYSBSudbury AirportGreater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
YSCCYSCSherbrooke AirportSherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
YSECYSESquamish AirportSquamish, British Columbia, Canada
YSFCYSFStony Rapids AirportStony Rapids, Saskatchewan, Canada
YSGCYLKLutselk’e AirportLutselk’e, Northwest Territories, Canada
YSHCYSHSmiths Falls-Montague AirportSmiths Falls, Ontario, Canada
YSI Parry Sound/Frying Pan Island-Sans Souci Water Aerodrome (TC: CPS9)Fryingpan Island, Ontario, Canada
YSJCYSJSaint John AirportSaint John, New Brunswick, Canada
YSKCYSKSanikiluaq AirportSanikiluaq, Nunavut, Canada
YSLCYSLSaint-Léonard AerodromeSaint-Léonard, New Brunswick, Canada
YSMCYSMFort Smith AirportFort Smith, Northwest Territories, Canada
YSNCZAMSalmon Arm AirportSalmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada
YSO Postville Airport (TC: CCD4)Postville, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
YSPCYSPMarathon AerodromeMarathon, Ontario, Canada
YSQZYSQSongyuan Chaganhu AirportSongyuan, Jilin, China
YSTCYSTSt. Theresa Point AirportSt. Theresa Point, Manitoba, Canada
YSUCYSUSummerside AirportSummerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada
YSX Bella Bella/Shearwater Water Aerodrome (TC: CAW8)Bella Bella, British Columbia, Canada
YSYCYSYSachs Harbour (David Nasogaluak Jr. Saaryuaq) AirportSachs Harbour, Northwest Territories, Canada
-YT- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
YTACYTAPembroke AirportPembroke, Ontario, Canada
YTB Hartley Bay Water Aerodrome (TC: CAY4)Hartley Bay, British Columbia, Canada
YTDCZLQThicket Portage AirportThicket Portage, Manitoba, Canada
YTECYTECape Dorset AirportCape Dorset, Nunavut, Canada
YTFCYTFAlma AirportAlma, Quebec, Canada
YTG Sullivan Bay Water Aerodrome (TC: CAV5)Sullivan Bay, British Columbia, Canada
YTHCYTHThompson AirportThompson, Manitoba, Canada
YTLCYTLBig Trout Lake AirportKitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug (Big Trout Lake), Ontario, Canada
YTMCYFJMont Tremblant International AirportMont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada
YTO[1] metropolitan area4Toronto, Ontario, Canada
YTP Tofino Harbour Water Aerodrome (TC: CAB4)Tofino, British Columbia, Canada
YTQCYTQTasiujaq AirportTasiujaq, Quebec, Canada
YTRCYTRCFB TrentonTrenton, Ontario, Canada
YTSCYTSTimmins/Victor M. Power AirportTimmins, Ontario, Canada
YTT Tisdale Airport (TC: CJY3)Tisdale, Saskatchewan, Canada
YTU Tasu Water AerodromeTasu, British Columbia, Canada
YTWZWYTYutian Wanfang AirportYutian, Xinjiang, China
YTX Telegraph Creek Airport (TC: CBM5)Telegraph Creek, British Columbia, Canada
YTYZSYAYangzhou Taizhou AirportYangzhou / Taizhou, Jiangsu, China
YTZCYTZBilly Bishop Toronto City Airport (Toronto Island Airport)Toronto, Ontario, Canada
-YU- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
YUAZPYMYuanmou Air BaseYuanmou, Yunnan, China
YUBCYUBTuktoyaktuk/James Gruben AirportTuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, Canada
YUDCYMUUmiujaq AirportUmiujaq, Quebec, Canada
YUEYYNDYuendumu AirportYuendumu, Northern Territory, Australia
YULCYULMontréal–Trudeau International AirportMontreal, Quebec, Canada
YUMKNYLYuma International Airport / MCAS Yuma (FAA: NYL)Yuma, Arizona, United States
YUSZLYSYushu Batang AirportYushu City, Qinghai, China
YUTCYUTRepulse Bay AirportNaujaat (Repulse Bay), Nunavut, Canada
YUXCYUXHall Beach AirportHall Beach, Nunavut, Canada
YUYCYUYRouyn-Noranda AirportRouyn-Noranda, Quebec, Canada
-YV- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
YVAFMCNIconi AirportMoroni, Comoros
YVBCYVBBonaventure AirportBonaventure, Quebec, Canada
YVCCYVCLa Ronge (Barber Field) AirportLa Ronge, Saskatchewan, Canada
YVD Yeva AirportYeva, Papua New Guinea
YVECYVKVernon Regional AirportVernon, British Columbia, Canada
YVGCYVGVermilion AirportVermilion, Alberta, Canada
YVMCYVMQikiqtarjuaq AirportQikiqtarjuaq, Nunavut, Canada
YVNCYVNCape Dyer Airport[1]Cape Dyer, Nunavut, Canada
YVOCYVOVal-d’Or AirportVal-d’Or, Quebec, Canada
YVPCYVPKuujjuaq AirportKuujjuaq, Quebec, Canada
YVQCYVQNorman Wells AirportNorman Wells, Northwest Territories, Canada
YVRCYVRVancouver International AirportVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
YVTCYVTBuffalo Narrows AirportBuffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan, Canada
YVVCYVVWiarton AirportWiarton, Ontario, Canada
YVZCYVZDeer Lake AirportDeer Lake, Ontario, Canada
-YW- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
YWACYWAPetawawa AirportPetawawa, Ontario, Canada
YWBCYKGKangiqsujuaq (Wakeham Bay) AirportKangiqsujuaq, Quebec, Canada
YWGCYWGWinnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International AirportWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
YWHCYWHVictoria Harbour Water AirportVictoria, British Columbia, Canada
YWJCYWJDéline AirportDeline, Northwest Territories, Canada
YWKCYWKWabush AirportWabush, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
YWLCYWLWilliams Lake AirportWilliams Lake, British Columbia, Canada
YWM Williams Harbour Airport (TC: CCA6)William’s Harbour, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
YWPCYWPWebequie AirportWebequie, Ontario, Canada
YWQ Chutes-des-Passes/Lac Margane Water Aerodrome[1] (TC: CTM3)Passes-Dangereuses (Chute-des-Passes), Quebec, Canada
YWR White River Water Aerodrome (TC: CNJ8)White River, Ontario, Canada
YWS Whistler/Green Lake Water Aerodrome (TC: CAE5)Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
YWYCYWYWrigley AirportWrigley, Northwest Territories, Canada
-YX- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
YXCCYXCCranbrook/Canadian Rockies International AirportCranbrook, British Columbia, Canada
YXDCYXDEdmonton City Centre (Blatchford Field) Airport[1]Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
YXECYXESaskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International AirportSaskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
YXHCYXHMedicine Hat AirportMedicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
YXJCYXJFort St. John Airport (North Peace Airport)Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada
YXKCYXKRimouski AirportRimouski, Quebec, Canada
YXLCYXLSioux Lookout AirportSioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada
YXNCYXNWhale Cove AirportWhale Cove, Nunavut, Canada
YXPCYXPPangnirtung AirportPangnirtung, Nunavut, Canada
YXQCYXQBeaver Creek AirportBeaver Creek, Yukon, Canada
YXRCYXREarlton (Timiskaming Regional) AirportArmstrong (Earlton), Ontario, Canada
YXSCYXSPrince George AirportPrince George, British Columbia, Canada
YXTCYXTNorthwest Regional AirportTerrace, British Columbia, Canada
YXUCYXULondon International AirportLondon, Ontario, Canada
YXXCYXXAbbotsford International AirportAbbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
YXYCYXYErik Nielsen Whitehorse International AirportWhitehorse, Yukon, Canada
YXZCYXZWawa AirportWawa, Ontario, Canada
-YY- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
YYAZGYYYueyang Sanhe AirportYueyang, Hunan, China
YYBCYYBNorth Bay/Jack Garland AirportNorth Bay, Ontario, Canada
YYCCYYCCalgary International AirportCalgary, Alberta, Canada
YYDCYYDSmithers AirportSmithers, British Columbia, Canada
YYECYYENorthern Rockies Regional AirportFort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada
YYFCYYFPenticton Regional AirportPenticton, British Columbia, Canada
YYGCYYGCharlottetown AirportCharlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
YYHCYYHTaloyoak AirportTaloyoak, Nunavut, Canada
YYICYYIRivers AirportRivers, Manitoba, Canada
YYJCYYJVictoria International AirportVictoria, British Columbia, Canada
YYLCYYLLynn Lake AirportLynn Lake, Manitoba, Canada
YYMCYYMCowley AirportCowley, Alberta, Canada
YYNCYYNSwift Current AirportSwift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada
YYQCYYQChurchill AirportChurchill, Manitoba, Canada
YYRCYYRCFB Goose BayHappy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
YYTCYYTSt. John’s International AirportSt. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
YYUCYYUKapuskasing AirportKapuskasing, Ontario, Canada
YYWCYYWArmstrong AirportArmstrong, Ontario, Canada
YYYCYYYMont-Joli AirportMont-Joli, Quebec, Canada
YYZCYYZToronto Pearson International AirportToronto, Ontario, Canada
-YZ- Abbotsford Airport Arrivals YXX
YZACYZACache Creek Airport (Ashcroft Regional Airport)Cache Creek / Ashcroft, British Columbia, Canada
YZECYZEGore Bay-Manitoulin AirportGore Bay, Ontario, Canada
YZFCYZFYellowknife AirportYellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada
YZGCYZGSalluit AirportSalluit, Quebec, Canada
YZHCYZHSlave Lake AirportSlave Lake, Alberta, Canada
YZPCYZPSandspit AirportSandspit, British Columbia, Canada
YZRCYZRSarnia Chris Hadfield AirportSarnia, Ontario, Canada
YZSCYZSCoral Harbour AirportCoral Harbour, Nunavut, Canada
YZTCYZTPort Hardy AirportPort Hardy, British Columbia, Canada
YZUCYZUWhitecourt AirportWhitecourt, Alberta, Canada
YZVCYZVSept-Îles AirportSept-Îles, Quebec, Canada
YZWCYZWTeslin AirportTeslin, Yukon, Canada
YZXCYZXCFB GreenwoodGreenwood, Nova Scotia, Canada
YZYZLZYZhangye Ganzhou AirportZhangye, Gansu, China
YZZ Trail Airport[1] (TC: CAD4)Trail, British Columbia, Canada
IATAICAOAirport nameLocation served
-ZA- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ZAA Alice Arm/Silver City Water Aerodrome (TC: CAC3)Alice Arm, British Columbia, Canada
ZACCZACYork Landing AirportYork Landing, Manitoba, Canada
ZADLDZDZadar AirportZadar, Croatia
ZAGLDZAFranjo Tuđman AirportZagreb, Croatia
ZAHOIZHZahedan AirportZahedan, Iran
ZAJOAZJZaranj AirportZaranj, Afghanistan
ZALSCVDPichoy AirportValdivia, Chile
ZAMRPMZZamboanga International AirportZamboanga City, Philippines
ZAOLFCCCahors – Lalbenque AirportCahors, Midi-Pyrénées, France
ZARDNZAZaria AirportZaria, Nigeria
ZATZPZTZhaotong AirportZhaotong, Yunnan, China
ZAZLEZGZaragoza AirportZaragoza, Aragon, Spain
-ZB- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ZBELKZAZábřeh AirportDolní Benešov, Czech Republic
ZBFCZBFBathurst AirportBathurst, New Brunswick, Canada
ZBK Žabljak AirportŽabljak, Montenegro
ZBL Biloela AirportBiloela, Queensland, Australia
ZBMCZBMRoland-Désourdy AirportBromont, Quebec, Canada
ZBOYBWNBowen AirportBowen, Queensland, Australia
ZBROIZCKonarak AirportChabahar (Chah Bahar), Iran
ZBYVLSBSayaboury AirportSainyabuli (Sayaboury), Laos
-ZC- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ZCLMMZCGeneral Leobardo C. Ruiz International AirportZacatecas City, Zacatecas, Mexico
ZCOSCQPLa Araucanía AirportTemuco, Chile
-ZD- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ZDJ Bern Railway StationBern, Switzerland
ZDYOMDLDalma AirportDalma Island (Delma Island), United Arab Emirates
-ZE- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ZECFASCSecunda AirportSecunda, South Africa
ZEG Senggo AirportSenggo, Indonesia
ZELCBBCBella Bella (Campbell Island) AirportBella Bella, British Columbia, Canada
ZEMCZEMEastmain River AirportEastmain, Quebec, Canada
ZEN Zenag Airport[1]Zenag, Papua New Guinea
ZERVEZOZero Airport (Ziro Airport)Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh, India
-ZF- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ZFACZFAFaro AirportFaro, Yukon, Canada
ZFDCZFDFond-du-Lac AirportFond-du-Lac, Saskatchewan, Canada
ZFMCZFMFort McPherson AirportFort McPherson, Northwest Territories, Canada
ZFNCZFNTulita AirportTulita, Northwest Territories, Canada
ZFW Fairview Airport (TC: CEB5)Fairview, Alberta, Canada
-ZG- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ZGFCZGFGrand Forks AirportGrand Forks, British Columbia, Canada
ZGICZGIGods River AirportGods River, Manitoba, Canada
ZGLYSGWSouth Galway AirportSouth Galway Station, Queensland, Australia
ZGMFLNANgoma AirportNgoma, Zambia
ZGRCZGRLittle Grand Rapids AirportLittle Grand Rapids, Manitoba, Canada
ZGS La Romaine Airport (TC: CTT5)La Romaine, Quebec, Canada
ZGUNVSQGaua AirportGaua, Vanuatu
-ZH- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ZHAZGZJZhanjiang AirportZhanjiang, Guangdong, China
ZHMVGSHShamshernagar AirportShamshernagar, Bangladesh
ZHPCZHPHigh Prairie AirportHigh Prairie, Alberta, Canada
ZHYZLZWZhongwei Shapotou Airport (Zhongwei Xiangshan Airport)Zhongwei, Ningxia, China
-ZI- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ZIAUUBWRamenskoye Airport[1] (Zhukovsky Airport)Zhukovsky, Moscow Oblast, Russia
ZICSCTOVictoria AirportVictoria, Chile
ZIGGOGGZiguinchor AirportZiguinchor, Senegal
ZIHMMZHIxtapa-Zihuatanejo International AirportIxtapa / Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico
ZISHLZNAlzintan Airport[1]Zintan, Libya
ZIXUEVVZhigansk Airport[1]Zhigansk, Yakutia, Russia
ZIZ Zamzama Airport[1]Zamzama, Pakistan
-ZJ- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ZJGCZJGJenpeg AirportJenpeg, Manitoba, Canada
ZJNCZJNSwan River AirportSwan River, Manitoba, Canada
ZJT Tanjung Pelepas Port Airport[1]Tanjung Pelepas, Johor, Malaysia
-ZK- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ZKBFLKYKasaba Bay AirportKasaba Bay, Zambia
ZKECZKEKashechewan AirportKashechewan, Ontario, Canada
ZKG Kegaska Airport (TC: CTK6)Kegaska (Kegashka), Quebec, Canada
ZKPUESUZyryanka AirportZyryanka, Yakutia, Russia
-ZL- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ZLOMMZOPlaya de Oro International AirportManzanillo, Colima, Mexico
ZLT La Tabatière Airport (TC: CTU5)Gros-Mécatina (La Tabatière), Quebec, Canada
ZLW Pasir Gudang Port Airport[1]Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia
ZLXHSZAZalingei Airport[1]Zalingei (Zalengei), Sudan
-ZM- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ZMDSWSNSena Madureira AirportSena Madureira, Acre, Brazil
ZMHCZMLSouth Cariboo Regional Airport108 Mile Ranch, British Columbia, Canada
ZMMMMZMZamora National AirportZamora, Michoacán, Mexico
ZMTCZMTMasset AirportMasset, British Columbia, Canada
-ZN- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ZNA Nanaimo Harbour Water Airport (TC: CAC8)Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
ZNC Nyac AirportNyac, Alaska, United States
ZNDDRZRZinder AirportZinder, Niger
ZNEYNWNNewman AirportNewman, Western Australia, Australia
ZNU Namu Water AerodromeNamu, British Columbia, Canada
ZNZHTZAAbeid Amani Karume International AirportZanzibar, Tanzania
-ZO- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ZOF Ocean Falls Water Aerodrome (TC: CAH2)Ocean Falls, British Columbia, Canada
ZOSSCJOCañal Bajo Carlos Hott Siebert AirportOsorno, Chile
-ZP- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ZPBCZPBSachigo Lake AirportSachigo Lake, Ontario, Canada
ZPCSCPCPucón AirportPucón, Chile
ZPHKZPHZephyrhills Municipal AirportZephyrhills, Florida, United States
ZPOCZPOPinehouse Lake AirportPinehouse, Saskatchewan, Canada
-ZQ- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ZQNNZQNQueenstown AirportQueenstown, New Zealand
ZQS Queen Charlotte City Water Aerodrome (TC: CAQ6)Queen Charlotte, British Columbia, Canada
ZQWEDRZZweibrücken AirportZweibrücken, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
ZQZZBZJZhangjiakou Ningyuan AirportZhangjiakou, Hebei, China
-ZR- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ZRHLSZHZurich AirportZürich, Switzerland
ZRIWABOSerui AirportSerui, Indonesia
ZRJCZRJRound Lake (Weagamow Lake) AirportNorth Caribou Lake (Round Lake), Ontario, Canada
ZRMWAJISarmi Orai AirportSarmi, Indonesia
-ZS- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ZSAMYSMSan Salvador Airport (Cockburn Town Airport)San Salvador Island, Bahamas
ZSEFMEPPierrefonds AirportSaint-Pierre, Réunion, France
ZSJCZSJSandy Lake AirportSandy Lake, Ontario, Canada
ZSSDISSSassandra AirportSassandra, Ivory Coast
ZSTCZSTStewart AerodromeStewart, British Columbia, Canada
ZSWCZSWPrince Rupert/Seal Cove Water AirportPrince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada
-ZT- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ZTANTGYTureia AirportTureia, Tuamotus, French Polynesia
ZTB Tête-à-la-Baleine Airport (TC: CTB6)Tête-à-la-Baleine, Quebec, Canada
ZTHLGZAZakynthos International Airport (Dionysios SolomosAirport)Zakynthos, Greece
ZTMCZTMShamattawa AirportShamattawa, Manitoba, Canada
ZTRUKKVZhytomyr AirportZhytomyr, Ukraine
ZTS Tahsis Water Aerodrome (TC: CAL9)Tahsis, British Columbia, Canada
ZTUUBBYZaqatala International AirportZaqatala, Azerbaijan
-ZU- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ZUCCZUCIgnace Municipal AirportIgnace, Ontario, Canada
ZUDSCACPupelde AirfieldAncud, Chile
ZUHZGSDZhuhai Jinwan Airport (Zhuhai Sanzao Airport)Zhuhai, Guangdong, China
ZULOEZLZilfi AirportAl Zulfi (Zilfi), Saudi Arabia
ZUMCZUMChurchill Falls AirportChurchill Falls, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
-ZV- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ZVAFMMNMiandrivazo AirportMiandrivazo, Madagascar
ZVG Springvale AirportSpringvale, Western Australia, Australia
ZVKVLSKSavannakhet AirportSavannakhet, Laos
-ZW- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ZWAFMNDAndapa AirportAndapa, Madagascar
ZWLCZWLWollaston Lake AirportWollaston Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada
-ZX- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ZXTUBTTZabrat Airport[1]Baku, Azerbaijan
-ZY- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ZYIZUZYZunyi Xinzhou AirportZunyi, Guizhou, China
ZYLVGSYOsmani International AirportSylhet, Bangladesh
-ZZ- Abbotsford airport arrivals YXX
ZZEUBBZZangilan International AirportZangilan, East Zangezur, Azerbaijan
ZZOUHSOZonalnoye Airport[1]Tymovskoye, Sakhalin Oblast, Russia
ZZUFWUUMzuzu AirportMzuzu, Malawi
ZZVKZZVZanesville Municipal AirportZanesville, Ohio, United States

A Guide to Proper Airplane Etiquette

Follow these 10 rules for a smoother flight and friendlier skies, manners experts say, using the Abbotsford airport arrivals live flight status helps being on time and avoid waiting time.

What’s gotten into airplane passengers lately? In 2019, the Federal Aviation Administration investigated 146 cases of bad behavior; in 2021 it initiated investigations into 1,081 incidents, out of a total of 5,981 reports of unruly passengers last year.

“Somehow when people get to the airport these days, they’ve forgotten everything their mother taught them,” says Lydia Ramsey, an etiquette expert based in Savannah, Georgia. She describes taking a recent flight where, during boarding, “a woman came charging up and literally pushed me out of the way so that she could get on. I don’t understand it. It just makes it difficult for everybody else.”

The first rule of respectful travel is to accept the rules: Observe mask mandates, boarding processes and carry-on restrictions. Beyond that, there are steps you can take to make travel a little more pleasant for everyone and avoid conflict. Ramsey and Jacqueline Whitmore, a former flight attendant and the founder of the Protocol School of Palm Beach in Florida, offer their guidance.

1. Be prepared.

This is especially true at airport security. “You know you’re going to have to take your shoes and your jacket off,” says Ramsey. “So don’t wait till you put your bag on the belt before you start doing those things and hold everybody up.”

2. Greet the flight attendants.

When you’re getting on the flight, acknowledge the flight attendants. Speak to them, smile at them — even with a mask on, people can still see a smile in your eyes,” Ramsey suggests, noting how tough these jobs have been lately.

3. Don’t hog the overhead bins.

“I’ve noticed that some people as soon as they see a space, shove their bag in as quickly as they can and hope they’re not going to get caught, even if they’re at the back of the plane,” says Ramsey. “You need to put your bag over your own seat.” And don’t shove coats and extra bags up there, either, she adds.

4. Be sensitive to your seatmate.

“Acknowledge this person with a greeting as you’re starting off and then you can read the other person to see whether they want to talk or not,” Ramsey suggests. “But most people really want to find some peace and quiet. If the other person is chatty, politely excuse yourself. That’s the time to bring out your book or put your headphones on and just say, ‘Excuse me, I’m going to read my book now.’”

5. Give the middle passenger a break.

Let that person in the middle seat have the armrests. “That’s really the only thing that middle person has,” says Whitmore. “They don’t have the view or the access to the aisle.”

6. Don’t bring stinky food on board. 

Sometimes people bring on the smelliest, most awful things with them,” says Ramsey. “I think people should try to stay away from anything that’s going to have a strong odor.”

7. Think before you recline. 

It can be uncomfortable to sit straight up on the airplane, Whitmore notes. “But you also need to be mindful of how your behavior affects other people. You shouldn’t keep your seat reclined during mealtime, for instance. And if someone behind you is trying to do some work on their laptop and asks you to move the seat up a little bit, then try your best to comply.”

8. Control the kids. 

Traveling with young companions? “Make sure they’re not bothering other passengers, like kicking the seat in front of them,” says Ramsey. “That will really get the ire of the person in front of you.”

9. Watch the alcohol. 

Because drinking lowers inhibitions, it can fuel conflict. Be aware that you aren’t allowed to consume alcohol you bring aboard, and that airline staff are prohibited from allowing onboard anyone who appears to be intoxicated.

10. Don’t escalate a conflict. 

If another passenger is behaving badly, don’t get in an argument, etiquette pros (and airline officials) advise. In most cases, you should notify a flight attendant and follow the directions of airline staff.

Christina Ianzito is the travel and books editor for and AARP The Magazine, and also edits and writes health, entertainment and other stories for She received a 2020 Lowell Thomas Award for travel writing.

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Abbotsford airport car service near me YXX

Abbotsford airport arrivals FAQ;

Abbotsford airport arrivals FAQ;


Parking FAQs


General Questions

Who do I contact regarding aircraft flight paths?


live near the Abbotsford Airport arrivals. How tall can I build my house?


Who do I contact regarding aircraft noise?


Terminal at Abbotsford airport arrivals.

When does the terminal open?

The terminal building is open daily from 4:30 am to midnight for Abbotsford airport arrivals and Abbotsford airport departures.

Guest Services is on-site 24 hours a day (7 days a week) to provide assistance as needed. 

*Our operating hours will be adjusted to accommodate any flight delays or changes in schedule.

What time does the restaurant open?

Please contact Ravens directly at 604-852-2956 or visit their website for more information.

Are there luggage storage lockers available in the terminal?

Storage facilities or lockers are not available in the Terminal or near the Airport. Due to security issues, under no circumstances can personal property/items be held or stored at the airport.

Who do travellers contact for Lost & Found?

After your Abbotsford airport arrivals, If the item was lost prior to security screening, please contact us. 
View the YXX Lost & Found Policy here. 

If the item was lost after security screening, or on the aircraft, please contact your airline directly. View their contact information here.

Is there a cash exchange on-site?

YXX does not have an on-site cash exchange at this time.

Are pets allowed in the terminal at Abbotsford airport arrivals?

All animals must be crated while inside the terminal, with the exception of service animals.

Abbotsford airport arrivals are at their best when getting picked up by


Where can I fly out of YXX?

Please contact the airline directly to see which flight options they are currently offering from Abbotsford airport arrivals. Go to the book a flight page.

Who do I contact to book or change a flight?

To book a flight or change an existing reservation, please contact your airline directly. View the airlines’ contact information.

How early should travellers arrive before their flight?

Please confirm with your airline how early you are required to arrive prior to your flight, and don’t forget to leave a little extra time for parking and/or unexpected delays. Most Abbotsford airport arrivals are from;




What are the carry-on/ checked baggage allowances?



Flair Airlines

What items are restricted in carry-on and checked baggage?

Visit the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority website or contact them (1-888-294-2202) directly for more information

What identification or documentation do travellers need?

For general information on the identification required for air travel, please visit Transport Canada’s Documents Needed for Air Travel page. For specific questions related to the documentation required for domestic and international travel, please contact your airline directly prior to your travel date.

My children are travelling alone. Can I wait with them in the Departure Lounge?

Please contact your airline to arrange access to the Departure Lounge or view the airlines’ unaccompanied minor webpages for more information.

WestJet – 1-888-937-8538

Swoop – 1-587-441-1001

Flair Airlines: 1-833-711-2333

Who do travellers contract for delayed, cancelled, or missed flights?

For all questions, comments, or concerns related to flight delays, cancellations, or missed flights, please contact your airline directly.



Flair Airlines

Abbotsford airport arrivals are better with

General Questions

Who do I contact regarding aircraft flight paths?

NAV Canada provides the air traffic management and flight information services in Canadian airspace and international airspace delegated to Canadian control. NAV CANADA is also responsible for the safe co-ordination and the efficient movement of aircraft, as well as the planning and managing airspace, including flight paths and airways used by airlines. Please visit the NAV Canada website for more information.

I live near the Abbotsford Airport. How tall can I build my house so I don’t disturb Abbotsford airport arrivals?

You can find the zoning of a property by doing a property search in WebMap. See City of Abbotsford WebMap FAQ for further information.

Zoning can also be found by doing a Property Information Search, and opening the development information.

For additional information, visit the City of Abbotsford’s Development Planning page and view the Development Guidelines in the Vicinity of the Abbotsford International Airport (YXX) or contact Planning & Development Services at 604-864-5510.

* Please note that staff are unable to provide legal advice or interpretation of the Zoning Bylaw.

Who do I contact regarding aircraft noise?

Transport Canada is the regulatory body that oversees all airspace related matters and administers the aircraft noise standards, working with third parties such as Health Canada, NAV CANADA and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

For concerns regarding aircraft in flight, please contact Transport Canada directly at 1-800-305-2059 or visit their website.

For concerns regarding aircraft on airport property, please visit our contact us page to send us an email.

Rear inside of our Abbotsford airport ride car service sedan

Frequently Asked Questions from Calgary and Abbotsford airport arrivals

Do I have to wear a mask?

Guests and staff need to wear a mask in the airport and during their flight. Find more info in Transport Canada’s media release or FAQ page.

Can I book a departure test at YYC before heading out for my Abbotsford airport arrivals?

Yes, see our COVID-19 testing page to book with Switch Health.

Do I need a COVID-19 test to travel to Canada and land at Abbotsford airport arrivals?

As of June 20, unvaccinated or partially vaccinated travellers eligible to enter Canada will continue to be tested upon arrival. See the Government of Canada’s announcement

How do I book a test in advance of my arrival at YYC?

Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated travellers arriving to Canada from any country, will be tested upon arrival. You can register for arrival testing in advance to speed up your testing upon arrival.  

What is YYC doing to keep passengers and staff safe?

Enhanced measures are in place to keep staff and guests safe at the airport. Visit our Health Measures page to find out more. 

Where is my airline’s check-in?

Access your airline check-in through these sets of doors.

    • WestJet (domestic) – Doors 1 – 4.
    • Flair and others (domestic) – Doors 6- 7.
    • Air Canada (domestic) – Doors 8-10
    • International airlines  Doors 14 and 17

What do I need to know about my flight?

Contact your airline directly with questions regarding your flight and COVID-19 protocols.

How much time do I need to plan to check in and go through security?

Arrive at YYC at least two hours before your domestic departure and 2.5 hours for an international departure. Check-in and Security wait times may be longer than usual. See CATSA security wait times.

How much time is recommended to navigate a connection?

Check with your airline(s) to know the appropriate connection.

Note: An international arrival connecting to the U.S. or Canada has a longer than usual wait time at the border as well as through the COVID-19 arrival testing queue.

Is travel restricted in Canada?

We recommend you check with these agencies for travel restriction information: 

  • Government of Canada: (look for information within the Travel and immigration section).
  • Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA): Current border measures and requirements
  • Alberta travel advice available here:

Effective June 20, 2022, proof of vaccination is no longer required to board a flight in Canada. See the Government of Canada’s announcement

Can I travel to Canada and land at Abbotsford airport arrivals?

Find out if you can enter Canada on the Government of Canada’s online tool.

Information about testing at EIA and other options is available here. 

While EIA continues to recommend wearing masks in the terminal, there is no longer a provincial or federal mask requirement for passengers and employees while in areas outside of the ones listed below. Each individual may make the choice based on their personal comfort level.

The Government of Canada mandates that masks are required at the following locations:

  • Airline check-in
  • Any security screening locations, including CATSA
  • On board your aircraft and while in flight

Additionally your destination may have masking rules that are different than Alberta. Check your Abbotsford airport arrivals for details.

Masks must cover the nose and chin and must have multiple layers of fabric. The following facial coverings are no longer permitted:
• face coverings with exhalation valves or vents;
• bandanas and neck gaiters;
• militaristic masks such as gas masks; and
• face coverings that cover the entire face.

No. You do not need to quarantine in Alberta if you are coming here from another part of Canada. If you have been outside Canada and are not fully vaccinated you may need to quarantine in the city from Abbotsford airport arrivals that you first land in, before continuing onto Edmonton.

This information is evolving regularly. Please visit the Government of Canada’s website for the latest health care advice and information. Information is also available from the Government of Alberta

Fully vaccinated travelers are not subject to random covid-19 testing and are not required to quarantine upon arrival to Canada if returning from the USA.

As per Canadian Government regulation, all travelers eligible to enter Canada who do not qualify as fully vaccinated will continue to be tested on Abbotsford airport arrival and may need to quarantine.

Permanent residents of Canada and US citizens will need to download the ArriveCan app before they return to Canada. Then they need to upload their vaccination proof or valid proof of a negative covid-19 test to the app before they return to Canada.

Please consult with your airline or government website of the country you are visiting to determine what testing requirements may be required. Even fully vaccinated travelers may be required to take a test depending on the rules of where you are going.

Rule varies by country, please research your final destination before you travel. Most countries have their rules clearly stated online.

  • Unvaccinated and partially vaccinated children 5 years of age or older must provide a valid pre-entry test result, even if they are accompanying a fully vaccinated adult, when entering Canada. Children who are less than 5 years old are not required to test, regardless of their vaccination status before their Abbotsford airport arrivals.

Our enhanced cleaning operations will continue for as long as they are necessary.  Safety is our top priority. 

  • Permanent residents of Canada and US citizens who are fully vaccinated will need to download the ArriveCan app before they depart back to Canada. Then they need to upload their vaccination proof to the app before they return to Canada Abbotsford airport arrivals.
  • These fully vaccinated travelers returning from the US will not be required to quarantine upon Abbotsford airport arrival to Canada and will not be subject to arrival testing
  • As per Canadian Government regulation, all travelers eligible to enter Canada who do not qualify as fully vaccinated will continue to be tested on arrival and on Day 1 and Day 8, while they quarantine for 14 days.
  • Unvaccinated and partially vaccinated children 5 years of age or older must provide a valid pre-entry test result, even if they are accompanying a fully vaccinated adult. Children who are less than 5 years old are not required to test, regardless of their vaccination status.

Please review information from the Government of Canada available here for more.  

Our Value Park/Parkade operations have changed. We no longer have cashier service at the exit plaza to assist customers. However, credit card payments are still accepted at the self-serve exit gates. For cash and debit payments, customers should go to the Ground Transportation office on the Abbotsford airport Arrivals level between doors 5 and 7. This office is open 24/7. 

You will need to provide a doctor note or similar documentation to your airline specifying why you cannot wear a mask for medical reasons as it is a regulation by Transport Canada for flying or moving through security. If you do not have a mask or facial covering or medical documentation, you may be denied boarding your aircraft. 

Children under two-years of age may not be required to wear a mask but parents or caregivers are encouraged to maintain physical distancing as much as possible.

Children aged two to five years of age are recommended to wear a mask.

Children aged six years of age and above are required to wear a mask where applicable.   

Security screening checkpoints are controlled by the Canadian Air Transport Safety Authority (CATSA) and they have their own cleaning arrangements. Please contact CATSA if you have concerns about cleaning standards at the security screening checkpoints.  

You must leave the airport immediately. You will not be permitted to board your flight. Contact your air carrier for more information about re-booking.

Canadian federal policy constitutes ‘fully vaccinated’ as two shots. Always check with your airline and your end destination on the vaccination requirements when you plan your travel. Also check your Abbotsford airport arrivals before traveling back to Abbotsford airport arrivals for your Abbotsford airport service ground transportation

There are no requirements to provide documentation stating that you’ve had COVID and recovered from it, in order to travel within Canada. The only requirement for travel within Canada is proof of vaccination and that you have been symptom free for 15 days or have a medical note saying any current symptoms are not COVID related.

For any international destinations please check with your airline or government websites for the country you are travelling to.

Effective June 20, 2022, vaccination is now no longer be required to board a plane in Canada. This applies only to travel within Canada and flights leaving Canada to those countries that do not require vaccinations. Face masks are still required while going through airport security processes and boarding, on-board and disembarking your aircraft.

You may still need a COVID-19 test and/or vaccination when departing Canada, depending on your destination. Testing is available for passengers in the terminal. Two options are available to help meet any testing required by your destination – both rapid antigen screening and laboratory-based PCR testing. This testing helps contribute to a safe airport environment and a seamless travel experience.

Canadian citizens and Canadian permanent residents returning from international destinations, who do not qualify for the fully vaccinated traveler exemption, continue to be required to provide a valid pre-entry test result, remain subject to Day 1 and Day 8 molecular testing, and quarantine for 14 days.  

Vaccine requirements for entry into Canada by foreign nationals remain unchanged at this time.  Foreign nationals who are not fully vaccinated continue to be prohibited entry into Canada. With the suspension of the domestic mandate, unvaccinated foreign nationals will continue to be able to depart Canada by plane

Read more about the vaccination for travel update on the Government of Canada website.

As of April 20, 2022 fully vaccinated travelers will no longer be subject to random covid-19 testing at EIA. As per Canadian Government regulation, all travelers eligible to enter Canada who do not qualify as fully vaccinated will continue to be tested on Day 1 and Day 8, while they quarantine for 14 days.

People who are eligible to enter Canada who do not qualify as fully vaccinated will continue to be tested on arrival and on Day 8, while they quarantine for 14 days. You can save time by preregistering with Switch Health to be prepared.

As of April 20, 2022 fully vaccinated travelers will no longer be subject to random covid-19 testing at EIA. As per Canadian Government regulation, all travelers eligible to enter Canada who do not qualify as fully vaccinated will continue to be tested on arrival.

Testing requirements vary by every country and even different parts of Canada. Your airline is the best place to get information on what is required for the destination you’re travelling to. You can also visit The Government of Canada website to learn about restrictions across Canada and the world. 

Abbotsford airport arrivals is located at 30440 Liberator Ave, Abbotsford, BC V2T 6H5
Information for Abbotsford airport arrivals

List of airports owned by Transport Canada


We own two types of Canadian airports:

  1. Airports that offer local, regional or remote service
    • See the list of Small airports owned by Transport Canada
  2. Larger airports serving national, provincial and territorial capitals, which we own and third parties operate

The National Airports System also includes three airports owned and operated by territorial governments.

Service standards for TC owned airports

Transport Canada provides services at the airports that we own and operate. These service standards state the level of performance that citizens can reasonably expect to encounter from Transport Canada under normal circumstances.

  • Service standard for aircraft landing
  • Service standard for aircraft parking
  • Service standard for mobile equipment registration
  • Service standard for terminals
  • Service standard for vehicle parking

Small airports owned by Transport Canada for the information included on Abbotsford airport arrivals

Province/TerritoryAirportOperated by
British ColumbiaPentictonTransport Canada
#109-3000 Airport Road
Penticton, BC V2A 8X1
(250) 770-4414
 Port HardyTransport Canada
P.O. Box 460
3675 Byng Road
Port Hardy, BC V0N 2P0
(250) 949-6424
 SandspitTransport Canada
P.O. Box 439
Sandspit, BC V0T 1T0
(250) 637-1149
 Victoria HarbourTransport Canada
12 Erie St.
Victoria, BC V8V 1Y4
(250) 363-3578
ManitobaChurchillTransport Canada
P.O. Box 1059
Churchill, Manitoba R0B 0E0
(204) 675-8868
QuebecCheveryMunicipalité de la Côte Nord du Golfe St-Laurent
Chevery, QC G0G 1G0
(418) 787-2215
 Lourdes-de-Blanc-SablonTransport Canada
Airport Road
Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon, QC G0G 1W0
(418) 461-2514
 Sept-ÎlesTransport Canada
1000 boul. Laure est
C.P. 2001
Sept-Îles, QC G4R 4K2
(418) 962-8211
 NatashquanMunicipality of Natashquan
Airport Road
Natashquan, QC G0G 2E0
(418) 726-3273
 Eastmain RiverTransport Canada
c/o Band Council
Eastmain, QC J0M 1W0
(819) 977-0333
 Havre Saint-PierreTransport Canada
1550 B route de l’Aéroport
Havre-Saint-Pierre, QC G0G 1P0
(418) 538-0627
 Îles-de-la-MadeleineTransport Canada
1-210, chemin de l’Aéroport
Havre-aux-Maisons, QC G4T 5L2
(418) 969-2180
 WaskaganishTransport Canada
c/o Band Council
Waskaganish, QC J0M 1R0
(819) 895-8925
 KuujjuaqKativik Regional Government
C.P. 9
Kuujjuaq, QC J0M 1C0
(819) 964-2968
 ScheffervilleSchefferville Airport Coorporation
78 Atlantic Road
Schefferville, QC G0G 2T0
(418) 585-3544
 WemindjiTransport Canada
c/o Band Council,
Wemindji, QC J0M 1L0
(819) 978-3936
NewfoundlandWabushTransport Canada
2 Airport Road
Wabush, NL A0R 1B0
(709) 282-5412
 St. AnthonyTransport Canada
1 Airport Road
St. Anthony, NL A0K 4S0

The following 23 airports are owned by Transport Canada and leased to Canadian airport authorities. 21 airport authorities operate these airports, with Mirabel and Montreal Trudeau operated by the same authority. Kelowna (YLW) is the only airport listed that’s not operated by an airport authority. The City of Kelowna operates this airport under a long-term lease with Transport Canada. Abbotsford airport arrivals is owned by the city of Abbotsford, BC, Canada.

The 21 airport authorities operate pursuant to the Airport Transfer (Miscellaneous Matters) Act. They are not-for-profit, non-share capital corporations. The federal government may nominate up to 2 people to each airport authority’s board of directors.

National Airports System

Province/TerritoryAirportOperated by
British ColumbiaVictoria (YYJ)Victoria Airport Authority
 Vancouver (YVR)Vancouver International Airport Authority
 Prince George (YXS)Prince George Airport Authority Inc.
 Kelowna (YLW)City of Kelowna
AlbertaEdmonton (YEG)Edmonton Regional Airports Authority
 Calgary (YYC)Calgary Airport Authority
SaskatchewanSaskatoon (YXE)Saskatoon Airport Authority
 Regina (YQR)Regina Airport Authority
ManitobaWinnipeg James Armstrong Richardson (YWG)Winnipeg Airports Authority Inc.
OntarioThunder Bay (YQT)Thunder Bay International Airports Inc.
 London (YXU)Greater London International Airports Authority
 Toronto Pearson (YYZ)Greater Toronto Airports Authority
 Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier (YOW)Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport Authority
QuebecMontréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau (YUL)Aéroports de Montréal
 Mirabel International Airport (YMX)Aéroports de Montréal
 Québec City Jean Lesage (YQB)Aéroport de Québec Inc.
New BrunswickFredericton (YFC)Fredericton International Airport Authority
 Greater Moncton (YQM)Greater Moncton International Airport Authority Inc.
 Saint John (YSJ)Saint John Airport Inc.
Prince Edward IslandCharlottetown (YYG)Charlottetown Airport Authority Inc.
Nova ScotiaHalifax Stanfield (YHZ)Halifax International Airport Authority
NewfoundlandGander (YQX)Gander International Airport Authority Inc.
 St. John’s (YYT)St. John’s International Airport Authority

National Airport System airports owned and operated by territorial governments

TerritoryAirportOperated by
Northwest TerritoriesYellowknife (YZF)Government of the Northwest Territories
NunavutIqaluit (YFB)Government of Nunavut
YukonErik Nielson Whitehorse International (YXY)Government of Yukon
Abbotsford International Airport is where Abbotsford Airport arrivals are.
Aéroport international d’Abbotsford
YXX rwy 0725.jpg
  • WMO: 71108
Airport typePublic
Owner/OperatorCity of Abbotsford
LocationAbbotsford, British Columbia
Time zonePST (UTC−08:00)
 • Summer (DST)PDT (UTC−07:00)
Elevation AMSL194 ft / 59 m
CoordinatesTaxi for Abbotsford and Vancouver airport ground transportation49°01′31″N 122°21′36″WCoordinates: Taxi for Abbotsford and Vancouver airport ground transportation49°01′31″N 122°21′36″W
Information for Abbotsford airport arrivals

Abbotsford International Airport (IATA: YXX, ICAO: CYXX) is located in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, 2.2 nautical miles (4.1 km; 2.5 mi) southwest of the city centre. It is the second largest airport in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia, after Vancouver International Airport (YVR), and is in close proximity to British Columbia Highway 1, and the US border. It is located about 65 kilometres (40 mi) from downtown Vancouver. All Abbotsford airport arrivals occurs here.

YXX offers daily domestic scheduled services and seasonal international scheduled services. The airport is equipped with a CAT 1 instrument landing system, on-site aircraft rescue and firefighting, and a fully serviced air terminal building with customs and passenger screening. It is classified as an airport of entry by Nav Canada and is staffed by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) for all scheduled international arrivals. CBSA also provides clearance services to all general aviation aircraft with no more than 15 passengers.[1]

Abbotsford Airport has a longstanding general aviation community and an established aerospace community, including Cascade Aerospace, the Conair Group, and the University of the Fraser Valley Aerospace Centre.

Abbotsford Airport is also home to the Abbotsford Shell Aerocentre FBO and flying schools, such as Coastal Pacific Aviation, Principal Air and Chinook Helicopters. YXX is highly visible to the public due to the Abbotsford International Airshow,[6] Defense & Security Expo,[7] and Tradex[8] events centre.

There are approximately 87 hectares (215 acres) of land immediately available for airside and landside development. In 2008, 503,693 passengers passed through Abbotsford International Airport and 477,087 in 2014.[9]

In 2018, the airport announced it will undergo a $5 million, 14-000 square foot expansion to add new gates and additional passenger seating capacity.[10]

Informations for Abbotsford airport arrivals


World War II (1940-1945)

Taxi for Abbotsford and Vancouver airport ground transportation


Abbotsford Airport arrivals entrance

The Royal Canadian Air Force purchased the land to build Abbotsford Airport in 1940. In 1943 the construction of the three 1,555 m × 60 m (5,100 ft × 200 ft) runways based on a triangular layout was complete. The same year, under the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, the No. 24 Elementary Flying Training School started operations from this location until 1944. The No 5 Operational Conversion Unit was split between Abbotsford and Boundary Bay Airport.

Aerodrome information

In approximately 1942, the aerodrome was listed at 49°01′N 122°22′W with a Var. 23.5 degrees E and no listed elevation. The aerodrome was listed as “Under construction – Servicable” and had three runways as follows: [11]

Runway nameLengthWidthSurface
12/305,000 feet (1,524 m)200 feet (61 m)Hard surfaced
8/265,000 feet (1,524 m)200 feet (61 m)Hard surfaced
18/365,000 feet (1,524 m)200 feet (61 m)Hard surfaced

Post war (1945-1997)

Following World War II, the airport was largely used for general aviation and as a secondary field to Vancouver International Airport. Prior to the use of instrument landing systems, fog could make Vancouver Airport unusable and flights had to land at Abbotsford. If a big earthquake floods or otherwise damages low-lying Vancouver Airport on Sea Island in Richmond, then as many flights as possible will likely be looking to land at Abbotsford Airport.

The airport became the home to Skyways Air Services and Conair Aviation in the 1960s. Abbotsford is still the primary base for Conair’s fleet of water bombers.

In September 1984 Pope John Paul II held an open-air mass for over 200,000 people at the airport.[12]

Current (1997-Present)

On January 1, 1997, the ownership of the Abbotsford Airport was transferred from the Department of Transport to the City of Abbotsford for a sum of $10. In June of that year, Abbotsford became a jet passenger airport in with the start of scheduled service to Alberta by WestJet. Prior, Airspeed Aviation had been the exclusive operator offering regional service to Victoria, B.C. since 1986. Canada 3000 was the first airline to offer transcontinental service from Abbotsford to Toronto in June 2000. Abbotsford’s first international charter flight was to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, in December 2003 by tour operator Transat Holidays.

Since 2000 many airlines and tour operators have come and gone from Abbotsford, including Air Canada, Air Canada Tango, Air Canada Jazz, Air North, Canada 3000, Central Mountain Air, Helijet, Jetsgo, Signature Vacations, Zoom Airlines, Harmony Airways, Peace Air and ZIP Air.

In 2010, a new parallel taxiway was added alongside runway 07/25, and the main airport apron was extended. An aircraft run-up bay that can accommodate up to three medium weight category aircraft at the same time was added near the Cascade Aerospace hangar.

From 2017, Abbotsford International Airport began to see a resurgence in air passenger numbers, with the introduction of service to Edmonton and Calgary with WestJet. In 2018, Flair Airlines introduced additional flights to Edmonton, and new flights to Winnipeg and Hamilton. Swoop, WestJet’s ULCC subsidiary, began similar operations, with flights to Edmonton, Winnipeg, Hamilton, London (ON), Las Vegas, and seasonal flights to Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta.[13] Air Canada Rouge used to offer seasonal service to Toronto between June and October since 2015. This service was initially suspended in 2019 due to the Boeing 737 MAX groundings and once again in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has never been returned ever since.[14]

Airshow at Abbotsford airport arrivals

Since 1962, the airport has hosted the annual Abbotsford International Airshow usually held the second weekend in August. Designated as Canada’s national airshow in the mid 1970s by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, it is Canada’s largest airshow as well as one of North America’s largest airshows. It has been listed as one of the ten best airshows in the world.[15] it draws airplane enthusiasts from all over Western Canada and the Northwestern United States. The static displays allow people to get up close to many of the exhibits while numerous performances decorate the skies above.[16] The International Council of Airshows awarded a Silver Pinnacle Award to the airshow in 2014.[17]

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